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Wednesday, February 18, 2004


PTC cops bust culture of corruption

Peachtree City police officers on routine patrol one night in late January happened upon a man hunched over in the shadows beside the city’s vehicle refueling station, inside the locked gates of the Public Works compound on Kelly Drive.

Longtime Public Works Director Halterman on unrelated leave

Assistant City Manager Colin Halterman, who headed Peachtree City’s Public Services division for nearly 18 years, has taken a voluntary leave of absence from City Hall, it was confirmed Monday.

Supt. Cox now faces local history uprising

Superintendent Kathy Cox will make a formal recommendation to the state Board of Education on Thursday that it adopt a new biology curriculum for the entire state that not only includes the word “evolution,” but also restores lessons on the scientific theory omitted from earlier versions of the new Georgia Performance Standards.

PTC Target foes get DOT to listen, maybe too late

Peachtree City homeowners who’ve fought a proposed expansion of the Kedron Village retail center since August must have felt like David slaying Goliath last week when they got word that Georgia Department of Transportation officials were willing to consider adding another curb cut off Ga. Highway 74 into the project.

FCHS staff teaches U.S. schools how to do BIG yearbooks right

What Valdosta High School is to football, Fayette County High School is to yearbooks.

County, sheriff’s officials sparring over overtime pay

The latest salvo in the ongoing dispute between the Fayette County Sheriff’s Department and Fayette County was fired at the end of January when the department asked for $50,000 for additional overtime funds.

Commission approves beer license, while deflecting ethics charges

The Palmer Course at Starr’s Mill received its beer and wine license last week, but not before two commissioners denied any ethical problems in voting on the issue.

DAPC nominees considered tomorrow

No opposition is expected Thursday night, when the Peachtree City Council will be asked to approve the names of five residents nominated to fill the vacancies on the city's Development Authority.

Child put in DFCS care after judge questions parents’ legal maneuvers

A child was ordered into the custody of the Fayette County Department of Family and Children Services Friday after concerns the child was being used as a pawn between the two parents.

Pep rally promotes academic success

Usually pep rallies are intended to get students fired up about an upcoming ball game, but this time Flat Rock Middle used the popular energized assembly to fuel enthusiasm for learning.

GFRWC active at Macon meeting

The Greater Fayette Republican Women’s Club will be hosting the Hospitality Suite for the Winter Board Meeting of the Georgia Federation of Republican Women Friday, Feb. 27, from 6-9 p.m. at the Holiday Inn in Macon. The event will run through Saturday, Feb. 28.

CCSU to add criminal justice degree

The Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia, at its February meeting, approved Clayton College & State University’s request to establish a bachelor of science degree in criminal justice.

High school counselors visit CCSU

By all accounts, last week’s Clayton State Office of Admissions luncheon for area high school counselors was a rousing success.

Fundraising costs high for ‘uncharitable’ charities

Worried that Georgia charities are spending high amounts on fundraising, cutting into actual charitable revenue, Secretary of State Cathy Cox has released a list of 11 “uncharitable” charities.

Questions and answers from Oxendine


Birth Announcements

Wedding Announcements

Dining Guide
Everything old is new again
Food Critic

For the last few months of 2003, it seemed you couldn’t drive by Fayette Pavilion without seeing signs of another restaurant under construction.

Savor Fresh and Simple Southern Cuisine at Sandra’s Cafe

There are magazines and books on simplicity. Ways to cut back clutter, make life less stressful. Sandra’s Cafe is one of those places that defines simple. This is functional, clean decor and southern-style home cooking without palate-irritating frills.

Reading labels right can cut fat, confusion

Studies indicate that 70 percent of grocery shoppers believe there is conflicting information about which foods are healthy. The Food and Drug Administration recently eased its restriction on allowing food manufacturers to make health claims on product labels.

American icons

A few months back, something spurred me to make the Quaker Oats “famous oatmeal cookies” I’d baked frequently when I was a girl. I picked up the Quaker Oats tube only to discover that — horrors! — the reliable recipe on the back of the box had disappeared, replaced with a recipe inside the lid teasingly called “vanishing oatmeal raisin cookies.”

Lembas bread, the second-breakfast of Tolkien’s champions

“The lembas had a virtue without which they would long ago have lain down todie ... this waybread of the Elves had a potency that increased as travelers relied on it alone and did not mingle it with other foods. It fed the will, and it gave strength to endure, and to master sinew and limb beyond the measure of mortal kind.”

Mad cow disease: What you should know

Recent reports about mad cow disease have left some people with questions about the safety of beef and milk products.

Need a quick breakfast? Turn to your toaster

Parents need to think fast in the morning. Getting themselves and their kids out the door while making sure the family has a nutritious breakfast is important.

Books can help shed pounds

A new handy book is titled “Get with the Program! Guide to Fast Food and Family Restaurants” by Bob Greene (Simon & Schuster, $12.95). Greene is a personal trainer and exercise physiologist and Oprah Winfrey’s personal trainer. Greene’s latest guide focuses on healthy eating but zeros in on making healthy choices while eating out.

Dining Guide Briefs


Dash Delivery: Ready when you are

In the busy world we live in today, it seems like there are never enough hours in the day to get the job done. There is always one more meeting to squeeze in, one more report to write, one more client to see. The smallest tasks, like making sure the proper paperwork arrives to the appropriate office, is often the assignment that requires the most time and effort.

F’ville company offers new choice in dog care

Tails are wagging. Mouths are drooling. The students are eager and panting. Once the instructor arrives, the excitement begins. It’s all part of the basic obedience classes now offered several times a week at Doggie Day Care of Fayette.

Key West Tanning offers a touch of sun this season

The promise of spring may be just around the corner, but here in Fayette County it still feels like the middle of winter. So if you are looking for a way to beat those winter blues, a trip to Key West Tanning Salon should do the trick.

Peachtree City’s Cooper Lighting honors African ambassadors at reception

Cooper Industries, in association with Frankie Thompson Enterprises and AfriGrowth Inc.hosted a reception at Hartsfield-Jackson airport, last Wednesday to honor visiting Ambassadors from the Embassies of: Nigeria; Togo; Tanzania; Uganda; Mali; Mozambique; Kenya; Gambia, South Africa and Gabon. Also attending will be dignitaries and special guests from the City of Atlanta and the State of Georgia.


Moving on to state

Fayette area schools will be competing literally across the state this weekend in the first round of the state basketball playoffs.

Panthers win area title

The Starr’s Mill Panthers won the 2003-2004 Area 4-AAAAA wrestling championship last weekend, with Fayette County finishing second and East Coweta coming in third.

Ultimate gymnasts win big in Las Vegas

Six Fayette County gymnasts traveled to Las Vegas recently with the Ultimate Dream Academy of McDonough to compete in the Brown’s Las Vegas Lady Luck Invitational at the Tropicana Hotel.

SCAT wins divisional title

The Southern Crescent Aquatic Team accomplished something that no other team has ever done by winning its sixth consecutive divisional championship the weekend of Feb. 6-8.

Grace Christian places 2nd in tournament

Grace Christian Academy’s middle school boys basketball team ended its season with a 11-6 record after taking second place in their recent conference tournament. GCA lost to St. John’s the Evangelist School of Hapeville 57-45 in the championship game.

Along the fairways

San Diego, CA — With the temperature in the mid-70s, not a cloud in the sky, and a mild breeze this may be one of the best places on earth to be in February. Sitting out on the deck of the hotel restaurant here on Shelter Island as far as I can see there are boats, luxury boats and more boats.

Turkey season coming soon

Take a hunter education course now to prepare


The Frederick Brown Jr. Amphitheater, lovingly known as “The Fred” brings back a lineup of old favorites to highlight the tenth season at the Peachtree City venue.

A lot of different people pass the front desk of the Fayette County Public Library each year. From children to grandparents, the desks and shelves are visited by a variety of patrons who all share one thing in common, their diversity. Fayette County Library Director Chris Snell, along with her staff, has been honoring that diversity for several years.

The year was 1934 and 4,376 communities joined together in 600 separate celebrations to raise over $1 million for the Georgia Warm Springs Foundation with nationwide Presidential Birthday Balls in honor of Franklin Delano Roosevelt. They were the first of what would be 11 consecutive years of birthday balls prior to FDR's death in 1945.

Delta Air Lines executive Sharon Wibben of Newnan kicked off this month the Girl Scout Council of Northwest Georgia's corporate and foundation annual campaign to raise more than a quarter million dollars for the council's 2003-04 annual fund.

SCT gets close to nature

On Feb. 25 Southern Conservation Trust is hosting a Nature Discovery Program on “Birds of Prey” at the Flat Creek Nature Center in Peachtree City.

Rob Stevenson to address Campus Christian Ministries

Rob Stevenson, Clayton State's best-known singing student, will address the University's Campus Christian Ministries Feb. 24. Stevenson, who is just back from an appearance on the Grammy Awards program, will be speaking from noon to 1 p.m. in room 10 of the University's Lecture Hall. The subject of his presentation? It's the same person he sang background for on the Grammys... "Faith in the Fast Lane: Touring with Justin Timberlake."

The Rating Ritual or a 40 Share Gets Me Hot!

“I’m as mad as hell, and I’m not going to take this anymore!”

Mussel power

Students getting involved with Line Creek project


The miracles of ‘purpose’
Religion Columnist

As you drive around Fayette you may notice church signs promoting “40 Days of Purpose.” Founder and Pastor Rick Warren of the Saddleback Church in Southern California says that when churches use this track called 40 Days of Purpose, worship attendance climbs 20 percent and small group attendance increases more than 100 percent. What pastor in his or her right mind would not welcome those stats?

‘Square foot’ ministry to host fun walk, race Feb. 28

Square Foot Ministry in Fayetteville is sponsoring a Leap of Faith Fun Walk/5K Race Saturday, Feb. 28, at 9: a.m.

St. Gabriel’s Catholic plans Ash Wednesday services

The Catholic Church of Saint Gabriel in Fayetteville will join Christians around the world in observing Ash Wednesday, offering three Masses and a communion service to mark the beginning of Lent.

Nativity Episcopal schedules Ash Wednesday services

The Episcopal Church of the Nativity in Fayetteville will offer three services for Ash Wednesday, Feb. 25, all of which will include the imposition of ashes in addition to the Holy Eucharist. The services are open to the public.

Lutheran, Episcopal churches join hands for Ash Wednesday

St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church and Christ Our Shepherd Lutheran Church will have a combined Ash Wednesday Service on Feb. 25. The 7 p.m. service will be held at St. Andrew’s, 316 N. Peachtree Parkway, Peachtree City.

Charter now offering Christian oriented program on channel 10

Linda Jennings and Maggie Murphy are co-hosts for a new Christian television program called “Tea With Maggie and Linda,” which began airing on Charter Communication’s cable channel 10 yesterday. The show is broadcast Monday through Saturday at 11 a.m., and Saturday and Sunday at 7 p.m.

Comedian Thor Ramsey to appear at First Presbyterian

“Caffeinated Comedy Night,” an evening of standup comedy by Thor Ramsey, is being sponsored by the First Presbyterian Church of Peachtree City, Saturday, Feb. 28 at 7 p.m. at the church.

Rob Stevenson to address Campus Christian Ministries at Clayton State

Rob Stevenson, Clayton State’s best-known singing student, will address the university’s Campus Christian Ministries Tuesday, Feb. 24.

Religion Briefs


Memo to the Fire Chief

To: Peachtree City Fire Department Chief Stony Lohr

Malpractice costs run off another Georgia doctor
M.D., Pediatrics
Peachtree City, Ga.

I read with interest a recent news release to The Citizen newspaper concerning medical malpractice insurance. I would like to respond with a real life example of the current malpractice crisis and how it personally affects local citizens.

Destruction of marriage precedes death of a culture, history shows
Chairman, Traditional Values Coalition

In his 1979 book, “Our Dance Has Turned To Death,” Christian sociologist Carl W. Wilson outlined the dangers facing traditional marriage and the family in America’s increasingly sexualized culture. Wilson could clearly see what was going to happen to the American family if our society continued to be sex-saturated.

Ignorance, prejudice joined in vile column

I thought your editorial, which tried to juxtapose discriminating “good taste” with the immoral ugliness of discriminating against human beings who discover they are homosexual, was one of the vilest pieces I have ever read. Trying to use the Bible to justify your own prejudice was most un-Christian.

Constitutional change rooted in fear and hate

Senate Resolution 595 should outrage everyone, gay or straight. Hate derives itself from fear, and politicians feed on that fear. That is exactly what is happening in Georgia and around the nation at this very moment.

Crumpton’s sign battle recalls Fayette preacher

This was so bizarre when my wife called me this morning to tell me of the Fayetteville City Council attempting to ban the “God Bless America” banner at Crumpton’s. She heard the story on Fox News Network.

Sign controversy shows city’s anti-business bias

I agree with Robert Horgan in response to Fayetteville’s sign ordinance. I am a disabled person who grew tired of not having enough money to pay my bills because of the amount of disability money I receive each month.

Get a life, F’ville officials

Haven’t the people in your town and the city council better things to do? I would like to see some idiot come to my private property in California and tell me to take my “for sale” sign down, or my manger display on Christmas, or my “God Bless America” sign.

We need a bigger banner

The city needs to find another issue to focus on. How about helping these good and generous people get a bigger banner to fly? Or we could pay for the right size to get the city off their backs; put up the smaller one on the store and put the big one inside a school or church where it doesn’t have to meet ordinance requirements.

Make banner into 3 signs . . .

I saw the Crumpton brothers on TV. God bless them. We need more people like them in this country. When I was growing up (in the 1950s), there WERE more people like them.

. . . Or just cut it into 50 pieces ...

Well, this is just too much. So tell Crumptons to cut it into 50 square foot pieces, and hang them all together. That goofy ordinance doesn’t say how MANY signs you can have, right?

. . . Or paint it onto building

It seems to me that a simple solution would be for for the Crumptons to paint the “God Bless America” message on the store itself. Unless this is a physical impossibility for some reason, I can’t see any problems with it.

OK for breast but not sign?

I think your mayor and city manager are the height of stupidity and are insulting our troops in Iraq and most decent, patriotic Americans. Isn’t it wonderful that it’s OK to expose your breast on national TV, but it is not OK to mention God or patriotism.

Store should follow the rules

To me this should not be an issue. It doesn’t matter what the banner says. The fact is that Crumpton’s Furniture is in violation of city ordinance Chapter 6 Section 6-8.

Great to be taking a stand

Thank God, someone is listening and getting behind this furniture store to take a stand for Americans. I hope in some small measure the e-mails received did their part too.

God bless the Crumptons

For a sign to be up 28 months, now the city wants it down, wow, the whole country is watching. The city council has the power to make an exception.

Leave the sign alone, F’ville

Leave the sign alone. God needs to bless America and America needs blessing. Thank you very much.

Can’t believe happening here

I was so upset when I watched the news about your banner, and the thought of a court fine made me angry. I told a cousin what was happening here in her old home state of Georgia. She was also angry enough to find the article on the Internet and write you.

Aren’t there bigger issues?

Both my husband I think the idea of taking down the sign is ridiculous. Ordinance smordinance!

Paper wrong about sponsors

This correspondence is in reference to your article of Jan. 30, 2004, entitled “Two sponsors cut ties with amphitheater,” which contains at least two false statements and is generally misleading in its inference.

What was that strange noise in PTC?

I live on the north side of Peachtree City. At 4 a.m. [Sunday] morning, what sounded like a tornado siren went off for about 10 minutes.

Careful about slinging racist label about

I am writing in response to the letter from Larry Foster to the editor [“Reader: Lynch-ed by column about schools,” The Citizen, Jan. 28, 2004].

Coach change sends bad message

I am a former Fayette County student (from Brooks to Whitewater to Fayette High) who graduated in 1998. I was reading The Citizen this morning (2/11/04) via the web and came across an article about Coach Jill Collins being fired from her coaching position. I played basketball and softball at Fayette High and basketball at WMS. I have also known Coach Collins since the second grade (she was the P.E. teacher at Brooks for many years).

PTC’s Field of Hope deserves city funds

Just when I think my Peachtree City officials cannot embarrass me more, bless their pointy little heads, they come up with something new. I cannot believe the controversy over the $15,000 for fencing for the Field of Hope.

Space money will benefit earthlings

After years of neglect and ill-defined objectives, the Bush administration has finally announced a new NASA initiative for human exploration of the moon and Mars. Mr. Watkins of the The Simple Society Alliance for Human Empowerment stated his objections to this program in a letter to the editor.

Sandy Creek teacher: Ga.’s new history curriculum far from best

The Atlanta Journal & Constitution recently reported, “During an hourlong discussion, the state board [of education] put together a public statement that calls for all areas of the state’s new curriculum to be world-class, beginning with the full inclusion of the recognized national standards in each curriculum area.”

McIntosh H.S. senior: Children won’t understand, teens will miss out

It has often been said that those who do not know the past are doomed to repeat it. The generation of children that would be subject to this new, proposed state curriculum will be tomorrow’s leaders. How will they be adequately prepared to fulfill their positions as leaders if they do not have a firm grasp on the history of the United States and the world?

Good Black History program at WMS

Last week I had the occasion to attend a motivational assembly at Whitewater Middle School. This event was a kick-off for Black History Month and the presenter, Mr. R. V. Brown, was excellent.

So, a red light district in Fayetteville ...

What has happened to the Fayetteville I had come to know and love? When I moved here 38 years ago, everyone knew everyone, knew their mother’s maiden name, and which uncle not to mention because he was an alcoholic. Deals were made with handshakes and you could enjoy going to church without the latest board of deacons greeting you with their hands out. You could stand in the middle of Main Street on a Saturday morning and not worry about being run over.

Stop using Bible to defend creationism

I read with amusement as well as alarm the comments on my letter, “An Uneducated Educator Dooms Students.” Here are a few responses to these comments.

‘Freedom of ideas’ must guide teachers

My heart goes out to Kathy Cox. Our prayers are with her to make the most beneficial decisions for our children. It seems as if there are three issues with which she is publicly contending at the time: the “evolution” issue, the “bug” issue and the “history curriculum” issue.

Iraq invasion defenders are ‘pompous twits’; Israel should have invaded

Pompous Twits

‘Military brat’ deplores Iraq war, questions stories about Saddam’s lions

I recently read a very propagandistic letter sent in by a soldier at Fort Bragg and was shocked by certain statements. First, I would like to say that this man’s tone implied that only people supporting the President and his foolish actions are patriots (notice: I said imply).

Unhealthy air from planes, trains, buses: Killing Fayette’s sacred cows

Recently Peachtree City was included in a survey of the most livable cities in the United States. Positive characteristics mentioned were decent schools, affordable housing, a low crime rate and access to various cultural attractions.

Columnist Epps lacks sensitivity, perspective

Father David Epps, I have from time to time read your columns in [Friday’s] The Peachtree Citizen, and generally just shook my head at your occasional display of insensitivity. But after your attack on the content of the Super Bowl half-time show, I felt the need to speak out.

Why no outcry over county marshals?

I have been surprised at how slow the outcry has been from the taxpayers over the latest attempt by three of the county commissioners to turn the marshals into a county police department, which could potentially cost the citizens millions of dollars.

Why not let out-of-county students attend?

Has anyone given any thought as to whether the future of America is at stake? These are children who are seeking an education, and there would seem to me that there must be some sort of compromise that could be worked out.

Lots of nonresidents at FCHS

My daughter is a student at Fayette County High School and has told me many times how many cars are in the parking lot with Clayton County tags.

Clayton tags seen at local elementary

I read your recent article on out-of-county students attending Fayette County schools with great interest, as I have noticed a couple of cars with Clayton tags dropping and picking kids up at Sara Minter Elementary. Who in the school board would I notify?

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