jamesr57: New City in South Fulton

The study doesn't take in consideration the start up costs, i.e., Information Technology. Based on what I know that cost could approach $25 million if you are trying to network all the acquired assets from Fulton County. That also includes the GIS system cost necessary to operate an efficient Code Enforcement/Zoning Department.

thenatural: Veto by the County

PTC guy you almost got it. Your point about the town of Tyrone being largely responsible for the annexations and resulting problems, is valid. Unfortunately this insistence to enlarge their boundaries is not confined to Tyrone. However, trying to blame the School Board for overcrowding is incorrect. Are you aware that state law prohibits the building of schools "in anticipation of growth?"

thenatural: County "veto" of annexation

This is all about land use plans. The land use plan currently in place for Fayette County (and the cities) was set in place with input from all parties.

bladderq: Stormwater

Honey, You are way late to this argument. I think they are going forward w/ Augusta/Richmond Co. model. Wait, I go back & see you posted nonsense on 1/31.

H. Hamster: Proposed Annexation Bill at the State level

H. Hamster's picture

If I understand this properly, the Georgia State Legislature is condsidering a bill that will allow counties to be the deciding factor on annexation. Perhaps the only deciding factor because veto power is implied in the proposed bill.

SandySue: Is the Stormwater a tax or a Utility?

Am I the only one who is wondering how a Utility can be billed in one lump sum and not be called a tax?
I don't pay my garbage on an annual basis or my water bill annually, why am I paying my stormwater UTILITY annually?

Citizen Brown: F'ville Planners.....Senior Medical complex

Mr. Nelms,

Journalism 101.....who, what, where, when and why. Everything in the article but the WHO! You certainly mentioned the names of the elected officials on the board, but who is the proposed developer of this project? Isn't that am important part of the process?

danae: Abortion

I agree with the person who said abortion is killing!!

ptcexposed: Not Chief's job!

Chief Murray says that he is willing to meet with a small group of restaurant owners to review and discuss possible changes to the ordinance in question.

thenatural: Free Speech run amok

I was really appalled by the attack on Greg Dunn and Linda Wells in Free Speech this week.

Although I am fairly certain the author

lj57: Why are PTC resturants closing

I have noticed several resturants closing lately. Why? Fudruckers was busy all the time.

SandySue: Online Bill Pay for County Taxes

Most citizens in Fayette County are very well educated and most have a computer or computer access. The idea of the internet being used for the paying of taxes in our county is an idea that should not sound foreign in the 21st century. Many people already pay the water bill, electric bill, ect, online. So why not the county taxes? The county commissioner’s office handles all the county taxes including property taxes, vehicle registration, and vehicle tags. There are many pros to this proposition, especially for the professional citizens of Fayette County. The tax commissioner’s office is only open late one day a week, which is a burden to those who have jobs outside of the county. This option would also leave less room for bad checks because the online bill pay option is done using credit cards. Once the payment is made the tax money would be sent directly to the commissioner’s office, with little chance of lost payments. There is a worry though with the commissioner regarding the processing fees that online bill pay companies institute. It would be fair to say that the processing fee should be passed on to the bill payers at least in the beginning. Paying online even with the processing fee does not hamper the fact that it is much more convenient and less time consuming. Ideally later on down the road if this option is granted to the Fayette County citizens the debate of whether the commission office should pay the processing fee can be explored further. I support the tax commissioner on his endeavor to except payments over the internet with a credit card from those who would benefit from it. This will not deny anything from those who want to pay face to face the conventional way with a good old fashion check.

Ted Knapp: The Golden Rule (Revised)

I’m a football guy. I played 18 years and have been in the coaching profession for another twenty. When I walk into a football locker room and the stench is enough to hospitalize most mere mortals, I smell the sweet scent of victory. I’m a football guy.

jjen: Football in PTC

Do you have football and hockey teams in PTC and what other sports are offered for kids? Can they ride dirt bikes or four wheelers anywhere?

TReal: A Good Debate Never Hurt Anyone, Right?

I wanted to put my two cents in about the front page article from Wednesday, February 15. The article starts by saying, "With no fanfare and almost no public notice, the Fayette County School System is undergoing a demographic sea change." Do I need to report this "demographic change" to the authorities, have you? Did I miss the "fanfare" or was there a town hall meeting about this life threatening "change" that I missed?

SusanGraves: Brandy

Way to go girl!
We are very proud of you!!!
Mom, Dad & Courtney

beachpat8: Coach Kidd

I have been involved in women's sports at McIntosh High for over 14 years as a parent of a female athlete, softball and basketball. I believe that in the last several years a lot of things have gone drastically wrong, mainly, with the "powers that be". I agree with PTCMom's comment..What arrogance!!! What was he thinking?? Since the Class of '2000 (1996-2000), the best of all girl's teams at McIntosh, Coack Kidd had an opportunity to keep those young women, who followed, focused and repeat their achievments. Unfortuneately, he let it go and it has been downhill since. We still can have a great girls program..but we need the support of the "powers that be". Why not take a look at Coach Kidds assistant coaches as PTCMom said. It is time for McIntosh's Athletic Program to recoginize there is more to athletics than SOCCER, CROSS COUNTRY, WRESTLING and their losing FOOTBALL team where ALL the money is going.

jjen: Moving to Peachtree City

We are also thinking of moving to PTC form FL. I am a single mom . All the info I've just read is great! Good to here comments from the locals.

Mr WorldTradeCenter: You talking to me, you must be, I'm the only standing here!!!

Yeah,I grew up in New York, Yeah, I'm black and "YEAH" I live in Fayette County. First, white people never really get to know blacks, so before you make comments about us, take a walk or talk.

PTCMom: The truth concerning Coach Kidd

It absolutely made my blood boil to see Coach Steve Kidd trying to go out in some sort of "blaze of glory" after his 30 years of coaching at McIntosh. (I don't think it was an accident that his "resignation" got placed on page B7 of February 17th's WEEKEND Section.) Be assured, he did not go out voluntarily, but the new "powers that be" at McIntosh finally, after years of complaining about Coach Kidd by both parents and players, put a much needed end to his unsuccessful reign as the Head Varsity Girls Basketball Coach. He had even told his team this year (after a flurry of complaints) that he would never resign and never get fired! What arrogance! As the parent of a child he has coached, let me say "Hallelujah" that he won't be there any more to help his team find ways to lose games that they could easily win, that he won't be there to always blame every loss on the players, on their stupidity or lack of maturity, and that he won't be there next year to teach them the same ONE play that he has been running for years and that every opponent that McIntosh faces knows by heart before the game even starts. He did so much harm to the McIntosh Girls Basketball program that he could legitimately face legal charges that he kept many players from being considered for possible basketball scholarships. He took good players and turned them into bad players, year after year. He drove girls away from the basketball program in such numbers that by this last season, he could only field a team of 11 players. Many of those 11 had already decided that they would not play for him again if he was still here for the 2006-7 season. So, many thanks to those that finally got him to "resign". If only it had been sooner!

bladderq: Teen Center

I asked my 17 y/o daughter to explain the difference between a teen center and the dog park? She said she takes the dog

danae: Race is not an issue

In regards to the article about the minority group in schools and illegal "aliens", I would like to say that I am from Mexico City and cannot believe how close-minded people are.



Shelby Barker: Youth Center Debate

Shelby Barker's picture

Dear Citizens,

It has come to my attention that some residents are misunderstanding what a youth center is, how it will benefit the city, and why I am evolved.

Tlady: Race not the issue

Race is not the issue here. The issue is quality of life and quality of education. I am often in our schools. It is not right that teachers and administrators do not discipline some students for fear of being accused of being racists. There are students who are allowed to speak disrespectfully to adults and other students and constantly interrupt instruction with no consequences because it is considered their "culture". This did not happen in our schools 5-10 years ago.

thenatural: Tax Fairness

The letter published by Virgil Fludd is another attempt to cloak a political agenda in "mom and apple pie". Fairness is allowing everyone who chooses to particpate in the political process to do so. That is precisely what we have now.

2Xpoz1: mecca for molestors?

How can you possibly be more concerned for your city's reputation over the permanent damage that these "creeps" do to our children? It doesn't matter how they got here, the fact is, they're here, and you should be more aware of the excellent job your local PTC police dept is doing, by being nationally accredited by arresting these predators.

bean: Helpful Site

This site actually pin points predators in your neighborhood and anywhere and also maps them out for you. Try this site. It is awesome. Now all of the Romo's of the world can't hide.

hockeydad: school buses

FYI, every school bus that serves an elementary school also serves a middle-high school after they have finished their elementary route.

sherwood: "big racial shift"

I hope that no one thinks that this is "new" news.

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