CarpeDieminPTC: County Commissioner Position Who to vote for?

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I must encourage all Republicans to come together as soon as possible and get some traction on this March 21st Election before it is too late.

keep it real: Andy Petty story

I think everyone is missing the point here.Yes we need rules to govern our schools and to protect everyone"s saftey.There are double standards being uesd in the county system.I have seen in the very news paper where there have beens students caught with pot,and drinking on school grounds and received suspenion.Where is the logic here?Isn't it a law that there be know drugs with-in 100 yards of schools?These students were not arrested ,but just was given school suspenion this to me seems to be straddling the fence!I think each case you be address in a respectful and intelligent way.This storie reads that all of this started from a rumor in the beginning and was not at him ,but only that he had given someone a ride to school on that day and this was the reason for the search.He was not causeing any problems or fighting or ever been in a fight at school.

questionable101: Move Over Law

Don't get caught by the police on the latest reason to pull you over:

The Move Over Law, which became effective in 2003, states that drivers should move over one lane, if possible, when an emergency vehicle has its lights on and is pulled over on the side of the highway. If it is not possible to move over, then drivers are required to slow down and be prepared to stop.

lesdyer: Dear Alisa

Ditto - Peachtree City is the best place to live anywhere!! Money Magazine voted Peachtree City the 8th best place to live in the country! I'm from Ohio - travelled extensively with my military husband and we retired to Peachtree City.

Alisa D: Is Peachtree City a good place to raise a family?

We are contemplating a move to Peachtree City from Cincinnati, Ohio. We have a 5, 9, 11 year old. What are the kids and families like around there? Are they generally respectful? Do you recommend McIntosh or Starrs Mill High School.

Doc Joe: Tennant the motor mouth?

Who are the trash-talkers? Truly pathetic and what a waste of the reader’s time. I have been told the culprits are Dan Tennant and Bob Lenox. Is that true?

birdman: He's Baaaaaack!

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I'm sure everyone read the "Free Speech." Knew Brown couldn't stay away long. Guess he finally painted his daughter's bedroom. Now with no job he can start again. The Free Speech "heralding" all the "accomplishments" of the past four years is soooo transparent!

Bill Wyler: Garbage Pickup - Changes Really Necessary??

Allied (formerly Environmental Partners or EPI) was a bad choice before. Trash pickup was not consistent. Trash would sometimes set out for days.

VinnyC: Where's the Diversity in the Fayette NAACP

Why does the leadership of the local chapter of the NAACP only comprise African-Americans? Fayette County has a fairly large Hispanic, Asian, and White population.

historybuff: Candidate Emory Wilkerson

Is this county ready for a Black Republican County Commissioner? What difference does his race make? Let's look at his platform and ideas for the county.

tedkara: China Cafe 9

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Does anyone know what happened to China Cafe 9 in the Kedron Shopping Center??

1bighammer: Why did VOICE OF FAYETTE mention Sandy Creek?

Because he's just someone else automatically assuming the worst for Sandy Creek High School. Some kid gets in trouble, and it HAD to be Sandy Creek and thats it...why didn't you think of Fayette, McIntosh, Starrs Mill, or heaven forbid the Precious Whitewater. I'll tell you why, because Sandy Creek gets treated like the red headed step child of the Fayette County School system. The BOE ignores us and yet we still produce great students and athletes year after year.

Reality Bytes: Anybody remember this guy?

Steve Brown debate

I miss hearing what he's done each month in the Peachtree City UPDATE. I mean, how will we ever know how many Boy Scout troops met the mayor now???????

spideymann: Whatever-I'm done with this...move on

Jollyroger, you can twist words around and make what you want of them. It's ok for you to have an opinion as it is for everyone else.

SandySue: PTC Council What happened to your individual email addresses?

I went out to the website to email my new Mayor and City Council members using the links from the city website and they are gone! (Well if they are there I can not find them)

Prudence: Thankful

So very grateful to HAVE a telephone, to have opportunity to speak with ELECTED officials. To appreciate the DIFFERENCES in people.

Concerned Citizen: County Police?!?! Where's your brain?

Let’s see, hire a police chief to be accountable to the Commission who is accountable to the electorate. Sounds like a duplication of service in itself. Let's not create a middle man; the power of the Sheriff is derived DIRECTLY from the people, not the Commission. Anybody remember the stink caused by Commissioner VanLandingham using the ambulance to go to the hospital? These are the types of things that happen when you take the boss and give him five bosses. Instead of taking action and getting the job done, you get a bureaucrat, a yes man that just wants to keep his favor with the commissioners. An elected sheriff does things the way HE wants to do them (if you’re the type to be offended that I didn’t say he/she then I’m not surprised you want a county police force) not the way five people can agree on.

BNapier: Lived in Fayetteville years ago

25+ years ago, I lived in Fayetteville. My fondest memories of my teenage life were there. I lived on Dana Dr. 2 years ago, I came through Fayetteville on my way to southern GA. I could not believe how much it has changed. Change is great, tons of new businesses which means alot more jobs. But I have to admit, I missed the "small" town effect that Fayetteville had way back then. I know it's still a small town compaired to Atlanta, however, its not the same small town I remember and loved.


Great Program! More People need to get involved.

Grizzly: The Griz-Man

The Griz-Man is now on the blog. Look out for future entries.

kimbo: Ya' Get What Ya' Got 'Cause Ya' Get What Ya' Settle For

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I believe "ya' get what ya' got 'cause ya' get what ya' settle for" can be applied to all of us. Now, many will argue this case but look at it closely. We all get to choose (most of the time) what we say, wear, eat,read,or plan to do.

bkherren: What I learned from shoulder surgery

It's NOT an easy procedure and it WILL take a long time to recover, regardless of how your orthopedic surgeon sold it to you.

Podunk: first blog post...and it's about the WEATHER!

The weather is usually such a boring subject, but the weather yesterday was anything BUT boring.

As a Tyrone resident (you other Tyronians can probably identify), I wonder: HOW do you tell when a tornado is coming around here? They say a key identifier (besides, perhaps, the sight of flying roofs and household pets) is the fact that tornados make the unmistakeable sound of an approaching freight train.

William Hick Sr: I Need To Repent!

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I just need to go ahead and repent right here and now in front of all ya'll. It seems I done went and caused what people call ani-mos-ity towards my writings. I knowed it weren't right to cause the weak minded to become overly excited but I went and done it anyway. What I went and done was to cause certain poor souls to be angered, I should know better by now. I ain't seen venom like this since I got bit handling that copperhead up at that church in the mountains that time. If my sarcasm has caused you mental anguish I sincerely apologize. I hope I didn't cause ya'll any permanent damage. I like it when ya'll opine harshly about my silly little posts on this small town blogsite, you'd thank I was re-writing the Constitution of these here United States or something. I must admit that I do derive a slight sadistic joy from being able to manipulate in such a way, it's so enjoyable it must be sinful, so I'm repent'n of it right here, right now, in front of all ya'll. Please forgive me! I agree with Ms. Leoah Whineknott, it just ain't funny! I've read this wise old woman's past posts and I have to tell ya, she should be the Mayor, the City Council, the County Commission and the D.A.! It's easy to throw around insults and complaints but it ain't easy to offer meaningful solutions like Ms. Leoah does. Just a few examples of her exceptional mental prowess follows:

ddodge: The Fred

As another old timer, I would like to see something on the order of the old programs once in a while at the Fred. I am in reference to the old "Oprey" style of a program. I miss the cloggers, and new bands that were country related.

1212: Wings and Things Loses Tradition

Several of my friends and I have noticed that the old Wings and Things has gone against its tradition and changed the original wing sauce it uses on Wings.

CarpeDieminPTC: SIGN ORDINACE-Fayette to become new Clayton

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Why is the AJC covering this matter more closely than this paper?
In this week's issue of the AJC they discuss the fact that a Commerical Developer is challenging our Sign Ordinance, so that Hwy 85 in Riverdale can be moved down to Fayetteville, PTC etc. (Currently before the Court of Appeals-They think its so important that all of the justices are going to hear the case.)

dkinser: 2006 Concerts

So far this is what I have found as upcoming acts for the 2006 Concert Series. These were pulled from the artist's websites or VH1 and CMT's websites.

John Munford: New Year's traditions?

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I'm interested in hearing about everyone's New Year's Eve traditions.

My wife and I have hosted our friends for New Year's for about 10 years running. The festivities kick off with a co-ed 'touch' football game followed by the resulting soreness (popping Tylenol before playing does help though!).

William Hick Sr: An Open Response

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Satire is a wonderful literary tool; it brings a smile to many people, and it
sometimes carries a deeper message that is obviously hard for some to understand. It does in fact effect people in different ways, some will find the humor and laugh, others

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