sweetpants: Please Clean Up After Your Pets

I don't dump out diapers 2 feet from your yard, please clean up after your pets if they poop 2 feet from yard. I really don't care if it is on the cart path side.

Reality Bytes: Mayor: Questions Unanswered

The citizens of Peachtree City are demanding to know the answers to the following questions, Incumbent Steve Brown:

-Do you plan to lower taxes?

Doc Joe: Taking the issue by the horns, no sissy stuff

The deer hunting this year can almost be classified as a summer event with temperatures reaching in the 70’s F. It must be the global warming!

Mayor Steve Brown: Munford Tries, Logsdon?

In his editorial in the November 23, 2005 Citizen, John Munford asks the reader to explore the topic of being mayor. Munford does not live in Peachtree City so he has no risk. His opinion on the DAPC loans were pure off-the-cuff Munford.

Daniel Ross: Divisiveness

All over this site are examples of adults who openly disagree on what should be done about the war. Sure, we need our troops to be removed as soon as possible, but they cannot be moved without America looking like even more stupid than when we first invaded Iraq. With Democrats and Republicans being so divided over what should happen, this achieves what I think one of the objectives of the extremists is: to divide America so that we implode. As Ben Franklin, one of our Founding Fathers, once said, "We must all hang togther, or assuredly we shall all hang separately." I need not analyze that. In the Liberty Song of 1768, composer John Dickinson created the lyrics "Then join in hand, brave Americans all! By uniting we stand, by dividing we fall." Together, you, the adults, must forget your differences and join forces to support our troops and show the extremists in the world that America will waver at nothing, by coming together a facade would be built and our true emotions would hide behind the ones that we gave off to the world. I say this as a teenager who will vote in the 2006 elections. It is very dissapointing to see those who already vote disagreeing so much over a major issue. It almost makes the upcoming voters not want to vote. After seeing that I'm not even voting yet you might discredit me, but these are my feelings after reading several comments/blogs/etc where grown-ups argue over worthy causes, but slander each other at the same time. Get your act together for the future of our country. Sure we might have horrible politicians now, but obviously a majority voted for Bush for a second term. I'm sorry you have to wait 3 more years, but hey, that's the voter's fault.

PTCMomma: Highgrove/School Zones

Is it really true that Highgrove thinks it's so above the rest of the county that they got a lawyer to say their kids deserve to stay at Peeples, and not have to move to Braelinn? I've heard rumors to this several times in the past month, at almost every social function I've attended, and would love to hear the truth.

nuk: PTC Development Dir "Resigns"

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Looks like Clyde Strickland didn't last very long as Director of Development Services. He was rumored to have been given the two choices of "resign" and "or else" and has resigned.

TIRED: Mr Logsdon

You sir, are a sham. You have stood around and said nothing. You have had an opportunity to be involved but have chosen to sit back and hope you get elected.

Reality Bytes: Taxes are going to go up - no matter who is Mayor.

This one should make me the valedictorian or the class dunce - you take your pick.

I think it's time for everyone who is in this blogosphere to come to a realization, and in short order.

Reality Bytes: Mayor: Challenge the Detractors

Did you think I went away? This is for investq, the Mayor or anyone else who'd like to try to answer these.

Demonstrate online, in this forum, the proof you have, specifically citing in a manner that anyone can look it up (for example, cite the full website location or date and page of the article you've got) and specifically quote where any of the following statements have been made:

PTC Guy: Dan Tennant - Next Time

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Dan Tennant is all over the place gushing about how fantastic Logsdon will be as mayor.

Yet, Tennant ran against him.

TIRED: Munford the Maniac!

John is right on the mark on how to be a mayor. Hopefully Mr Logsdon will take the positions that John did.

John Hatcher: Thanksgiving is our Christian heritage

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Regardless how culturally diversified America prides itself on being, we cannot and must not repudiate our heritage. In fact, we should look to our heritage for direction and mooring in these dangerous days.

ArmyMAJretired: Thanksgiving

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We all have much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving and despite our difference of opinion need to stop and reflect on the blessings we enjoy.

Doc Joe: It's bows and antlers time!

Don't you know that there is nothing better than hunting season. I have already had some tremendous success. Let me know how you're doing with the bow. It sure beats all of the political BS on this site.

Paula Johnson: Dana’s domineering ultra-estrogen moment

Dana Kinser wants to make herself the master of the Internet by becoming the dominant challenger in the local election. Unfortunately, Ms. Kinser forgot to qualify for the race.

dkinser: Steve Brown

Steve Brown approached John Wieland Homes and Neighborhoods about the proposed annexation issue.

As a part of his support, he has demanded in every public forum that a senior housing component be a part of the annexation to win his voting support.

dkinser: Harold Logsdon

How many of the 36 years of Harold Logsdon's career years were spent as an auditor?

When I interviewed him, he indicated that he started his career with Bellsouth as a lineman. Now, I've never worked for Bellsouth, but I would think it would take some time to go from the line to an auditor.

Reality Bytes: Mayor: Prove Your Points, Now.

Dearest PTC Guy, Plwindco and anyone else who would like to take a shot at this one:

Put up or shut up. Demonstrate online, in this forum, the proof you have, specifically citing in a manner that anyone can look it up (for example, cite the full website location or date and page of the article you've got) and specifically quote where any of the following statements have been made:

CarpeDieminPTC: District Voting is about Power and Race

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District voting is about the power of the Democratic party to gain some minimum amount of control over Fayette County. True about 13% of Fayette is black but the fact is that about 90% of those blacks will be likely to vote Democrats into office consistently.

Investq: Brown is Right on District Voting

Brown is right again. The central problem is that if Steve Brown said that the sky is blue and grass is green, you would probably call him names and attack him. This time he is dead on right on the issue of District Voting.

sherwood: Decided to Homeschool

Who didn't see this kind of "not in my backyard" kind of mentality when it came to redrawing the school lines.

CarpeDieminPTC: Mayor Brown Please don't forget District Voting

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I've not forgotten, nor will many Fayette County residents, that you took the position of EVERY elected DEMOCRAT in Fayette County and pushed to have the law changed to give us District Wide Voting.

nuk: Mayor Says "Be Nice". Delicious Irony

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In his blog, Brown chides posters here to be nice and not so offensive because it turns people off. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

nuk: How Rapson Lost

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Steve Rapson had it right at first when he attributed his defeat to "backlash against Brown." In a letter to the Citizen Wednesday, he kind of backed away from that in gentlemanly fashion. Well, he was right the first time.


guys and gals. slow down. take a breath. let others get involved. you all just keeping ranting and raving about the same thing.

Reality Bytes: Mayor: Issue of the Night - Negative Job Growth

So, it's Friday night, I should be out partying and enjoying life, but I'm in front of a computer...so what the heck!

curmudgeon: Home school decision

Thanks to the Fayette County Board of Education for their decision to restructure the school districts we have decided our daughter will be home schooled starting next year. You folks can draw you line anywhere you want. But I'm drawing the line at changing schools.

Mayor Steve Brown: Mayor: Dearest Birdman

First of all, how do all of you have the time to sit and blog all day? Maybe the unemployment rate in Fayette County is higher than the Board of Labor predictions. I apologize for apparently missing some previous questions that you blogged at some point. I only have enough time to check the site while eating breakfast and at night on most days.

birdman: Mayor Brown, Please Answer These Questions

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Mayor Brown,

I asked you five questions earlier and am looking forward to your timely response. I now have another question. Since you pride yourself on "never running from questions," I look forward to your answers to this:

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