Mayor Steve Brown: Mayor: The people wanted to hear both candidates

Too bad that Harold Logsdon could not make the debate on behalf of the students at McIntosh High School. His campaign staff managed to find the time to come, interesting. The students did a great job and we had about 200 people in attendance, probably 40 students too.

dkinser: Mayoral Election

While everyone is busy taking what amounts to the typical cheap shot of both candidates, one major fact keeps being overlooked.

Reality Bytes: Debate Coverage You Can't Count On....

So - anybody go to the debate? I can't make it, as I'm having my cat washed. I'd love to get an OBJECTIVE view of how it all went.

ptccopwatch: Take Ziti's gun

Ziti -- have "Sparky" take your gun. I'm worried about you Dude. I don't want to read about you becoming "Baked Ziti"!

Buckwheat: Sell the Vacation Home

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Delta pilots will be just fine. They need to do 3 simple things to keep their big PTC homes and expensive cars. 1) Sell the vacation home 2) Put the wife to work like other families do 3) Make their teen kids drive a Cavalier instead of a BMW or SUV and take their picture phones away.

ptccopwatch: PTC police corruption

Ziti -- I did not use Murray, DuPree and corruption in the same sentance. So here it goes. Under the leadership (questionable term) of Murray and DuPree, corruption exists in the Peachtree City Police department. If just one police officer exaggerates or embellishes or flat out lies on a police report, that is corruption. Murray and DuPree and most officers in the department know that this happens. In fact, it's part of their job.

nuk: The "Debate"

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According to our present Mayor, he's showing up at McIntosh high school whether front-runner Harold Logsdon does or doesn't. Good, let Steve tilt at windmills one last time in public before he's defeated and sent back to the sidelines where he can yell and scream about all the rampant corruption that he has no proof of, slander some dead people, and in general make an ass of himself.

Reality Bytes: CONTEST - Submit your Debate Opponent

Since it is readily apparent that Harold Logsdon is intelligent enough to NOT engage Steve "Someone Please Talk To Me" Brown in a debate of the "issues" in front of master debaters at McIntosh this week, the blogger wishes to pose the following question to his fellow bloggers:

Mayor Steve Brown: Mayor: Logsdon - Why No Debate?

The Young Republicans and the Young Democrats at McIntosh High School took the challenge and have created a forum for political thought so that the voters can know the candidates running for the highest elected office in Peachtree City.

CarpeDieminPTC: Bush Lied and Soldiers Died---or did he?

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The Democrats scream and holler that Bush lied. Like Karl Marx/Joseph Goebels said, if you repeat a lie enough times, it becomes true.

ziti: Hey Guys Get A Lawyer

To the person who uses the names of police officals and corruption in the same sentance, if I was either of these 2 gentleman, I would get a lawyer and file a law suit against both you and the Citizen.

ptccopwatch: Brown didn't tackle all corruption

Brown failed to address corruption in the PD. I don't know why everybody seems to be afraid to tackle this subject. Ha

Reality Bytes: Debate, Anyone? now the mayor, who had MANY opportunities prior to Election Day (proper) to debate and discuss the issues in candidate forums, letters to the editor, etc., wants to have ANOTHER debate. In fact, he "invited" Harold Logsdon to have it , according to the mayor's own words in the AJC Fayette section, " McIntosh High School. And let the government classes sponsor it."

CarpeDieminPTC: Every Dead American Soldier is a Democratic Talking Point

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Senator Joe Liberman recently spoke on the Senate Floor and said that he voted for the gulf war three years ago, and he'd vote for it again.

John Hatcher: Stop lights in the Bible

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Anyone who travels between Riverdale and Fayetteville cannot but help notice the increasing number of traffic lights. Personally, I detest them. Just when I think I have clear sailing, up goes another traffic signal and invariably it’s red when I approach it.

Investq: Logsdon Supporters Now Finally Start Some Research ?

Shockingly, the Logsdon people are now looking to find public source documents that have been readily available for years. I agree with the comment by PTC Guy--- simply repeating the mantra "return to civility" is a hollow, meaningless gesture. With no discussion of public policy, this type of communication offers nothing to the debate other than an empty declaration of support for one candidate. This has been the hallmark of the Logsdon campaign. Even as we speak, Mr. Logsdon has personally refused to debate, an obvious indicator of this strategy. As mayor, would Mr. Logsdon investigate and research? Would he listen? Would his meetings and city documents be open to the public?

Reality Bytes: Tennis Center, DAPC, Election....

Does anyone have a copy of the following, for posting here so EVERYONE can see them?

1. The GBI report regarding the Development Authority/Tennis Center issue?

Leoah Whineknott: Military

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PTC Guy, you make very wrong assumptions about me. I am a vet and I have known some very fine high ranking military officers.

CarpeDieminPTC: Democrats have no Intelligence with regards to War in Iraq

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From Scrappleface:
November 11, 2005
Democrats Deny Having Pre-War Intelligence
by Scott Ott

(2005-11-11) — Democrats in Congress today rejected President George Bush’s accusation that they’re trying to rewrite history, which shows they supported the Iraq war based on the same intelligence that drove his decision to send in the troops.

former tennis c...: Not Funny Carp cuz soooo disappointed not true

Oh Carp,

Not fair to all of us that have suffered at the hands of Brown's politics, the now former tennis center members. I was so very excited at the start of your blog and my smile soon became tears, we put soooo much time, energy and money into the center for this mayor to have destroyed it because of a lack of knowledge and his personal agenda.

Traci-J: Applause to PTC PD!

I give applause to the PTC PD for quickly intercepting the "perv!"
Keep up the good work. As for, "the probably hundreds, of cases of sexual abuse going on among your neighbors and fellow church-goers," as stated by BigTom, This is going to require actaul notice and reporting from with inside the neighbors homes and from the fellow church-goers, as so called by BigTom.

priusowner: Is anyone else tired of Timothy Parker's negative diatribes?

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Every once in a while the Citizen desides to print a letter by one of the most negative, know it all, abrasive, pseudointellectuals ranting about how evil the president is and how wrong our country is in liberating Iraq.

CarpeDieminPTC: Steve Brown has just announced he was withdrawing from the Run-off

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Steve Brown has now announced that he is conceding the election in order to help bring some closure to this epic period in our City. Knowing that the odds against winning were too much for any reasonable hopes of winning, and not willing to cost the taxpayers any additional expenses, he graciously stepped down today. Quoted by a local reporter, Mayor Brown said, "Its always been about what is best for the citizens of PTC, its never been about me. I obviously am disappointed in the results, but I will step down and allow a natural progression of the Mayor's office to move from my adminitration to Harold Logsden's. I wish him the best of luck, and I want to remind the citizens of PTC, that I will not stop fighting for you, I will not stop looking out for you, I will not stop working for a better quality of life in PTC. Although my future work will be as a private citizen, I will continue to fight on."

PTC Guy: Why a Blog Script??

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Why a Blog Script and not something like a phpBB with CMS or Portal?

It is so much more organized than blogs, easier to post, user friendly, requires no tags as the text area editor has the tags built in.

nuk: Obsession with the *neighbors*

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I thought the favorite target for the ire of Fayette Countians was Riverdump...err...Riverdale and Clayton County. Hey, no need to stop there....Tyrone and Fairburn are now the new hot-spots for gripes!

Reality Bytes: Things to do after you vote on December 6

In a continuing effort to get out the vote (and just be flat ANNOYING), I have put together this little "voters" guide to help those of you who are considering coming out to choose the new mayor of Peachtree City on December 6. Some people don't vote for the simple reason they can't get to the polls because of work, family, etc. So, I am suggesting that everyone TAKE OFF DECEMBER 6. If you have a vacation day, use it. If you can call in sick and get away with it, do it. Isn't $30 million per year and the good name of Peachtree City worth ONE DAY of your time?

ArmyMAJretired: Peachtree City Needs to Actively Recruit Volunteer Firefighters

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There have been several letters and postings about the PCFD needing more personnel. One possible alternative to hiring full-time paid staff would be for the City to ACTIVELY recruit more volunteer firefighters.

questionable101: Runoff Race for Mayor

Based on the election results, if you take all the votes from Tennant and Boswell and add them to Logsdon, (after all they weren't running to keep Brown as mayor but to displace him), Harold would have approximately 4800 votes out of 7445 total votes, that's better than 50% using anyone's math!!

historybuff: PTC citizens were paying attention

when they voted this time. PTC folks are totally fed up with the current mayor and had the good sense to show that tonight.

Reality Bytes: A suggestion to the other candidates...

If it's legal, don't take down your signs. Put up the word LOGSDON on each of your signs. Or, get a LOGSDON sign.

Mr. Boswell, Mr. Tennant (and Shelby Barker), Mr. Thompson - please go to the media, log onto this forum, go everywhere you can and put your weight behind Harold Logsdon, as did the majority of citizens tonight. Plead with the mayor to concede and go away quietly. If he won't do that, rally those who supported you to go to the polls on December 6 and vote for Logsdon.

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