nuk: Way to Wake Up, PTC!

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The apathy and complacency that resulted in the election of Steve Brown seems to have left this evening with a much higher voter turnout. The voters have made it pretty clear in my mind that they aren't happy at all with the direction the Council has taken the City in the last 4 years.

Reality Bytes: Brown - Please concede.

The results are in, and it is my opinion that for the sake of the City, its taxpayers and its sanity, Steve Brown should concede a runoff election and save everyone the time and effort (and cost of a runoff).

John Hatcher: People and their ‘stuff’

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Every so often I feel compelled to write a word about stuff. Stuff that clutters our corners, rooms, garages, rental storage space, and even our automobiles.

Reality Bytes: Exit Polls?

Anybody got any early results? In reading the AJC blog, it appears that there may be one of two things happening:

1. People aren't happy with the current mayor, and they're showing it - or -

nightsunstar: The Citizen Online Poll...

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Just wanted to say congrats, Dan, and I hope this online poll is a good indication of the real-life polling going on tod

historybuff: by the way g-bug is Boob Craft

Not only does Steve Brown have several screen names, so does Boob Craft. Steve Brown is a young Craft.

historybuff: current mayor is a disgrace

The current mayor of PTC is a disgrace. He is a bad reflection on the good citizens of a beautiful city. His column in last week's citizen showed how his mind works.

dkinser: Election Eve 2005

Here it is, 11:15pm on the eve of the election and it appears that there are now 3 reading and posting blogs.

First off I want to thank everyone that tried to keep the discussion on the up and up. We may not agree on issues, but by God that is what makes this country what it is. Freedom of choice.

Robin L Tennant: Eve of the Election

On the eve of the election I want to take a moment to thank all of the candidates that decided to run for office.

Deciding to run for any political office is a very serious discussion. One I don't believe any of the candidates entered into lightly. Your entire life is held up for everyone to pick a part and more than not what you read is either incorrect or a complete lie.


Please when you go to the ballet box tommorow remember you are not only voting for a candidate you are also voting for their beliefs.

priusowner: Candidates are a traffic hazard!

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As I drove North on Hwy 74 today, the first candidate waving to the voters was Dan Tennant. Nothing unsual, just the normal office seeker showing his face trying to drum up support.

Mayor Steve Brown: Mayor: Review the record

No one if challenging Mayor Steve Brown on his record of the last four years. The achievements speak for themselves. Go to to see more on the "real" issues. Editor Cal Beverly of The Citizen News endorsed Mayor Steve Brown by saying, "Brown represents a big check in the checks and balances arrangement that local government always needs."

Reality Bytes: Honest Government

I support Dar Thompson for mayor. This is why...but first, something I thought was funny...I was talking to a friend of mine about all this election stuff, and he said "Steve Brown's 'honesty' is kinda like telling your wife she looks fat in that dress".

Mayor Steve Brown: Mayor: Discuss the issues, Tennant

Good grief, let’s lift the level of decorum and generate some real discussion on the issues. A good place to start is Dan Tennant’s view to sell the tennis center. Selling city (taxpayer) assets to pay for someone else’s illegal debt is a disturbing thought to begin with and should never happen but let’s take a look. First of all, every homeowner in Planterra Ridge had an impact fee withdrawn from the sale of their home and was promised a tennis facility at the northern end of their subdivision. The impact fee was a legal, legitimate charge to those citizens so we have to ask, “Dan should we give the Planterra homeowners back their $500,000 too?” Where do you draw the line.

Joan of Arc PTC: The New Political Reality in PTC

The New Political Reality in PTC: Settled for the Future with Populist Control

PTC started as a company town. Equitable Life Assurance acquired literally the entire town in a foreclosure. Equitable planned, developed and sold thousands of expensive homes in what was clearly a horizontal and vertical monopoly. There were no victims so no one cared. It was and is a great community. They then sold to PCDC of Georgia. Equitable (being an insurance company, conservative with investments) made the easy money, and then sold off the remainder. Development got a little more gritty and a little more abrasive to the residential homeowners. Big deals like the sewer sale were brutish examples of the new, PCDC/Georgia group sans Equitable. Political control was easy. Remarkably, elections were originally held the first Tuesday in December, a remarkable plan calculated to retain control. With a limited number of PCDC and City Hall employees, the Old Guard had no political risk.

Fred Cowan: Boo Dan, Boo Harold

The infamous “watch dog” runs over to everyone’s entry and lifts up his leg as a form of expression. There is no doubt in my mind that the dog is either Dan Tennant or Harold Logsdon, both wretched. When you read all of the grubby remarks about our mayor on the site it is very easy to determine who is the source of all the divisiveness in our beautiful city and it’s not Steve Brown.

Paula Johnson: Dan Tennant is mean

The filth in the newspapers is a direct result of Bob Lenox’s ego. He doesn’t have any class like his predecessors. Don’t get me wrong, Fred Brown and Joel Cowan knew how to work the system but they didn’t roll in the dirt like Mr. Lenox. Fred Brown has a very limited education and yet he’s still seems to be able to act in good taste in public settings. We all know that you can train a monkey to act right but Mr. Lenox appears hopeless.

dkinser: A Dog, a Cat, and a Hamster

By now, anyone that has been following the revamped website of TheCitizen, knows that the you HATE Mayor Brown and Councilman Rapson. Move On, we don't need to hear this constantly. While I may or may not agree with you, I accept your stance; so can we move on to other issues?

cmc865: Safe Staffing Levels and Liability.....

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Emergency Services Staffing Levels – Is Your Community at Risk?
National fire service staffing studies have shown that the effectiveness of a fire fighter to carry out tasks that are critical to saving lives, controlling fire, and preventing injuries to citizens and fire fighters are directly related to the staffing levels of their department. Fire and emergency services staffing levels must fit the needs of the local community. Once the fire and emergency service level has been determined, the necessary supporting staff must then be organized to meet the community’s needs. Most community’s level of service is determined by the national standard of care or “expected” standard of minimum care.

jtayloratty: How the PTC Council Solved the Dev Auth Crisis

As a lawyer in the field of corporate finance, I have observed with interest the history of the Peachtree City Development Authority failure and the subsequent modifications and personnel changes by the City Council. The legal question that interests many of us is “How do we avoid this from happening again?” The issues have, of course, been the focus of the upcoming city elections. One issue is the extent to which those earlier trusted with certain functions should be restored to power.

Paula Johnson: Subtle Relations and Political Affairs

I’m a proud mother of four beautiful children. I bore two myself and the others were adopted through a Vietnamese adoption program for Amerasian children. My husband and I have been fortunate enough to live all over this great country of ours and see many different communities. When we were assigned to Fort McPherson three years ago, we began looking for place to call home and Peachtree City was the obvious choice. The children love the golf cart and the recreation opportunities and I appreciate the kind-hearted people. I am used to having to make new friends and build new relationships from scratch. I enjoyed meeting people from all walks of life in our community. However, I soon became very distressed about all of the issues that appeared in the local newspapers. A lot of my friends that play tennis kept telling me that Mayor Brown was the cause of all the problems facing our picturesque city and I believed them. I really developed a hatred for the mayor.

Tate Christian: Rex, Lenox and Schlosser

The main problem with the Direct PAC's Rex Green and Rick Schlosser is that their motives are extremely transparent. Rex works for Group VI and they are suing the city over a tennis building that floods. Rick is a land developer who used to be a top gun for old PCDC. Their backing Harold Logsdon is like breathing on someone when you have the plague. Logsdon is so tied into the bad guys that it should be tattooed on to his forehead. Bob Lenox has done nothing but prove Steve Brown and Steve Rapson right on the need for open government. If he was any more obnoxious we could convict him of terrorism. The sad part is that Logsdon is actually bragging about having the support of Green, Schlosser and Lenox as if that helps him in the eyes of the public. That's the way I feel.

John Hatcher: Things overwhelming? Not to God ...

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The nation’s psyche is becoming more and more sensationally bombarded and as result we are increasingly unable to absorb the horrors and tragedies since September 11, 2001. For example, if we were to review news coverage of events, speeches, meetings in connection with 9/11, we would probably conclude that the average American had a pretty good idea of those days.

The Youth Council: Teens, here's your chance!

I feel the need to post this blog, because I don't think enough teens and parents know about The Youth Council serving Fayette County (formerly the PTC Youth Council). This would also be a place where teens and adults can post concerns and issues about teens in Fayette County.

John Munford: Campaign disclosure forms

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Somehow, perhaps for space constraints, the listing of campaign contributions for candidates running for the mayor and council posts in Peachtree City was omitted from the print version of our paper. Following is a list of each candidate, how much they have received in campaign funds, and who is listed as giving contributions of $101 or more on the Sept. 30 report.

kstewart: Crusaders

Tennessee charges more tax on gasoline because they do not have a state income tax. Georgia does have a state income tax, yet the gasoline prices in Georgia are higher than Tennessee by ten cents a gallon.

Davids mom: Libby's Indictment

Both Libby and Clinton lied to the grand jury. A lie is a lie. I look at the reason for the lie. Clinton lied to cover up a marital indiscretion which was injurious to Monica, Hillary, Chelsea and himself.

John Thompson: Libby indicted-What do you think?

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On Friday afternoon, special prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald announced five indictments against Vice President Dick Cheney's chief of staff Lewis Libby, including perjury and obstruction of justice charges.

Cal Beverly: Hating candidates and ignoring the obvious

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On the occasion of my first-ever “blog” I’d like to congratulate every candidate who has put his and her heads on the public chopping block.

Tracy Young: Are Tyrone Voters the Problem?

Earlier this year, I began attending the town council meetings. I primarily wanted to become better informed and to understand how the council and town manager were overseeing development and planning our town's future. One of the main issues that interested me was the granting of half-acre lots to John Wieland Homes for a new subdivision. Other issues that have concerned me are the expedited change of local speed limits and the new library debacle. In each situation, the town council failed to consider the interest of all stakeholders in Tyrone.

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