Senior apartments on backburner

Fri, 02/19/2010 - 9:59am
By: John Munford

The Peachtree City Council Thursday postponed a request to lift the city’s multi-family housing moratorium to consider rezoning a 4.8 acre site off Ga. Highway 54 East for a senior apartment complex.

NorSouth Communities requested the postponement because the company is looking into other potential sites around the city, according to consultant and architect Bill Foley.

NorSouth initially expressed interest in the 4.8-acre site located behind the Zaxby’s restaurant in the Lexington Circle shopping center near the city’s eastern limit. The site is currently zoned limited use commercial and would require a rezoning if the company seeks to proceed with that site.

The city’s moratorium on multifamily housing forbids city staff from accepting any rezoning proposal that would convert a parcel to multifamily use. However, developers can ask for the moratorium to be lifted for a specific piece of property.
The decision to lift the moratorium is completely up to the City Council, though any rezoning proposal would ultimately be considered first by the city’s planning commission for a recommedation to Council.
Council has final say on all zoning proposals.

The multi-family housing moratorium does not apply to land that is already zoned for multifamily use.

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Submitted by PTCGOIL on Sun, 02/28/2010 - 10:35am.

That IS the case right now. Am I mistaken? If so, why are Council and Planning spending time on listening to the plans for this Lexington apt. complex? Don't they have to lift the moratorium first? Isn't that the whole purpose of a moratorium? And doesn't Norsouth have to follow all the normal procedures for this project? Appears as if special consideration is being given to get around a moratorium in place already.

Does everyone who wants to build during a moratorium get the privilege of going before a joint meeting of city officials and get to present their project? I don't get it. Can someone explain this?

John Munford's picture
Submitted by John Munford on Mon, 03/01/2010 - 9:16am.

The moratorium keeps city staff from working on any multifamily rezoning applications until council lifts the moratorium for a certain piece of property.

That requires companies to make their initial request directly to council in hopes of having the moratorium lifted.

SPQR's picture
Submitted by SPQR on Sat, 02/27/2010 - 3:20pm.

there is a sign for a zoning variance in Lexington. The sign is adjacent to the town home section. You have to drive around behind the frontage units to see it. Whats Up?

Submitted by PTCGOIL on Sun, 02/28/2010 - 10:42am.

the townhome owners, Marksmen Construction, have requested to be exempt from installing sprinklers in the remaining bldgs. they are going to build. City staff is recommending no variance be granted.

Submitted by PTCGOIL on Fri, 02/26/2010 - 8:04pm.

in PTC again? Seems Norsouth wasn't really looking for other sites in PTC. Just wanted more time to get their salespeople/legal people to put the push on when they heard there was opposition to lift the moratorium.

This coming Tues. 6:30PM, City Hall, a workshop between City Council, Mayor, Planning Commission and reps. from Norsouth to hear "an overview of their company, what type of product they are proposing, what type of financing they will use, as well as examples of similar projects in the Atlanta area".

I recommend, if you can, to show up to hear this and to comment. They are currently advertising $99. as their move in special rate at local properties. I think we all know what/who this attracts.

Oh, and we want to pay particular attention to where the money comes from to build these complexes.

mudcat's picture
Submitted by mudcat on Fri, 02/19/2010 - 11:34am.

All the ugly things you said on here about seniors and apartments was not nice. You should all be ashamed of yourselves.
OK, that was my Mrs. Fran Shelton impersonation.

Sounds like he needs land already zoned for multi-family to pull this off. I don't believe we have any of that. The other senior project took the last piece unless there is something I don't know about.

Submitted by PTCGOIL on Fri, 02/19/2010 - 12:52pm.

at Ardenlee about buying the church property, knocking down the church buildings and putting up a senior apt. bldg. instead. One with a 300' cell tower on the roof.
But the tower will be disguised to look like a cane. And there will be a flashing red light on the top that strobes onto a sign that reads "RETIRE HERE! PTC Voted One of The Ten Best Retirement Cities in the U.S."
The zoning is there for all already. Everybody wins, church gets gobs of cash for land, cell cos. get tower, seniors get subsidized apts., kids at Crabapple get free curly perm hairdos for life, and city staff and council don't have to rezone, and Dev. Authority gets free advertising.
Just kidding, HAHA.

Robert W. Morgan's picture
Submitted by Robert W. Morgan on Sat, 02/20/2010 - 6:43am.

That is a great idea. Meets everyone's needs.

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