Information on the DSM-IV changes being proposed, including the debate on PDD, Asperger's, and Autism

Wed, 02/10/2010 - 9:45pm
By: tygerlili

The public is invited to share their opinions until April of this year, on the proposed changes that will become the DSM-V. Please, speak up. We aren't often asked what we think would be the best solution to a confusing situation by such professionals.

Pervasive Developmental Disorders, Asperger's and Autism are being carefully considered for one diagnostic label, rather than the three, with social and academic functions only a guideline as to where an individual fits on a continuum of ability, or that is the hope of those for the change to one diagnostic term.

I am for it because with a continuum of the least to highest function as proposed, you teach all with the diagnosis as if the outcome is the highest end of the continuum. That is how I understand typical individuals, who are not all the same, are taught. With each individual being taught to the highest level of a continuum that is different among the individuals.

I am also for it, because people with Asperger's may indeed have higher IQ's, but one of the qualities that makes them need the Asperger's diagnosis to begin with, is their intense concentration on the areas they are good at and love to do. They frequently have trouble in other areas of learning, which can cause them great difficulty in passing all of the required courses, yet that is where their IQ often forces them to go, is into classrooms without help.

The school system will never receive the financial support it will require to teach all children who share social differences to their highest potential. If you do not understand that they all have potential, please watch "Temple Grandin". Running on HBO currently, it is a movie based on Temple Grandin, a Professor in her fifties diagnosed with autism as a toddler, who has made great contributions to the world in suprising ways. She is the highest end of the continuum, but she excelled because of the concessions a few wonderful people gave her in the educational system. I wish everyone would watch it, so that societies ideas of what these disorders' outcomes are will change. If you watch carefully, you will see the struggle that being different really is, and what bravery it takes to overcome the stigma associated with one's differences.

If you love someone under the DSM=IV,
please visit the website in the article i tagged, and tell them what you think about all the issues that are being discussed. Our mental health care system needs our help!

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