'My heart, my choice,' Williams says, defending decision for U.S. heart surgery

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An unapologetic Premier Danny Williams says he was aware his trip to the United States for heart surgery earlier this month would spark outcry, but he concluded his personal health trumped any public fallout over the controversial decision.

It seems when Politicians under Socialist Healthcare systems need Medical care they always come here.. I wonder why that is. I mean its fine for the “Little” people but just not for the Elite.

“The 60-year-old Williams said doctors detected a heart murmur last spring and told him that one of his heart valves wasn't closing properly, creating a leakage.
He said he was told at the time that the problem was "moderate" and that he should come back for a checkup in six months.
Eight months later, in December, his doctors told him the problem had become severe and urged him to get his valve repaired immediately or risk heart failure, he said.
His doctors in Canada presented him with two options - a full or partial sternotomy, both of which would've required breaking bones, he said.”

"I wanted to get in, get out fast, get back to work in a short period of time," the premier said

So to America he came.. Seems our system is good enough to keep him alive..

I thought we were in some sort of crisis and our Health System was like the worst in the world or something.. Didn’t I here Cuba’s was better? At least Maxine Waters thinks so….

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Submitted by S. Lindsey on Thu, 02/25/2010 - 8:37am.

48% of Americans want Congress to START OVER
21% of Americans want Congress to STOP NOW.

What are they doing however.. PUSHING.. Pushing to get it in.. Why?

Almost every poll has showed the same results for almost a year.. SO I have to ask... WHY?

If it was truly about healthcare why does most of the Benefits start 4-5 YEARS later.. If we are in a crisis then don't you think those "benefits" would start immediately?

So WHY the push? That's the question that fuels conspiracies. That's the question the Media should be asking if they were not in bed with the Government.. Where are Woodward and Bernstein when you need them?

The liberties of a people never were, nor ever will be, secure, when the transactions of their rulers may be concealed from them. ~~Patrick Henry
"Illegitimus non Corborundum"

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Submitted by maximus on Wed, 02/24/2010 - 8:53am.

I’m not sure what those poor Canooks are going to do once Obumbles and the rest of the socialist dems ram through their healthcare-destroying bill.

The teleprompter’s 11 page proposal is specifacally designed to kill off private insurers through federal price controls and mandates and force everyone into the “public option”.

"If you like your current health plan you can keep it" - another promise he never intended to keep.

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Submitted by matt.barnes on Tue, 02/23/2010 - 11:20pm.

In a lot of people minds our "crisis" is not so much about quality but more about the cost. On the issue of quality I think we are so/so in regards to emergency care. On selective and day-to-day stuff (where you get to choose you're own doc) things are excellent if you have good health insurance. AS far as elite health care goes you and I aren't going to get to see Danny's doc anytime soon. Under a socialist program or our current one.

Submitted by Gort on Wed, 02/24/2010 - 7:30am.

My guess is Canada still paid the bill even though the services were performed in the US.

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