Speeding motorcycles

Sun, 02/28/2010 - 6:18am
By: batgirl

For all of us who drive WATCH OUT FOR THE SPEEDING MOTORCYLES!!!I live on Morgan mill rd in Brooks Ga and have for 25 yrs and I am sick of the speeders.On super bowl sunday at about 3:00 I pulled out my driveway and a motorcycle came speeding up to my bumper and when I wasn't going fast enough for the biker,he proceeded to past me doing a wheelie at a very fast speed then at 85 connector he did a uturn and came back past me again doing a wheelie at a very fast speed.To fast to see the tag.This has continued every week-end.My fiance got a ticket doing 5 miles over just 3 blocks from my home on a week day.I appreciate the officers out here checking the speed but they need to be here on the week-ends when the speeders are out the most.Be Aware and be careful.Thanks Jennifer

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