nuk: I Deal in Reality

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Not the way YOU think it should be.
Not the way it perhaps OUGHT to be.
Not the way it COULD be.
Nope, only what it IS.

nuk: Going to be Lonely Here Tomorrow Night

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I don't think a lot of the Brownies will be around to take their lumps from those who have read the asanine predictions of a Brown victory for a while. Maybe a few will drop by to boldly predict that life is totally over in PTC, they are selling their house and moving away(and then don't), etcetera.

CarpeDieminPTC: Holiday Trees vs. Christmas Trees?

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Brown's micromanaging this city means this years dumbing down of our christmas celebration was dead center the responsibility of Steve Brown.

CarpeDieminPTC: Cal Beverly Endorsed Brown-But why?

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I've pontificated upon this matter for some time. I couldn't understand how Cal's firebranded editorials against the quasi-dictator Brown over the last few years could be turned around now.

Reality Bytes: The "critical" issue of Stormwater in Peachtree City - is it all Brown?

There have been several on these forums who have stated that the City didn't perform significant work on Stormwater until the Brown administration came into power, implying that the Lenox administration performed the bare minimum required.

Reality Bytes: The "secret" agenda of Harold Logsdon - who are the developers?

Can someone please identify who the developers of Peachtree City are that everyone keeps referencing Harold Logsdon has the support of?

pandora: Mr. Rothly's agenda - another perspective

Mr. Rothly:

In your blog, "What's The Agenda Behind "Eradicating" Brown?", you state that "Something does not seem right with the aggressive campaign to defeat Mayor Steve Brown." I offer another perspective on this issue.

Reality Bytes: BROWNOUT - T MINUS 2, 1...

If you don't have your opinion of the candidates by now, I hope you're able to get what you need.

Remember that Peachtree City has wonderful residents, wonderful government employees and wonderful volunteers, none of whom are trying to fill their pockets at the expense of the overall City quality of life.

Sailon: New Free Speech

This last time I clicked on "7 comments" under the "pithy" editor blab, and got my page, a blog, I suppose. All most people want to do is click on Free Speech, click on the date, and read all of the free speech online.

Reality Bytes: Shop Peachtree City?

Did anyone else notice no coverage of "Shop Peachtree City Month" in Peachtree City?

I went back and looked...every year since 1999 there has been a proclamation for "Shop Peachtree City Month", encouraging us to stay local and shop in town.

Reality Bytes: Honesty

Just a reminder for those of you who may have forgotten, or may not have even heard it.

The situation:
During the torrential summer storms, a local youth drowns near City Hall while out with friends "wakeboarding" in the flooded conditions. The victim dies while trying to assist someone who has fallen into a stormwater culvert.

Reality Bytes: Another amusing item regarding "holiday" trees?

Is what's good enough for the governor good enough for the Mayor of Peachtree City?

Click here for a funny one.

PTC Guy: Poll and Input on Logsdon

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This is an information gathering Post.

Answer ONLY if you have actually received answers directly from Logsdon on any of the following.

Reality Bytes: More funny things to read

Qualities Of A Good Leader

A boss drives people - a leader coaches them.

Reality Bytes: The Record is Skipping - Change It

OK. We seem to have some rather unoriginal posters on this forum. I guess it's time to smack them down.

"Logsdon has no stated positions," according to investq. Please go visit, in fact click here to go to it.

Investq: Why Cal Beverly’s Editorial Endorsement of Steve Brown is Logical

Why Cal Beverly’s Editorial Endorsement of Steve Brown is Logical

Cal Beverly’s Editorial endorsement in the Friday 12/2 Citizen of Steve Brown is logical. Our quality of life is very high. We don’t need to make any big changes; we just need to avoid any big mistakes. Logsdon has absolutely no positions on anything. He is like Bill Clinton’s train ride. With all the stops totaled up, he promised new spending of $280 billion and yet reduced taxes, too. Logsdon is the same. At least Lenox was straight by insisting that spending would keep increasing. Lenox raised taxes every year but did not pretend otherwise.

Reality Bytes: BROWNOUT - T MINUS 3

Which is the real story?
The students who helped organize the event, Alex Larson and Evan Roth, said they don't feel they were used.

dkinser: Who to vote for?

Who to vote for? That is the question that I must answer by Tuesday December 6th. So, when I look at the two candidates, this is what I have concluded.

Reality Bytes: Phun with Photos

Anna Marie Smith If Steve Brown isn't re-elected, sources say we'll see rampant poverty and hopelessness all across Peachtree City. Images like this one will be commonplace. (VOTE LOGSDON DECEMBER 6 - no more games).

rob rothley: What's The Agenda Behind "Eradicating" Brown?

Something does not seem right with the aggressive campaign to defeat Mayor Steve Brown.

Since Brown has been mayor, the city services have continued and expanded. Peachtree City has continued to receive awards for being a great place to live. The City budget and finances are in excellent shape. Critical infrastructure issues are being addressed -- including cart path / road improvements, and storm water runoff. The city has delivered the new library as mandated by the voters. Commercial business within the city is flourishing. The general health, safety and welfare of our citizens continues not to be an issue. Most agree that Brown has run a very open, honest government -- allowing debate and opposing views to be heard. The Mayor has demonstrated leadership in working with our neighbors and the county while preserving the interests of our city.

PTC Guy: Who's On Line

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I am noticing that when I log out my name sometimes stay listed for long after I am gone.

I suspect a sessions error since time indication and other issues act strange at times as well.

nuk: Only a few more short days.....

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...until sanity is returned to Peachtree City governmental affairs and the insanity mercifully ends.

Yeah, I'm boldly predicting that come Tuesday evening, Harold Logsdon will be Mayor. How will he do? What can he accomplish? No one knows for sure but just being a part-time Mayor and not grandstanding all over the region would be good enough for me.

birdman: The Question for Brown YET AGAIN (third time)

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Ok, just logged on. I have asked repeatedly about your stand on annexation in 2001 and you have yet to answer it. So here goes:

H. Hamster: Hamster questions Cal

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What in the world is Cal Beverly thinking when he endorses Steve Brown? Saying Harold is an empty suit is a real insult to a man who has taken the time to study all of the issues - even the obscure ones like the airport authority. Harold is smart enough to know there are things that need to studied before they are fixed and giving off-the-cuff solutions to the many problems in PTC is simply not smart. I'd refer Cal back to Steve Brown's comment, promises and solutions 4 years ago and ask "What happened?"

Reality Bytes: BROWNOUT - T MINUS 4

Well, he's got guts.

The mayor came online last night and actually responded to the questions asked. You can search through my blogs for his answers.


It's good to see the American Legion having the guts to speak out against the political correctness that is eroding the meaning of the Christmas season. Persons of other persuasions, and persons of no persuasion, are certainly free to celebrate whatever they want to celebrate. Shame on Steve Brown for pandering to the liberal politically-correct mentality, or worse -- possessing the politically-correct mentality.

birdman: Another Question for Mayor Brown

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Mayor Brown,

Quite awhile ago I read an email you wrote that stated that an at grade crossing at the Comcast cable tower at Highway 74 would be "insane." I am curious why you have continually purposed exactly this "insane" crossing in your annexation plan? What has changed? And just to jog your memory the email was addressed to someone named "Bob."

dkinser: Who's really fit to lead this city?

First off I want to say that I am extremely disappointed in both candidates at this time.

Both can take time to stage debates and rebut with last minute fliers over cleaning gutters, but they cannot take the time to respond to us; the citizens of the City that they wish to lead.

Mayor Steve Brown: Mayor: Avoid Politically Motivated Boycott of Christmas

To the best of my knowledge there is no American Legion Post in Peachtree City, only Fayetteville. Geography aside, Mr. Zerillo noted to a member of the press that Mr. Logsdon encouraged him to write a letter to the editor on the “Christmas” vs. “Grand” tree issue. By chance, yea right, Direct PAC member and Logsdon sidekick John Dufrense is in that same American Legion post. Look up Dufrense’s letter to the editor in Wednesday’s Citizen and you will get a good idea what he is all about.

Reality Bytes: Mayor: Questions Unanswered By Brown

The citizens of Peachtree City are demanding to know the answers to the following questions, Incumbent Steve Brown:

-Do you plan to lower taxes?

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