Shelby Barker: Teen Center

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Dear kitten friend,
I ask you to look at all the things that the Youth Council has done for this community from; raking senior’s yard, cleaning up an old grave site, singing at the nursing home etc... Etc... We have done so much for the community and now when we cry out for help, and fight through all of the nay Sayers what do we see on the other side????? Nothing but more nay sayers.....

thenatural: Ok I'll bite

PTC Taxpayer I will bite. What exactly do you mean by safeguarding? You seem to have fun publishing this stuff, but yo

thenatural: Senior Village

I enjoy a good intellectual discussion. Mr. Morgan makes some good points, and it may indeed be moot since the project appears to be moving to Griffin. There remains the larger issue here that is the real core of the matter. This is not about rejecting senior projects. It is about a developer coming into a community with a state wide reputation for an outstanding quality of life and suggesting that they know what is good for the community. It is about a developer who spent hours meeting with some of the commissioners explaining the proposal in detail INCLUDING the 12 proposed ordinance changes written by, and tailored for that developer. I am sure that you are not suggesting that developers be allowed to write ordinances.

nuk: What To Do with Teens?

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This is a topic that comes up a lot in PTC since PTC teens sometimes find themselves on the wrong side of the law, supposedly hassled by the cops, and "have nothing to do." Let's examine, shall we?

hsh87: my space

I went to Google News to look for those stories about Myspace and when I typed Google News it pulled up a long list of o

twilson: NEWS FLASH

A lady driving north to work stopped at a local Shell station south of town to fill up with gasoline. Pumping her own gas, she accidently splashed gasoline onto her sweater and blouse sleeve.

fchsfan1: Fayette County Basketball

To the Citizen reporter and your reporting of high school sports, well,you opened a can of worms!!!! With all of the antagonistic views between SMHS and FCHS the term "Slay" used when there was a 9 point difference was a bit of an exaggeration don't you think? When FCHS beat McIntosh the title was a little more respectful, oh that's right it was covered by the Fayette Daily who seems to be fair to all of the local teams.

twilson: Proper Protocol

eyinvest, you are exactly right in how to deal with agenda items at the county board of commissioners. As a citizen I have had occasion to do just as you suggested on two different occasions.

Emily Baldwin: Fayette’s Rising Star

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Following Paris Bennett's American Idol experience

Well, she’s made it to Hollywood, and by this time next week we’ll know if Paris Bennett has made the list of the top 12 female contestants on American Idol.

Shelby Barker: Dear Parents

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I wish everyone had the opportunity to go to the youth council meeting, but if you did not have the opportunity let me sum up what I had proposed last night.

jdavis61: Lift Teens Instead Of Bashing Them

As a twenty year old young woman, I was floored when I read what you had written. It was a direct aim at the future of our communities. Calling two teens stupid because of what they did is horrendous. Think about the families of these two teens. I really don’t know how to put into words how awful it was for you to say what you said. These teens obviously felt they had no where to turn. Maybe they talked to their parents or and eldernand felt like nothing was going to change. Parents are not super heros. Why they did it wee will never know. But one there is one thing- they are not stupid.

Cathy Tims: Suicide or Choking Game

There has been a lot of press lately about the choking game. Two kids from the same high school committed suicide within a week of each other by hanging?

pandora: Teens are stupid

Now, hear me out. I’m not talking about GPAs or SAT scores. Those have very little to do with it. And I’m not talking about just PTree City or Fayette Co. And yes, this is a generalization.

The Tyrone Mole: Tyrone going down the sewer

Tyrone will soon go down the sewer... Tyrone will attract new businesses with the passing of the Sewer Contract. Great, just what we need, another road looking just like Riverdale's Hwy.

Shelby Barker: Peachtree City's Hidden Problems

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Dear fellow citizens,

My name is Shelby Barker, I have lived in Peachtree City since 2002ish and have already scene many changes, some for the good some for the bad. But the bottom line is that Peachtree City has always been known for setting standards in many aspects of life. To the outside world Peachtree City is a bubble with little or no crime, violence etc…. In fact, this is the main reason thousands of new citizens flock to our beloved city every year. However, with the latest news about teen suicide, drug usage, indescribable sexual acts between middle school students etc… I ask you, has our little golf cart town strayed away from the values and culture which made it what it is today?

All Smiles: Out of County Students

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I've had to phone Mrs. Law on several different dates to report suspected illeagal students and have NEVER had a problem with returned phone calls.

Concerned Citizen: Republicans buy votes!

We need a new plank in the republican platform. After listening to the talking heads on the Sunday political shows, one thing is apparent to me. The current party is beholden to welfare as a vote buying program. You may say to yourself, that is an expressly Democrat tactic but I’m afraid the Republicans buy just as many votes with welfare, maybe more. This brand of welfare is called Social Security. Social Security is a loser and we should get out as fast as we can. What’s wrong with cutting ties with the program? The votes that the elderly bring, that’s what. There is a large population of young Republicans in this county that are being made to pay the bills but will receive no benefit, ever. I am offended that I am being used in this way. Sure, there is plenty of waste in government but this one really gets me angry. Here is a novel idea, be responsible for your OWN retirement. Cold and heartless? Maybe. We can’t pretend any longer. Here’s my plan: If you’re on it now, you will receive it till the day you die. If your five years from receiving, you’ll still get it. If your five years out, sorry, reduced benefits. Ten years out, start saving, no benefits. This is a simplified plan obviously and there are people that NEED the government to take care of them but if you are of sound mind and body, your retirement is your responsibility!

Citizen_Steve: N. Glynn St.

Who’s bright idea is it to keep building new strip malls while others are nearly vacant? Do Fayetteville residents take no pride in their city – why do they allow its continued degradation?

PTCMomma: Parents Listen

PTC has been touched by another teen suicide. Thank God it doesn't happen often. It strikes me that when I am with my children, I really need to be listening more than talking.

mamasita: New theatre in Tyrone!!!

I am thrilled that we'll have a PROFESSIONAL theatre on the southside of Atlanta!! I admire Bethany Smith's foresight and look forward to seeing many excellent productions at the Legacy Theatre.

dopplerobserver: Paper delivery time and no Free Speech

Got my paper today (Wednesday) after dark. Sometimes it comes before daylight, twelve hours earlier. When I read it the Free Speeches were missing again! Went to the internet but no Wednesday stuff there yet a 9:00 PM.

Luella: Voter ID for "pandybj1946"

I don't know why you think Westmoreland is so great. There is not a nickels worth of difference between him and John Wieland.

CarpeDieminPTC: SAT scores vs. Basketball Team's Average Winning percentage

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There is a direct reverse correlation between the Scores our Students are getting in their SAT's and the win/loss ratio that our High School football and basketball teams are making.

CarpeDieminPTC: Illegal Students means Vouchers would work

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The Republicans have been pushing for School Vouchers for decades.

Fayette County has been inundated with students from other school systems who contribute nothing to our schools tax base.

Luella: "Micro-manage"/ Cherokee Kid

FYI: Cherokee Kid is two words!!!! You must not live in Tyrone, so unless you intend on moving here, don't pass judgement Grace Caldwell.

Betsy Tyler: Stormwater Basics (again) - Council vote is February 2

Stormwater 101: Lessons on what PTC is facing and why
Public Information Officer
City of Peachtree City

bowser: A stand-up prince

Inspiring story on B3 of the AJC today: "Prince Harry may serve in Iraq." Seems the prince has been training with a front line unit and hopes to lead an armored recon group. Says he: "There's no way I'm going to put myself through (training) and then sit back home while my boys are out fighting for their country."

keep it real: Petty story

dear jollyrogers would it interest you to know that 2 students were caught on white water campus with 6 inch blades and were only suspended for 10 day's? Or how about the 10 year old student at Fayette elem.

Luella: Micro-Manage

It's about time somebody got to "micro-managing" at Tyrone Town Hall. Barry Amos has had his way for toooooooooooo long and see what has happened to Tyrone. The only thing he does a good job of is suitin' up to play Peter Cottontail on Easter. Mudcat was right too...Gloria Furr will "strut her stuff" and represent the citizens of Tyrone not the developers and their buddy Barry. Grace Caldwell...I'm already loving your "special agenda items". Keep'um coming..they keep Mayor Bea and Mayberry Gang dumbfounded and looking to Barney to answer for them cause they don't have a clue. I also can tell you someone else who is gonna "micro-manage" and that is our good friend Dennis Chase. He is gonna be Barry's worst nightmare!!! So GG Girls...keep up the good work...and "Ain't That A Shame" let me know when the Doctor pulls out the rubber gloves because I sure don't want to be downwind when those exams occur. PS..Has anyone heard from the Griz Man lately???

CarpeDieminPTC: County Commissioner Position Who to vote for?

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I must encourage all Republicans to come together as soon as possible and get some traction on this March 21st Election before it is too late.

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