Republicans buy votes!

We need a new plank in the republican platform. After listening to the talking heads on the Sunday political shows, one thing is apparent to me. The current party is beholden to welfare as a vote buying program. You may say to yourself, that is an expressly Democrat tactic but I’m afraid the Republicans buy just as many votes with welfare, maybe more. This brand of welfare is called Social Security. Social Security is a loser and we should get out as fast as we can. What’s wrong with cutting ties with the program? The votes that the elderly bring, that’s what. There is a large population of young Republicans in this county that are being made to pay the bills but will receive no benefit, ever. I am offended that I am being used in this way. Sure, there is plenty of waste in government but this one really gets me angry. Here is a novel idea, be responsible for your OWN retirement. Cold and heartless? Maybe. We can’t pretend any longer. Here’s my plan: If you’re on it now, you will receive it till the day you die. If your five years from receiving, you’ll still get it. If your five years out, sorry, reduced benefits. Ten years out, start saving, no benefits. This is a simplified plan obviously and there are people that NEED the government to take care of them but if you are of sound mind and body, your retirement is your responsibility!

P.S. I hear rumors that one method that is being considered to “save” Social Security is to eliminate the maximum amount of income that you can be taxed on (for Social Security tax). I hope to hear from some of those idiots who think that the Social Security tax cap should be eliminated because “those rich people don’t need all that money anyway”.

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Submitted by PTC Guy on Mon, 02/06/2006 - 10:42am.

This is a big problem area.

Being in my 50s I have paid a ton of SS in over my working years. So I expect to get something back for it.

BUT, I doubt I will get much if any.

Pensions? Disappearing like mad. And those who thought having worked for it for decades meant it was guaranteed are learning it is not.

Savings? Well, some in my age group are fortunate enough to have been able to do so over time. But many have found the good paying jobs began disappearing in the 70s like crazy have bounced from one job to another over time, normally earning less at each step.

It is easy to say time to walk away from SS. But the realities are a far different thing.

You think those of use who have paid in for 30 or 40 years and struggled to keep the bills paid are going to say just walk away and have nothing? Dream on.

We were not asked if we wanted to pay in. So don't ask us to go it alone when we need to retire.

Yes. It is broken. Yes, it needs fixed. But no, do not go after those who paid in year after year with money that could have been used elsewhere then to get hurt again by not receiving anything from all those payments.

I understand the problems for the young. But we in the middle are tired of getting pinched from both ends of the age spectrum.

Submitted by fayetteobservers on Mon, 02/06/2006 - 1:47pm.

After a worldwide flu epidemic, a Depression and two World Wars, America needed a President to reassure them. FDR did just that, earning a ranking of the top five in all the historian polls. Programs like WPA were genius.

Soc Sec was a dream. FDR created an entitlement mentality. It was not supposed to be that way. What has it spawned ? A mentality. Look at the county where FDR had his Little White House (Meriwether, Georgia)--- you will find fifth generation welfare recipients.

American politicians do not have the stomach to solve the bigger problem let alone the secondary problem of Social Security. My parents do not need a social security check-- but they get one! I have told them that---"Well, we paid in !" It is a safety net, not an entitlement.

And the much, much bigger problem--- Medicare and Medicaid. That is a time bomb fixing to go off. Who do you think will pay the medical bills of all the current welfare recipients when they get old and sick ? Gonna be expensive !

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Submitted by PTC Guy on Mon, 02/06/2006 - 2:09pm.

Yep. SSI has become something it was never intended to be. But it did that decades ago, not recently.

And, it may suprise you, agree with tons of what you said.

But, with that said, it is what it is. It is a huge impact annually on income. Keeping that money away from other uses thus creating burdens on the wage earner.

And yep. Some really don't need it. But the majority does.

And I am in the majority. Not on welfare, not living badly, but never at the place where I could do the savings I so desparately wanted to do.

So, I am trapped by all to see that as my retirement pension.

Simple math for me. I paid in when it hurt to do so. Don't ask me not not collect when that when hurt to do so.

I can manage with what I have plus SSI to retire. Without it I cannot.

I have no intentions of throwing that money away I paid in. Nor what I paid into it for to receive.

But you are right. We have so many things totally screwed up. So many.

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