Concerned Citizen: DA lets Cool Rahim go!

Cool Rahim agreed to a plea deal today, PROBATION. This plea deal is for numerous charges including AGGRAVATED ASSAULT.

Concerned Citizen: Dunn collects government pension monthly!

It should be apparent to all who read the Dunn letter that it is being pushed by one individual and the rest are just signing on, it would appear that someone thinks the citizens of this county are still interested in what he has to say. Notice how the letter starts off “we” and quickly becomes “I”.

Concerned Citizen: Old Fayette County Resturants

Which old restaurants would you bring back if you could? Also, are there any memorable dishes at these places that the new restaurants could learn from?

Concerned Citizen: Fayette County Public Safety Issues

It it widely known that the public safety employees of Fayette County are respected by the citizens of this county (with the exception of Bladderq and Dollaraday). There is an issue that should be appearing on the radar of the County Commission in the coming months that will require the support of the community. The issue of a pension has been settled in Peachtree City and Fayetteville (they have a pension AND a 457) but Fayette County has not followed suit yet. A pension type of retirement is needed to not only retain the great employees we have now but will help attract well qualified people for the jobs we need to have filled.

Concerned Citizen: Barack Obama

Now that he has announced his interest in being a candidate for President, I must say that I am impressed with the plan to use his inexperience as a politician to his advantage. We are told that because he has not been around long enough to learn the ways of Washington, he is somehow a better candidate for President?

Concerned Citizen: TDK for the uninformed

Allow me to represent the uninformed masses on the TDK issue. Truth is, I don't know much about it but I want to have an informed position. I can think of two sides to this issue and I'm sure someone will help me with a third. First, I am of the opinion that we here in PTC do not OWN 74 or access to the interstate. If that were the case and counties widened roads based on how it would only help their tax base than we would be in quite a mess on 74 north of Fayette in Fulton County. Second, why do some on the Council want the extension? Is it to help out the Crosstown shopping center? I just can't understand why PTC needs the extension. I am admittedly uninformed and need guidance on this issue. Also, don't give me the “politicians are in the developers pockets” thing...I don't buy it (not without proof anyway).

Concerned Citizen: Computer Trespass

Your quote:
I was able to get in to OldSchoolFootball's account (comcast)and get RightOnTheMoney's account (gov. email addy and IP) after I was pinged by them or at least one of them.

Concerned Citizen: L.A. Wicker and his band of stellar spellers.

L.A. Wicker does not seem to have any posted stories about sex with children. Just a 16 year old girl having sex with her father on her prom night.

Concerned Citizen: .


Concerned Citizen: I wish I lived in DeKalb!

Cynthia McKinney has gone too far. This time she is not only incompetent but has struck a police officer and acted as though it’s HIS fault.

Concerned Citizen: Republicans buy votes!

We need a new plank in the republican platform. After listening to the talking heads on the Sunday political shows, one thing is apparent to me. The current party is beholden to welfare as a vote buying program. You may say to yourself, that is an expressly Democrat tactic but I’m afraid the Republicans buy just as many votes with welfare, maybe more. This brand of welfare is called Social Security. Social Security is a loser and we should get out as fast as we can. What’s wrong with cutting ties with the program? The votes that the elderly bring, that’s what. There is a large population of young Republicans in this county that are being made to pay the bills but will receive no benefit, ever. I am offended that I am being used in this way. Sure, there is plenty of waste in government but this one really gets me angry. Here is a novel idea, be responsible for your OWN retirement. Cold and heartless? Maybe. We can’t pretend any longer. Here’s my plan: If you’re on it now, you will receive it till the day you die. If your five years from receiving, you’ll still get it. If your five years out, sorry, reduced benefits. Ten years out, start saving, no benefits. This is a simplified plan obviously and there are people that NEED the government to take care of them but if you are of sound mind and body, your retirement is your responsibility!

Concerned Citizen: County Police?!?! Where's your brain?

Let’s see, hire a police chief to be accountable to the Commission who is accountable to the electorate. Sounds like a duplication of service in itself. Let's not create a middle man; the power of the Sheriff is derived DIRECTLY from the people, not the Commission. Anybody remember the stink caused by Commissioner VanLandingham using the ambulance to go to the hospital? These are the types of things that happen when you take the boss and give him five bosses. Instead of taking action and getting the job done, you get a bureaucrat, a yes man that just wants to keep his favor with the commissioners. An elected sheriff does things the way HE wants to do them (if you’re the type to be offended that I didn’t say he/she then I’m not surprised you want a county police force) not the way five people can agree on.

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