Dunn collects government pension monthly!

It should be apparent to all who read the Dunn letter that it is being pushed by one individual and the rest are just signing on, it would appear that someone thinks the citizens of this county are still interested in what he has to say. Notice how the letter starts off “we” and quickly becomes “I”.

I support a pension for public safety employees only. Can we really expect firemen to be climbing ladders and cutting holes in roofs at retirement age? No. We need to give these public safety employees what they deserve, a decent retirement. While surrounding counties and even municipalities inside Fayette County have pensions for their employees, Dunn continues his constant disrespect for Fayette County’s finest from the great beyond sort of speak.

Here’s a pressing question: If pensions are such a bad deal for the taxpayers, is Dunn willing to give up his pension from the government? I didn’t think so. Well, your welcome Greg Dunn, I think you deserve a pension after serving our country, why do you feel so above others in public service?

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