L.A. Wicker and his band of stellar spellers.

L.A. Wicker does not seem to have any posted stories about sex with children. Just a 16 year old girl having sex with her father on her prom night.

Some friends of L.A. Wicker say: It's a first amendment issue and Concerned Citizen is Hitler. Well, you can call me all the names you want but you're the one that gets his jollies writing about people having sex with their sons and daughters....yea, I'm the weird one.

Some other friends of L.A. Wicker say: Let he who is without sin cast the first stone. I say, I just cast it. Sue me. I do pass judgment on Mr. Wicker, to console himself maybe he can whip up a steamy story about an erotica writer who is exposed after attempting to get something for nothing and then is saved by near illiterate quintuple posting supporters that spell on a fifth grade level and have difficulty using ELEMENTARY punctuation.

Mr. Wicker, I remember your myspace page before the one that was removed. It contained a picture of you at your daughter's wedding and under the interests it said: Looking for young girls to have a good time. I agree that this is not illegal, just downright creepy. I have also heard that you are thinking about getting a lawyer...good idea, get five or six. Please spend alot of money on lawyers trying to sue us. You don't scare me. Your lifestyle disgusts me. You have a right to write what you want and live like you wish but I don't have to like it and I'll voice my opinion all day long. Hey, call more people from the erotica community to call me Hitler and downplay our BASIC moral beliefs, we can take all of the basement dwelling perverts you've got.

If you're so proud of yourself, put your myspace page back up. At least put your picture back up on the literotica website, it added a certain class to the site. After all, it's just what the knuckle draggers need to see before they curl up in a corner with a sweet and sultry incest story, you're their hero!

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Submitted by Listening on Sun, 10/15/2006 - 10:47am.

OK, but are you really a Witch?
Where did I put my duck and my scales?

Submitted by aprilw on Sun, 10/15/2006 - 3:52pm.

Now that is a whole other topic all together. I hope she doesn't come back and try to explain to us why she is wicken or what is so better about it...

FallingToFly's picture
Submitted by FallingToFly on Sun, 10/15/2006 - 9:35am.

1. The libelous accusations made weren't against me: why should I sue you again?

2. It's a shame you and your sycophants can't actually READ before you make assumptions.

Now, CC, what I said was that you would have wade through REAMS of internet dribble to find LAW's erotica. A Google search for Larry Wicker turned up @889,000 results. A specific search turned up nearly 500, and a search for "L.A. Wicker" turned up almost as many. I skimmed through three or four pages before any of the erotica sites turned up. That "quick" search took about thirty minutes. My question was- how did you know EXACTLY where to go and what to look for? Please, feel free to avoid that question- you've done so well so far at dodging the muck you rake. By the way- I'm not male, last I checked.

I write adult fiction, erotica, whatever you want to call it. I also write essays, reports, thesis papers, children's stories, young adult novels, newspaper articles, poetry, notes for my children's teachers, grocery lists and instructions for when I go on vacation and the plants and animals have to be tended. I enjoy writing, just as I enjoy music and dancing and conversation. It doesn't automatically make me a pervert, promiscuous, or a criminal.

Git Real: You're very right- I don't live in GA. Thankfully... I have to do enough business with stables and sale barns up there that I'm always glad that I was born further south. As I said before (I didn't make a secret of it) I live in Florida.

Also, you made a fatal assumption- I said I teach, not that I'm a school teacher. I teach English equitation for three-day event prep. (Go ahead... I'll wait while you look that up.) I'm going back to school for my teaching degree, after taking seven years off to get married and have my children. I own my own home, my cars are paid off, and my house may be in the midst of a remodel, but no one has ever called my home "disheveled." That's a cute mental image, though. Congratulations of getting your children to a useful adulthood. In about 15 years, we can compare notes on how to raise successful and brilliant children, hmm?

I walked out of my Southern Baptist upbringing at 16, thanks to people like you. Narrow-minded, arrogant, and utterly useless in the real world, bloated on their own sense of rightness and false power. As to my current religious beliefs- I'm a witch, plain and simple. Oddly enough, I do more good now than I was ever allowed to do in the "guidelines" of the SBC. For one thing- I don't turn my nose up at anyone.

Now, that power you so mightily weild... what exactly is it? Because really, I'd enjoy seeing it shaken at me. I'm not an old man in a wheelchair, and I seldom meet anyone with the ability to disturb my life beyond having to step around them on the sidewalk.

I've invited you all to broaden your horizons and join us on the Lit forums. You can find me, off and on most days, in the Author's Hangout. I'm willing to lay out money that none of you will dare to appear- while we "deviants" are always willing to come and share a rational conversation or two, the hysterical masses are seldom capable of returning the favor.

Submitted by OldSchoolFootball on Sun, 10/15/2006 - 10:42am.

Okay - I just want to make sure those who don't suffer through your diatribe read what you wrote after your dribble: "I walked out of my Southern Baptist upbringing at 16, thanks to people like you. Narrow-minded, arrogant, and utterly useless in the real world, bloated on their own sense of rightness and false power. As to my current religious beliefs- I'm a witch, plain and simple." That's all you really needed to say. Be a good little witch and cast a spell on Larry's floor and make it level would you? It's almost Halloween!!

Submitted by aprilw on Sun, 10/15/2006 - 3:40pm.

Amen Oldschoolfootball, Amen!

I think this person has a strong need to try and make other people like her/him because she/he keeps coming on here trying to explain herself/hisself over and over and over...

Submitted by Concerned Citizen on Fri, 10/13/2006 - 4:24pm.

Since you are utilizing that college education of yours, what have I said constitutes libel or slander? Thanks, I thought so.

It's funny how you said that it was only a quick search for you to find his work but I must be looking in his window. That must be that college education again. I am not looking in his window and I'm not a critical fan. I'll leave it to your superior investigative skills to think of another possible reason I would have known about L.A. Wicker.

When fallingtofly the porn writer said that he doesn't support the war I fell out of my chair and fell unconscious. Luckily, the medics were called in and revived me.

FallingToFly's picture
Submitted by FallingToFly on Fri, 10/13/2006 - 9:16am.

My original quote was:

"Historically speaking, this would make CC the equivalent of Hitler, Larry the Jews, and all of you barking Rottweilers the Gestapo." I was the ONLY one who said that, so you should probably leave the rest of them out of it.

What I find so absolutely strange is that you must have waded through reams of Internet dribble to find Wicker's work. I did a quick reconnaisance (it's just a side benefit of a college education, you learn to research before you write) and checked. at the very best, you had to wade through three or four Google pages, IF you knew exactly what to look for as far as name, just to find a page that was connected to Literotica or any of the other sites he may post on.

Not to be rude, but how did you kow EXACTLY what name to look for? And how did you home in on the smut? For that matter, how did you know he had a MySpace account? You're either watching through his windows or already knew the man and what he writes. That, in my opinion, is the saddest thing. Someone who's sitting on his porch shaking their head over all this brouhaha, and inwardly laughing that they started it. It's sad when evil not only lives, but has others to do its dirty work.

I don't know Larry- we move in very different circles on Literotica. However, as far as the claims put forth by you and your band of merry misinformed that he is posting stories about sex with children ON LITEROTICA, you are utterly incorrect. Literotica's rules are too strict for that. Whatever he writes elsewhere is beyond my knowledge, but the Lit stories I'll stand behind as being over-18. In fact, no one has been able to find a single story involving a child yet... teenagers of 16 and over, they say yes, those are there on some of the other sites. Guess what- that isn't even illegal in your own state. *shakes head*

My personal opinion in this is that you're either someone who reads his work and have a grudge because he doesn't write them the way you would, or you're a spiteful old biddy who will be over offering sympathy and basking in the turmoil you've started. I've dealt with both, and there's seldom worse than a fan turned stalker or a nosy vulture of a neighbor.

You have made false allegations in writing, which constitutes libel. I think you'll be lucky enough to escape having legal action taken against you, simply because you aren't worth the extended effort of a court date. You are shallow, misinformed, and have a talent for warping another person's words into mob hysteria that borders on political genius.

May I suggest running for public office on the Republican ticket? They appreciate your brand of mob mentality, and they're always looking for more easily-influenced people to sling their line of crap. With your obvious influence in Fayette County, you might even be able to convince them that we really should be at war in Iraq and Dubya really isn't a disgrace and embarrassment.

Submitted by aprilw on Sat, 10/14/2006 - 4:07am.

I hardly think this debate requires a Hitler/Jews comparison. I don't see how people who don't like what you write compare to Hitler. The people who write what you write certainly are not comparable to the 6 million Jews and others who were murdered during World War II.

You write what you write and other people write what they write.

Meaning "you" are writing your pornographic stuff and "they" (the bloggers) are writing their opinions of it and you are saying that they (the bloggers and concernedcitizen) are like Hitler/Gestapo for it and you and your fellow writers of porn are like the Jews.

If you think it is okay for you to write what you write, than certainly you must think it is okay for them to write what they write.

The writers of the porn stories and Larry and yourself do not qualify as the "Jews". To do that you must be beat/totured/starved/shot/gased/burned/experimented on/eradicated and/or banished from your country to whereever the "Hitler" thought you should be. The "Hitler" would not allow you to do anything. He would kill you simply because you were a "Jew".

It is amusing that the writers on here who are mad that their form of writing is being talked about in a negative way are calling for people's comments to be edited, or that the people who are talking negatively about their kind of writing are like Hitler. It is amusing because you purport to want to have the freedom to write what you want, but you don't think that they should.

Submitted by OldSchoolFootball on Fri, 10/13/2006 - 4:27pm.

I assure you that you do not teach my kids since one is a nurse and two are teachers and my son is a college graduate and pro athlete. In fact, if you do teach, I have the connections to rid our community of you and your ilk. You are not now, nor have you ever been, in my neighborhood so my kids (who were raised by my wife and I) have never been to your house. Although I have no doubt that you indeed bait children, my children are too old and too well supervised to have ever appeared at the disheveled abode you no doubt rent. Although you profess to be "in school to obtain a teaching certificate" you also claim to have a degree. You also say that you "may already be teaching my children". You are a liar and there is no doubt about that. I am one of those to see Larry's Myspace and some of the cut and paste quotes from it were posted here - by me. I don't need to prove it to you, others here saw it before it was removed and your opinion is like dog crap - the further away from it we get the cleaner the air. I suspect we will find you do not live in this community (for which I am most thankful). You appear to have way more time and knowledge about erotic online 'literature' (crap) to have either a job or the ability to take care of you children. I suspect you are yet another angry agnostic who would like to promote secular humanism in hopes of feeling less inferior to those of us who live good, honest, productive lives. When I generally refer to people like you as the 'uninformed' and 'confused' but in your case I cannot. Sadly enough you are aware of the works of Mr. Wicker and choose to attack those who are offended by his request for our charity while spending his time and efforts making the world a more devient place. You have three major flaws in your argument: 1) you use the first amendment to argue on behalf of Larry while disregarding our first amendment right to protest his writings. 2) You call on religeous principles in the bible but claim to pray to multiple 'gods above and below' which is in direct conflict to the work your call on as a basis for our condemnation 3) you disregard the death of six-million Jews by comparing them to someone offended by Larry's works. The fact that that is a moral equivelent in your mind makes you more than lightly 'unbalanced'. In addition, I too have a college degree, in fact I have four of them. You either lied about your education in your last blog or in a previous blog. By the way - you didn't 'do' a "reconnaisance" you did a reconnaissance (actually you performed a search or an investigation), which is still incorrect usage. your don't "home" in on something - you 'hone' in on it. Your sentence beginning "at the very best" should have been capitalized. You also have at least eleven more major mistakes in your writing that would not be reflective of a college graduate. Last but not least, you admit to 'moving in circles on Litrotica' and yet you attempt to take a supremist view when dealing with others. That will not work in this community (Fayetteville, GA. I have no idea where you live (oh, please tell us!) but in this community Literotica isn't something you brag about and having sex with your daughter is still taboo. Now, as we like to say down here, you have a wonderful day sweetie.

Git Real's picture
Submitted by Git Real on Thu, 10/12/2006 - 8:39pm.

Have probably been called much worse by much better. Wear your criticism from those degenerates as a badge of honor.

I have to ask. Smiling How is he going to hire a lawyer when he can't even fix his "sagging" floor? I guess $75K just doesn't buy much anymore.

Thanks so much for outing this guy. That was truly a public service deed if I ever saw one. I'm just sorry that Kathleen lost it and got banned.

sweetpea8870's picture
Submitted by sweetpea8870 on Thu, 10/12/2006 - 10:20pm.

I am shocked that his daughters would get on and defend him. You might be a redneck....nah, I better not...

bad_ptc's picture
Submitted by bad_ptc on Thu, 10/12/2006 - 9:03pm.

Where, when was that?

Git Real's picture
Submitted by Git Real on Thu, 10/12/2006 - 9:13pm.

One of her posts states: {{{{EDITED AND BANNED}}}

masked08's picture
Submitted by masked08 on Thu, 10/12/2006 - 8:21pm.

for the information on this creep.

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