William Hick Sr: The War On Tourism

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I have to admit to ya'll, I just ain't understand'n this War on Tourism. I mean what's the big deal? Let me make something clear right off the bat, when I go to Panama City Beach I don't like it being so crowdy, and I sure as H. E. Double Hockey Sticks don't like all those Condo-Miniums they threw up down there, but to declare war on those people just seems a little bit like takin' thangs too far if ya ask me. As I understand it, Georgia gets some Tourists coming here from time to time and I think I'm safe in say'n that if we go shoot'n at 'em they ain't goin' to want to come back. Look here, if the President of these United States wants to listen to their conversations that's his business, but for God's sake people lets not try and kill these poor folk. They just want to have a good time with the family. I ain't against that. Just because they ain't from around here don't mean they ain't human. I know my position ain't well liked, but the Good Lord would not have given me a big mouth if He didn't intend for me to use it for the greater good of all of mankind. (I consider my mouth to be a ministry tool of sorts) Let us take a good hard look at the facts of this thang, if these Tourists come here and decide to stay that's a good thang, it will go to introduce some new blood around here and that'll help cut down on all the inbreed'n that's been goin' on. So my friends, let us not perpetrate War upon these Tourists, let us remember, in the words of the Good Book this Christmas season, that the Three Wise Men were Tourists, they came from afar---you just can't argue with that now can ya?! I'm pray'n for ya, God knows ya need it.

William Hick Sr: Bareback Mountain Movie Review

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Bareback Mountain
Reviewed by Rev. William ‘Billy’ B. Hick Sr.
I seen that movie they call'n 'Bareback Mountain' the other nite with my wife. I was kindly excited about goin' to the Show to see a good ole Cowboy movie; I ain't seen one in quite awhile. We finally got to the Movie Theatre and I bought us some popcorn and two large Orange dranks, which by the way cost me more than the dang tickets to get in. We sat down and I settled in for some good old-fashioned entertainment, Western stlye. I got about half way through my large tub of popcorn with extra butter when I realised, Hey! These two Cowboys ain't just regular buddies, Naw! Not at all! They had feelings for each other and I ain't talk'n about Sidekick like feelings neither,they were havin' "Sex" feelings towards one another! People, I tell ya, I almost

leonardp: Non profit montessori school needs help

Fayette Community School (www.fayettecommunityschool.org) is desperately looking for space after being forced to vacate its previous space by the Zoning office.

redd2387: transportation

I really do not know how Fayette County can stay with the mentality that we aren't affected by ATL traffic. That's BULL, I travel into ATL five days a week and there is not one road out of this county that isn't congested from six am throught 9 am and then it repeated agin in the afternoon from 4-6 pm.

CarpeDieminPTC: AJC better than The Citizen- Say it aint so.

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Is Cal still crying about Brown's loss?

people_are_like...: yeah, out on the street

it looks like the majority of my last post was actually cut off. maybe it was too long.

as for my drug addict, she is cut off.

people_are_like...: fayette county, meth, crime, guns, your kids!

drugs are out of control! that phrase is so tired and to me, seemed to have lost its dramatic impact years ago. it is somebody else's problem right? we live in a conservative small town with good values right?

Sailon: Old Free Speech

This stuff doesn't compare favorably with old stuff! Also probably leaves out 90% of those who read it all in the paper just for fun.

ptcadair: Thank you!

Wanted to extend my thanks to each of you who have commented on Steve Brown's state of denial regarding his election loss.

CarpeDieminPTC: Whats he been smoking?

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Whatever Steve Brown is, you have to admit, its very special. I wish, in a way, that I had half the self esteem, however, delusional it is, to stand squarely in the face of one of the very worst losses in history, (save that of when the incumbent is on the ballot, although serving time for child molestation).

Reality Bytes: Requiem for an Idiot

Steve Brown debate "Wha' happened?"

Please forgive the double posting of this and my tone, but I read this and just about broke a tooth.

PTC Guy: What Should Logsdon do on...

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Golf Cart Paths

The Stormwater Utility Plan


Attracting more businesses and jobs (remember, Delta is in trouble, Hapeville Ford Plant probably will close, base closings and such)

pf4818: Steve "30 %" Brown

Thank you PTC. I live in Coweta, but I hate Steve Brown for you. I can't recall a more vile local politician in 25 years of following politics.

BZMommy: FREE AT LAST---From Steve Brown

I am so glad to be free of Steve Brown...as are 70% of the citizens of PTC. I moved to PTC when I was in 8th grade and until four years ago I was always proud to say I was from PTC.

Bill Touchstone: Brown Rapson Weed Trouced

I came away several years ago from the infamous city council meeting that lasted into the night regarding the tennis center with a renewed focus.

bowser: False "war"

The supposed "war on Christmas" is just another straw dog created by Fox News -- right alongside the "mainstream media" and numerous others. If you didn't hear about this "war" on Fox you'd be going about your life and celebrating as always instead of getting all worked up about nothing. The anecdotal reports of an "assault" are usually wrong or distorted.(See Kevin Haglund's enlightening article in today's Citizen about the 'Grand Tree' controversy.)What has really damaged Christmas is the mean streak that this trumped up "war" has engendered among people who are all too eager to see themselves as part of some sort of persecuted sect. Five years ago no one knew, let alone cared, what some store called it's Christmas tree. Now we've managed to make the phrase "Happy Holidays" an insult. That takes some doing.

Reality Bytes: Education for those who wish to be Mayor

Important quality of being a mayor...

A mayor is one who has an "ability to carry through tough decisions without losing the support of the people of [the] city."

n6ubo: Now do you believe?

Ok Mr. Brown. NOW do you believe that people are tired of the way things have been going?

Dart: Proud of PTC

As a Florida Cracker about to move to your fine city, I congratulate you on performing your civic duty with zest. Now, fix the tree naming committee as our family will be there just before Christmas (not "Grandmas"). I do not want 'lil lamb' to grow up in a city that does not know the difference between a Christmas tree and a Grand Tree.

dkinser: Opportunity

First off, I want to congratulate Mr. Logsdon on an overwhelming victory. Mr. Brown, you gave us 4 years, but despite your improvements to the city, your antagonistic methods were a major factor in your downfall.

Reality Bytes: BROWNOUT - The Final Analysis

Well, ladies and gentlemen. The people have spoken. They want Steve Brown gone.

Gone, but not forgotten.

Let's review the good things that have happened in the past four years. I'll open it up to you, my fellow bloggers. Please share your memories of the Brown Administration and the many blessings he has shared with the community. Let's honor the valiant efforts of a pioneer of progress in our wonderful town.

nuk: I Love It! A Landslide

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Despite what you have read from some over and over, this election WAS over last month and the voters soundly rejected Steve Brown. Instead of 4 More Years it was No More Years.

dkinser: Prediction

I figure that if there is a low turnout, say less than 3500 voters, Brown wins. He will pull from his base of senior citizens who are more prone to vote.

birdman: Just For the Record on Brown

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I know this is now moot, but just for the record to all you "gee Logsden doesn't answer my questions" group, I asked Steve Brown three times the same question on this forum. The third time was because he said he "couldn't find it." So I directed him to it. Maybe some of you remember. I asked about annexation. So far he has totally failed any acknowledgement. Does that show how willing HE is to answer questions? As I said this is now moot. Hopefully Brown will be a mere "pimple" on PTC's history.

nuk: Showtime!

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Now it's time for the only thing that matters: the VOTES. All the talk/debate/BS ends and the voters make themselves heard.

PTC Guy: Time to Vote

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Enough talk. Time to vote.

If Brown wins I will not be on gloating.

If Logsdon wins I will not be on moaning.

I will look in and respond to something of interest but I will not be posting much in all probability.

Reality Bytes: Cal Beverly: Peachtree City's Windsock

I thought this was so interesting, I had to blatently steal it from MARLIN's earlier post.

Take a look at Cal Beverly's editorial of June 9, 2004, entitled "Mayor wants in PTC what he decries in Coweta".

Reality Bytes: Channel 2 - Dazed and Confused

Drove by City Hall and saw Channel 2 had their TV van out there. Wondered what the hubub was about. Missed the story on the news, but here's what the online version of it was. An interesting side note is WHEN Channel 2 believes the tree lighting takes place. I could've SWORN I saw all those golf carts there Saturday. Perhaps some misdirection was given?

questionable101: Logsdon Waving on 74

Hope all of you who honked and waved at us out on Highway 74 go and vote for Logsdon tomorrow December 6, if you do, we

questionable101: VOTE DEC 6 FOR LOGSDON

Hope all of you exercise your right to make a difference and vote tomorrow. If you complain and don't vote, then you shouldn't be blogging at all.

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