Mayor Brown Please don't forget District Voting

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I've not forgotten, nor will many Fayette County residents, that you took the position of EVERY elected DEMOCRAT in Fayette County and pushed to have the law changed to give us District Wide Voting.

The only reason to change this system that has served our citizens for Decades, was to help elect Democrats from the northern and eastern part of our county. This would have allowed them to have pooled their vote and thereby diluted the Republican vote.

We know where your heart really is. Its finding a way to get power so that YOU can do what YOU want to do, in any manner that YOU decide to do it in.

You've made your bed, you been sleeping with the mal-contents, (many that have moved away but still poke their noses into our local business); with the Democrats; and with every organization that you thought could sustain your grab for power.

You weren't all bad, but the good that you did was far outweighed by the bad. You won't be forgotten. You will be back again, and we aren't going to forget how you wanted to help the Fayette County Democrats rather than the rest of us.

In fact, the total vote percentage that you got coincidentally equals the percentage of Democrats in PTC. You'll always get their vote, but you won't be getting those Republicans that have finally figured you out to be a RINO.
(Republican in Name Only!)

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