Steve Brown

Steve Brown approached John Wieland Homes and Neighborhoods about the proposed annexation issue.

As a part of his support, he has demanded in every public forum that a senior housing component be a part of the annexation to win his voting support.

When I last interviewed Mayor Brown, I specifically asked him if the fact that the senior component had been removed would cost his support. His answer was NO and that he understood it had to be removed as a result in the lowering of the density. Now I was not the only person there when that question was asked, so now Mayor Brown is attempting to MANDATE that a senior component be involved or he will not support the development. Not only a portion, but nearly a full 1/3 of the development.

Wieland has not said absolutely no, but there is not enough money in the 360 homes to make 1/3 of them senior living quarters and pay for the extension of MacDuff Parkway. To do so would require a higher density level and that is why this annexation hasn't happened yet.

So, my question to Mayor Brown is this; at which time were you telling the truth? To me and the rest of the Advisory Committee of the Centennial HOA or now, to the press?

If you can sit there and look me straight in the eye and either attempt to mislead me or outright lie, then why should I vote for you? If things have changed since our meeting, what has changed?

Your opposition may not have given me answers to pointed questions, but then again, he has not lied to me either.

So, which is it Mayor Brown? Annexation with a senior component, or Annexation without?

I anxiously await your answer to this. And please, I want a straight forward answer. Adding this requirement will only delay talks with Wieland and that is something that I will not support.

Dana Kinser

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Submitted by Reality Bytes on Thu, 11/24/2005 - 9:01am.

Still waiting for an answer to Mr. Kinser's question. Were you lying then or lying now?

Vote for Harold Logsdon December 6 Remember, if Steve Brown isn't elected, all soccer activities will be cancelled. HA!

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Submitted by DanTennant on Thu, 11/24/2005 - 9:06am.

Let's see, if he responds with another lie about a lie, or if he responds with another lie about the other lie, then he's not lying.

That's how Brown's brain works. God help us.

Dan Tennant

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