dkinser: A vote that may change the face of Peachtree City

Tomorow many of us will step into our assigned voting precinct and we will help to decide the future of Peachtree City. Two seats are to be filled and I'd first like to thank those that have served and dedicated their time to this great city.

dkinser: West Village annexation

Shortly after John Wieland Homes and Neighborhoods revealed their original plans for what is being called the Connector Village, members of the Tyrone City Council expressed an interest in the plan. It is my understanding that some of them may have even approached members of Wieland’s staff advising them that if they were turned down by the Peachtree City Council, that Tyrone would consider annexing that land and allow them to build their original plan of 750 homes and a white collar commercial district, complete with recreation fields, a senior component, boardwalk along the creek, and a church site.

dkinser: $3 Cafe

For many months (actually more than a year) I anticipated the opening of the $3 Cafe and I was absolutely astonished to read some of the accounts regarding food and service there.

dkinser: Teenager shot in Centennial Subdivision

Sometime during the early morning hours, a 17 year old was shot in the Centennial Subdivision. According to WSB TV news, he was air lifted to the Atlanta Medical Center.

dkinser: Time

Oh Webmaster of the Citizen blog. Any chance you can fix the time on your server?

Your computer forgot that daylight savings time has already come and is showing post times that are off by an hour.

dkinser: Tinseltown Food Inspection

I happened to be looking at the restaraunt inspections and was shocked to see that Tinseltown Theater score a 50, yes a 50.

dkinser: 2006 Concerts

So far this is what I have found as upcoming acts for the 2006 Concert Series. These were pulled from the artist's websites or VH1 and CMT's websites.

dkinser: Opportunity

First off, I want to congratulate Mr. Logsdon on an overwhelming victory. Mr. Brown, you gave us 4 years, but despite your improvements to the city, your antagonistic methods were a major factor in your downfall.

dkinser: Prediction

I figure that if there is a low turnout, say less than 3500 voters, Brown wins. He will pull from his base of senior citizens who are more prone to vote.

dkinser: Who to vote for?

Who to vote for? That is the question that I must answer by Tuesday December 6th. So, when I look at the two candidates, this is what I have concluded.

dkinser: Who's really fit to lead this city?

First off I want to say that I am extremely disappointed in both candidates at this time.

Both can take time to stage debates and rebut with last minute fliers over cleaning gutters, but they cannot take the time to respond to us; the citizens of the City that they wish to lead.

dkinser: Steve Brown

Steve Brown approached John Wieland Homes and Neighborhoods about the proposed annexation issue.

As a part of his support, he has demanded in every public forum that a senior housing component be a part of the annexation to win his voting support.

dkinser: Harold Logsdon

How many of the 36 years of Harold Logsdon's career years were spent as an auditor?

When I interviewed him, he indicated that he started his career with Bellsouth as a lineman. Now, I've never worked for Bellsouth, but I would think it would take some time to go from the line to an auditor.

dkinser: Mayoral Election

While everyone is busy taking what amounts to the typical cheap shot of both candidates, one major fact keeps being overlooked.

dkinser: Election Eve 2005

Here it is, 11:15pm on the eve of the election and it appears that there are now 3 reading and posting blogs.

First off I want to thank everyone that tried to keep the discussion on the up and up. We may not agree on issues, but by God that is what makes this country what it is. Freedom of choice.

dkinser: A Dog, a Cat, and a Hamster

By now, anyone that has been following the revamped website of TheCitizen, knows that the you HATE Mayor Brown and Councilman Rapson. Move On, we don't need to hear this constantly. While I may or may not agree with you, I accept your stance; so can we move on to other issues?

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