Harold Logsdon

How many of the 36 years of Harold Logsdon's career years were spent as an auditor?

When I interviewed him, he indicated that he started his career with Bellsouth as a lineman. Now, I've never worked for Bellsouth, but I would think it would take some time to go from the line to an auditor.

So, just how many of his 36 years were spent as an auditor? And, why hasn't Harold answered the questions that I keep asking over and over. And before you anyone goes there, yes; I have asked this question in person and NEVER received an answer:

How can you cut taxes while increasing spending for public safety without impacting the quality of our lifestyles? And, why, after 10 months of campaigning; haven't you used the current years budget to show where you could have used your (unknown number of) years as an auditor to cut the fat?

When I interviewed him and asked the question about whether he felt it made sense to have an Assistant City Manager making in excess of $100,000.00 / year, as I recall, he wasn't aware of that. Has he ever made an attempt to look at the budget or is this indeed more lip service?

Here is my concern, Logsdon is doing the typical political rhetoric of promises that appear empty. If they are not, then give me something to sink my teeth into. I will then help champion your cause. Failure to give me anything makes me question your ability.

The burden is on him to answer and not his supporters. So Harold, let's hear an answer from you to the 2 questions above.

Dana Kinser

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Submitted by Reality Bytes on Sun, 11/20/2005 - 8:10pm.

I respect you, but you also stated you asked the questions to him directly, so, in my opinion, you have a reason to ask these questions again. I doubt he reads this blog, but maybe he will. I'm guessing he's not a real techie (uh-oh, another fault of his????).

And, as we all should remember and you have repeatedly stated, this is only one of five people who actually control the budget each year. If three or more people want taxes raised on council, taxes get raised. So...while an important philosophy to evaluate when you go to vote, not the only philosophy to evaluate.

And, conversely, Mr. Mayor, what are you doing to improve these same issues? (I know, couldn't resist).

Dana - I still think that unsubstantiated assertions by other supporters require answers. I haven't heard or seen him say that he would cut fat or cut taxes while increasing spending for public safety. Again, I'm looking at his website and to the forums that were covered in the media for those statements...it may be "assumed" that's what he's doing, but I haven't heard him out and out say it.

If you have, Dana, please set me straight. I'll be happy if you do. By the way, you da man - considering a second career in investigative journalism? I'm guessing just a citizen who really cares and does what he is supposed to do as a citizen - learn and think for himself.

Submitted by dkinser on Sun, 11/20/2005 - 8:23pm.

First off I want to commend you for your posts. I feel that you are amongst the few that have tried to keep this above board and not gotten down into the ditches.

Yes, Harold will only be 1 of 5 making votes on issues such as budgets, but that has been his entire resume. 36 years as a Certified Internal Auditor, which happens to spell CIA (scary).

My assertions are not unsubstantiated. At least one of the Advisory Committee for the Centennial HOA is an ardant Logsdon supporter. He knows that these questions were asked as they were asked of every Mayoral Candidate that we interviewed.

And while Mr. Logsdon may not read these blogs himself, I know that he has supporters that do and that they have his cell phone and home phone number where he can formulate his response.

As for the unsubstantiated questions by other, yes I agree with you; in a forum where few, including yourself; use their real names, it is easy to sling accusations. Unfounded or not, they are slinging them, which is why I have always tried to stick to the facts as best as I can ascertain them.

After this is over, I would love to sit down with some of these people and discuss our wonderful city over a Pizza and a beer or sweet tea. I just don't know who to sit down with!

Dana Kinser

Submitted by Reality Bytes on Sun, 11/20/2005 - 8:26pm.

Where should we have that pizza - Partners, W K Cafe, Buck's or Mellow Mushroom?

I know what you say is substantiated. You are one of the good ones here.

Submitted by dkinser on Sun, 11/20/2005 - 8:39pm.

I'm partial to Partners myself, but since we live in a democratic society and that is what we are championing, let's put it to a vote.

So you frequent bloggers, are you interested in meeting after the election? If so, where? We can establish when later.

Dana Kinser

PTC Guy's picture
Submitted by PTC Guy on Sun, 11/20/2005 - 9:51pm.

Well, I showed idontknow on another topic that Logsdon on his own site spoke of lowering the tax burden on citizens.

I respectfully report idontknow accepted the quote and conceded it as accurate.

Shock you, idontknow? No, I meant the compliment. Really.

Tell me if I am wrong, conceding it would be just your person opinion. But it seems to me Logsdon has made promises for what he would do for PTC without a real clue if he could pull them off.

That creates an even more serious concern and questioning of his motives. Not to mention his secrecy.

I know you cannot say anything but your opinion here. But I am interested in hearing that.


Submitted by dkinser on Sun, 11/20/2005 - 10:02pm.

I have posted 2 blogs tonight. One for each candidate. I would love to hear from them their perspective on the questions.

You and I can ponder and assume all we want. What I want is for the candidates to give us what we deserve. An answer.

As for Logsdon's promises, I am inclined to agree with your assessment. I've heard what he plans on doing, just not how. I remember 2 years ago when John Kerry kept claiming "I have a plan". I'm an adult and have never missed an election yet. Share it with me. Let me know the plan too.

Brown isn't saying anything either. He has a history, both good and bad; over the last 4 years. What is his master plan for the next 4 years? I certainly hope it isn't district voting. If it is, I will be out there with any other candidate on the side of Hwy 74 campaigning against him. I want our votes to be equal in any election and district voting doesn't provide that.

I have followed idontknow and your sparring for some time. In my opinion, your debate isn't going anywhere. Both should agree to disagree and agree on one item. Let's have pizza and a beverage of choice. Mine's a beer.

Dana Kinser

PTC Guy's picture
Submitted by PTC Guy on Sun, 11/20/2005 - 10:26pm.

Yea. Too much like Kerry.

But don't worry, Kerry will be back. (cringe)

I think there was value in what was said between idontknow and myself. But there is a point where it becomes repetition and we are there.

And I am so sick of race politics. I just want to be people.

Funny on the pizza. I live within walking distance of Partners but prefer WK.


Submitted by Reality Bytes on Sun, 11/20/2005 - 10:06pm.

OK. I'm game. Truce, PTC Guy? Opinions are what they are - our own. May the better candidate win, based on how each voter believes.

PTC Guy's picture
Submitted by PTC Guy on Sun, 11/20/2005 - 10:18pm.


We have both said what we have to say and asked our questions.

Unless something new comes up we are just respinning our points.

Submitted by dkinser on Sun, 11/20/2005 - 10:23pm.

Now, that would make 3 of us. How about that pizza and beverage?

Dana Kinser

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