2006 Concerts

So far this is what I have found as upcoming acts for the 2006 Concert Series. These were pulled from the artist's websites or VH1 and CMT's websites.

Eddie Money 4/28/06

Tempations 6/2/06 & 6/3/06 Why 2 years in a row?

Rick Springfield 7/28/06 & 7/29/06 Can hear the women yelling now.

Little River Band 8/11/06 & 8/12/06

Big Bad Voodoo Daddy 9/8/06 & 9/9/06

As I find out more, I'll update.

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borntorun's picture
Submitted by borntorun on Thu, 12/29/2005 - 6:09pm.

According to Pollstar, Foreigner (June) and Georgia Satellites (August) are also booked at the Fred.

Eddie Money?(again?) Temptations?(again - heck, all of them except for one is dead!) Little River Band? (who cares?)

Looking over this schedule, you have to wonder, why do they bother with asking concert attendees who would they like to see next year?

They claim they take this into consideration when booking acts but sorry I don't even remember seeing Georgia Satellites on the list!!
Youi are going to tell me with a straight face that an act that had one big hit almost 20 years ago was one of the top vote getters??

I'm all for updating the acts (even country would be okay) but surely there are better choices out there. The Mable House in Mableton has better acts.

I'm not sure if these acts were booked prior to Lauren Yawn coming on board or not. If they were signed prior to her coming on board, then we know the "who would you like to see next year" is a farce.

Submitted by Reality Bytes on Thu, 12/29/2005 - 9:06pm.

I'm sorry, perhaps you are confused. The FOUR TOPS played at the Fred last year, not the Temptations. Also, just to let you know, Eddie Money sold out the venue.

I rememeber seeing Foreigner on the list, and I'm really happy about that. As for the Georgia Satellites, well, you can't please them all.

So I guess you want James Taylor and Elton John? I'm thinking there's no pleasing some people.

Some things to consider - there is a BUDGET set to spend on concerts. Musicians have AGENTS that try to get their acts as much money as possible. In order to bring in a "big name", you might pay $100 for a SINGLE CONCERT! Do you want to do that? The other issue is AVAILABILITY - there might be some fantastic acts that are completely booked up on the weekends that the Amphitheater has projected for concerts.

If you look at the acts that Mable House had last year....

Nitty Gritty Dirt Band
Boyz II Men
Edwin McCain
Duke Ellington Orchestra
Blind Boys of Alabama
Patty Loveless
Three Dog Night
Andy Griggs & Billy Currington
Atlanta Symphony Orchestra
Cab Calloway Orchestra
Marshall Tucker Band
David Sanborn
Nashville Star Tour
Jesse McCartney

I'm not going to rush out to Ticketmaster for any of those, and you'll notice a few bands the Fred has had before too.

I hate to tell you, but take a look at the venues the "big name" acts play at. See how much tickets are, see how many seats the venue holds, see what area of the country they're in, see where else they're touring and if any of them are close to the southeast.

Give the Fred a break, honestly. I for one will be happy to renew my season tickets this year - I'm hoping it will be as good as the year we got Pat Benetar, Doobie Brothers, Hall and Oates and WAYNE NEWTON. I hope they'll do well.

Submitted by McDonoughDawg on Fri, 12/30/2005 - 8:32am.

Hard to please everyone for sure. I'll be buying season tix, as it's the best entertainment buy around. Plus, where else can I ride my Golf Cart to see Concerts?

The potential lineups mentioned above sound pretty good to me.

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