District Voting is about Power and Race

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District voting is about the power of the Democratic party to gain some minimum amount of control over Fayette County. True about 13% of Fayette is black but the fact is that about 90% of those blacks will be likely to vote Democrats into office consistently.

The Republicans have run many black candidates over the last many years, and many have done very well-in the County as a whole, but have failed miserably in the northern section of the County. Why? because that section is primarily black ergo Democrats.

Mayor Brown is the Mayor of Peachtree City, which supposedly means he is supposed to be focused on our issues. Why would he put himself into an issue like District Wide voting?

Because he is a Democrat and he hopes to one day run for some higher office with the support of a broad section of our County? Or he is one of those wonderful "feel good" liberals that think we are all so stupid and racist to see the error of our ways.

Mayor Brown will be back. Marching for District Voting, getting into the fight for some racial harmony and diversity in our county. Stirring the fires of racism where none existed.

As I said, its about the Power, and Brown will stop at nothing to keep it.

Sometimes a leader, such as a Mayor, has to stand on principle when taking an unpopular but just position. But the underlying principles must be based upon logical and learned principles of justice, not upon some manical self absorbed power hungry martyr.

Good Bye Mayor Brown. . . You've lived by the sword, governed by the sword, and now the citizens of PTC are going to run you thru with the power of the vote.

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Submitted by Doc Joe on Mon, 11/21/2005 - 12:59am.

What's wrong with being a Democrat CarpetDeim? I'm sure that you ain't nothing but a big sissy.

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Submitted by CarpeDieminPTC on Mon, 11/21/2005 - 3:26pm.

Let me begin by the usual caveats.
1. A blog is not somewhere in which academic and polemic discussions can take place everyday. Sometimes generalizations are made.
2. Generalizations are just that, generalizations. But to have an honest discourse, especially in this context, one must recognize a few basic truths.

Now let me say, there is absolutely nothing wrong with people coming to a different conclusion than I when it comes to any matter. Whether it is politics, religion, or whether Michael Vick is overrated.

So, don't be surprised to learn that Yes, I do have a problem with Democrats, who I believe to be either highly uninformed, set in their ways from birth, gay, socialists, artists, union members-especially teachers, wanting gays to get married, and murderers not to pay for their crimes, professors at elite universities, women and men who love abortion, blacks, or bed wetting liberal elites who think the rest of us are ignorant christians.

I have similar feelings for moderate republicans.

I respect Democrats who honestly admit to their liberalism. They want free health care, they dispise every war, because they are anti-american in general, they love affirmative action when it effects others, but refuse to practice it themselves, they hate the rich, but strive to become wealthy themselves. They love the poor. . . especially when they live in public housing-miles from where they live.

Its just those darn politicians like Brown, that hide their true colors.

How can we have an honest debate about those important issues when the left refuses to acknowledge even the most basic of truths. Brown is a Democrat, as I suspect you are as well.

You can tell more about a man by the company that he keeps than any other single thing. And I don't particularly like those friends of Mr. Brown. I certainly wouldn't like to have some of these people sit at my table. Their bombastic assinine comments constantly being forced on me whether or not I'm interested, has gotten on my last nerve.

Notice how Mayor Brown has yet to acknowledge or deny his partisan strips. Sure he was a delegate that helped get Ralph Reed Elected as Chairman of the Party. Sure he likes to ride in a convertible with the Republican Governor, but this is all show. He's got his eyes set on a future "democratic" seat. Maybe created by District Voting.

Seize the Day in Peachtree City

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Submitted by WatchDog on Mon, 11/21/2005 - 3:52pm.

Carp, I have a pretty good idea as to who you really are, but I don't care if you're Snow White, your points are very well stated and the way you nail Brown for the RINO he really is was outstanding.

A lot of this stuff we read here is semi-amusing, much of it is total crap, a lot of it is fascinating but yours was simply right on target.

Well done.

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