Mayor Brown, Please Answer These Questions

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Mayor Brown,

I asked you five questions earlier and am looking forward to your timely response. I now have another question. Since you pride yourself on "never running from questions," I look forward to your answers to this:

In your blog you stated: "The students did a great job and we had about 200 people in attendance, probably 40 students too." Yet the AJC stated "About 60 people were in attendance." That is a difference of from 140 to 180 depending if the "students" were part of your "200" count. Eitherway, a significant difference. Could you please explain this?

In the spirit of "open government," I look forward to your timely answer.

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Submitted by Investq on Fri, 11/18/2005 - 8:07am.

Harold has time to rake his leaves and clean the gutters but he won't even come off the roof to talk to the high school students about a debate. Yet he has time to stroke a check to pay for automated telephone calls saying "Don't go to the debate, please, please, please." Lenox may have been some things but at least he wasn't chicken.

Submitted by Reality Bytes on Fri, 11/18/2005 - 12:42pm.

Oh dear me....

"Lenox may have been some things but at least he wasn't chicken."

Are you on drugs? What kind of debate tactic is that....

"come on, I dare you to hit me".

6th graders do better.

60 people * Brown = nearly 200 people

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Submitted by birdman on Fri, 11/18/2005 - 8:49am.

I asked STEVE BROWN a simple question. What are you doing answering like you did? This whole debate issue is absurd. If Brown really wanted a debate why didn't he go to Harold and try and schedule one? You don't just book a room, schedule a debate, then 3 days prior have someone show up to a house and announce that it is "on" and can't be changed. If you really want a debate then contact the opponent and try to work out the details. But it is a moot point. Logsden is right, the issues have been debated. The election was Nov. 8. The issues were researched. The voters already know where the candidates stand. Brown is desperate. It's pathetic. It's SAD! He had little dignity to start. He has NO dignity left. He needs to stop being so desperate and let the runoff occur. Is anyone really going to change their mind now? I doubt it. Brown has lied yet again in inflating the numbers. Don't try to cover for him. I asked BROWN for an answer. He prides himself on quick responses. Let's see if he quickly responds to my questions. After all, I am a "beloved citizen."

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Submitted by WatchDog on Fri, 11/18/2005 - 8:15am.

Investq, you are simply a liar. Harold's message DID NOT say anything about "please please please don't go to the debate". You must have gone to the Steve Brown School of Reporting.

Have an opinion and share it with the group (God knows I don't need to have to ask you to do that) but don't be such a bold faced liar.


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Submitted by X factor on Fri, 11/18/2005 - 1:35pm.

This is where we part ways...The arrogance it took for Logsdon to say he wasn't coming to a debate put on by, and I quote, "some high scholars", makes me cringe. Whether or not he has "all the information out there" makes no him not going to that debate,it makes me drawl three possible conclusions....1) He is to arrogant to go......2)Doesn't care about the youth....and 3) He is afraid to publicly speak for what he stands for because he may slip up and say something other then what his $15,000 campaign manager tells him.....either one of those are terrible and turned myself, a Logsdon supporter the other way....

Submitted by questionable101 on Fri, 11/18/2005 - 4:41pm.

Who is the $15000 campaign manager you are talking about? What proof do you have to support this or are you just blowing smoke as usual? Last I heard, the Logsdon campaign staff is 100% volunteers, that means that they don't get paid, they do it for the future mayor, Harold Logsdon.

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Submitted by PTC Guy on Fri, 11/18/2005 - 1:54pm.

You forgot one possible conclusion

4) All of the above.

I will simply restate my mantra some do not like and have not been unanswered.
1. All the facts are not out there. Position papers do not constitute how to do it statements. Both candidates will study the issues as they are. That is such a hollow position to take.
2. He is acting like the King in the Castle. He is acting like he either does not need to tell us or we are too stupid to understand.
3. We don't have a clue who this man is as a human being. I don't want a CEO type who holds himself above the common citizen or does not know how to relate or listen to them.
4. Brown is anything but the perfect candidate. But he does fight and has been shown right on issues others turn a blind eye to and just wish to go away.

Seems his whole plan is to simply say I am a retired National Guard officer and auditor for Bell South. Thus I am qualified to be mayor.

Really, takes more than knowing how to give orders and look at numbers to be mayor. Citizens are not soldiers or hirelings under a mayor's command.

And brushing off the children of the citizens of PTC with the comments made shows a side of the man that pushes me even further away from him. If he will brush them aside he will have no problem brushing adults aside.

And yea, as I and others pointed out, if he doesn't see self benefit, as in donations, in emails to him, they remain unanswered until brought to the light of day. Then bang! Answered.

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Submitted by birdman on Fri, 11/18/2005 - 3:00pm.

Brown actually hasn't been quite "right" on all these issues. He certainly has found administrative errors. There really is no excuse for those. But they could have easily been corrected had an honorable and reasonable person been mayor. Instead Brown would rather sue, accuse, discredit, and outright lie. He would rather drag the city through four years of mud and disgust than simply correct the errors. Talk about arrogance. He has spent his entire tenure trying to prove that Bob Lenox and a few others intentionally and criminally defrauded the city. But, no substance. Lots of claims, allegations, innuendo, no substance. Your assessment of both Brown and Logsden are incorrect except that we know Brown better. You Bet we do. And what we know we don't like. He had his chance and he failed. Time for someone else. But, if you really like a lying, arrogant, self absorbed meglomaniac, by all means, give him your vote.

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Submitted by PTC Guy on Fri, 11/18/2005 - 3:31pm.

I am aware of Brown. Yep.

But my points on Logsdon still stand until HE shows me something.

The answers to the issues on Logsdon are not to be found from any point of view on Brown, pro or con. So forget the Brown stuff when my issue is who Logsdon is in fact.

He has in part answered. Calling the idea of actually debating, not posting position papers, acts of desperation and a sham is arrogance.

Brushing off the PTC youth with derogatory comments is more arrogance.

Saying all the information is out there is either a lie or in fact truth, meaning stating goals is the sum total of what he has to offer, which isn't offering anything.

Goals are not substance in the main. One can have a goal of going to Mars but that does nothing to answer how they plan to get there.

Not interested in learning more about Brown. I know plenty, good and bad. I want to learn about Logsdon.

What is trickling out about him is not good.

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