It's bows and antlers time!

Don't you know that there is nothing better than hunting season. I have already had some tremendous success. Let me know how you're doing with the bow. It sure beats all of the political BS on this site.

Last Monday morning I decided to try a different technique. I headed to the area Kurt and I had the many buck sightings the Wednesday prior. As light raced in, so did my heart in anticipation of the first antler sighting. Although we saw six different bucks Wednesday morning, this morning I didn’t see a deer. Monday evening found me back at my haunt. This evening again produced many deer sightings, both buck and doe but none of the buck were going to fall to this archer’s arrow. I was content on watching them seek out female companionship. Darkness over took the daylight and I headed home. I decided to return to this stand in the morning.

Tuesday found me back in a familiar stand before first light. Again, the bucks were wondering but none where legal for GA’s antler restrictions although regardless, these young buck where granted free passes from me. Around mid morning a fine 6 point came into the CRP field. He was on mission to somewhere when I changed his mind with a short grunt. Although I was only intending on filming him and testing his aggressiveness, he was a legal buck. He hadn’t responded to the grunt call so I grunted at him again. He was only 75 yards out and the second grunt stopped him cold so I quickly followed up with a doe bleat. This must have sent his testosterone soaring as he quickly found the nearest bush and proceeded to thrash the branches with his antlers to, in his mind, intimidate the other buck, or at least perhaps to impress his lady companion. Little did he know, there was no other deer, just a impressed bow hunter perched high above him in an oak tree. I was able to get some tremendous video footage of him in action. Content that he taught the bush a lesson, he headed back on his path to his unknown destination. Other than a few doe and again, smaller bucks were all I saw.

It wasn’t long before we had the doe standing just above us at 25 yards stomping trying to figure out what this blind was. She moved tighter when a second doe, which we hadn’t seen followed her in. We knew the buck was near though we couldn’t see him. The 2 doe now stood at 19 yards, nervous, watching us, watching behind them. Suddenly the buck moved forward behind the doe, which spooked them off and allowed me to draw my bow. The buck was facing us so I had to hold the bow at full draw while he sized up the situation. It seemed like forever and I was just about to let the bow down when he turned and offered me a slight broadside shot and I sent the Snyper tipped Easton ACC from a Hoyt bow through the buck’s vitals. Kurt let out a breath of relief exclaiming, perfect heart shot. We were celebrating and I was quizzing him on the arrow placement when we heard the buck crash, and both exclaimed, he’s down. Kurt said, right there I think I see him…Sure enough, we climbed out of the blind and started to sneak up the hill only to see him expired not 50 yards from the shot. This is my first buck from the ground and from a ground blind (pop up). Although this is not my biggest buck, I mentioned, I’ll take him if he offers me a shot, 1 because it’s my birthday and I’ve always wanted to take a buck on my birthday and 2, because of his character. He’s a 2.5 year old and I haven’t measured it yet, but his spike is at least 12” long and if ya’ll remember last years buck….he is kind of a mirror image. His other side sports 4 good points making him a 4 X 1. I had to laugh, what a great day, a great birthday and a great time, shared with a good friend. We collected the buck, headed home to do a little process work on a fine animal.

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