Breast cancer exams: Early tests save lives

With what smells of healthcare rationing, the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force reversed policies implemented in 2002 regarding mammography, and their new recommendations will take us backward instead of forward in the fight against breast cancer.

New PTC mayor, council must focus on attracting new businesses

This election cycle for Peachtree City’s mayor and City Council posts have focused on taxes, budgets, services and land use as being the primary areas of debate. Other issues were debated but with less intensity.

Pullias: Make your voice heard

As the election for runoff candidates quickly approaches this Dec. 1, and no matter who your favorite candidates are, please exercise your right to vote and be heard. There are so many issues the city has faced over the years that have been influenced by that voice and equally influenced by a lack of it. The same holds true next week.

Imker: Recreation and budget

Let me say thank you ahead of time to everyone who is going to vote on Dec 1. The city’s village concept will prevail in this election. I’d like to address two key areas in my final letter before the runoff election. They are recreation and managing the city’s budget and reserves in the future.

Learnard: What I bring to the table for Post 3

As we bring an interesting and sometimes spirited campaign season to a close, every candidate must make clear what it is that we bring to the table.

Plunkett: Big decision for PTC voters

On Dec. 1, the voters of Peachtree City have a big decision to make. With the economic downturn, the city’s budget decisions will be tough over the next few years. We will have to work hard to maintain our quality of life, public safety and facilities, while not increasing the burden on taxpayers.

Family cemetery vandals should receive no rest

I went to the Brown Cemetery in Peachtree City on Saturday, Nov. 14, to cut the grass at my daughter’s great-grandparents’ and great-great-grandparents’ graves.

Sturbaum: Hyperbole in mayor’s contest

The hyperbole and the rhetoric concerning issues in this city have become out of control and need to be addressed.

There are impractical comments being made about the destruction of recreation, the loss of Peachtree City, employee replacements, etc.

Redirect $51M from SPLOST to better use

The voters of this county voted down this year’s SPLOST referendum by a margin of three to one. That has to be a clear sign to our commissioners that the people of this county aren’t interested in putting $51 million into the West Fayetteville Bypass or other such projects only in the interest of a few.

Walsh: Need more info to decide tower issue

At the PTC Council meeting on Nov. 5, there was a lot of passionate discussion about possible new cellphone towers in the city, so I thought I’d share my views on this hot issue.

Learnard: ‘Clear need for better communication’

It is with much appreciation that I thank the 6,000 Peachtree City citizens who voted on Nov. 3. Voter turnout was nearly double what it was in 2007, the last non-presidential election year.

Imker: How to get PTC budget under control

I offer a no-nonsense, plain-talking philosophy where we return to the village concept of the city and stop the crazy rezoning and additional big box stores from coming in.

Commissioner Horgan and the audacity of dope

Last week, Robert Horgan, the Fayette County commissioner, filed an appeal to overturn the findings of the ethics panel, which found him in violation of the Fayette County ethics ordinance.

Attention, Secret Service: Watch this letter writer

After reading Mr. Gilmer’s latest diatribe in your newspaper, it is obvious that rational thought is not part of his make-up. But for you to publish his letter advocating the overthrow of the government makes me wonder about your newspaper.

Thanks, President Obama, for making your socialist agenda so evident

As citizens, we owe Barack Obama a huge debt of gratitude, for he has done what no president before him has been able to do.

Democrats lie about healthcare costs

As House Democrats voted on their healthcare overhaul this month, they should have also voted to abolish the Congressional Budget Office, too. It would have been much more honest than their current strategy for hiding the true cost of their legislation.

Hypocritical Demos soak the rich

The current healthcare Plan (HR 3962) that has been unveiled by the liberals in the U.S. House of Representatives must be stopped before it becomes an approved legislation.

For safety, put 4-way stop signs at Robinson, Windgate intersection

Yet again [Nov. 13] there was a serious accident at the intersection of Windgate and Robinson roads in Peachtree City. I sincerely hope that when you print the article on this, you question why the city has not seen fit to make this intersection a four-way stop.

‘A fiction, comic relief, political, PTC holiday short story scenario’

It is almost time to wish all in The Citizen Newspaper Nation a merry Christmas holiday season. Ace politico opinion reporter, the cowboy engineer here, just before a wishful unscheduled appearance on the Larry King Live Show.

Plunkett: Negotiated to avoid 54W. ‘blight’

H-O-N-O-R. Your opinion piece of Nov. 7 begs a response from me. As a longtime resident of Peachtree City, I have often noted your biased and distorted pieces directed toward elected officials and county organizations. Once elected to a council seat, I certainly wasn’t surprised to be on the receiving end of what has become a typical tone of The Citizen.

Haddix: Will hold town halls on budget

Now there are two and the race goes on.

I have already said so much detail on my positions it is hard to find a fresh way to restate issues. But I will try while pointing you to for links to my past letters to the editor and more detailed information.

Cowboy engineer out-pundits editor, may apply to write column

We once did the sour sewer deal, then went for the public streets/traffic light X-Files. We had the Boondoggle – gone, and the Logsforbrains dynamic duo – out. The jig is up. That’s a 50-percent batting average.

Pullias: Taxes not automatically bad, but there has to be trust by voters

I want to thank all who voted for me last week. I look forward to your continued support in the runoff election on Dec. 1 or during advanced voting Nov. 23-25. Remember that every single vote counts, especially in a runoff when so many people don’t bother to vote.

Imker focuses on PTC budget in prep for Dec. 1 runoff for Post 1

First, let me say I’m humbled to be in a runoff for City Council Post 1. Second, I’ve been referred to as plain-talking, no-nonsense and I’ll add to that: no sell-out.

No cell towers in PTC parks

Mayor and council members, yesterday my husband and I were out in the golf cart on the cart paths, and I said, “The people who planned this city 50 years ago were brilliant.”

‘Teachers, suck it up, stop complaining’

In response to Name Withheld and Mr. Joseph Jarrell regarding, “Why not cut these school budget items?”

A message to all Fayette County teachers: Suck it up, hunker down, batten down the hatches, and prepare for hard times, but stop complaining.

Why spend our PTC tax money on Spanish signs?

Several years ago, I had reason to fly to Miami on business. Upon arrival, I noticed that the overhead directional signs in the terminal were in Spanish first, then English underneath. Ever since then, I have elected to fly into Fort Lauderdale and drive to Miami.

Options to halt U.S. decline into socialism

Given the general trend in this country toward socialism for the last 75 years, and the rapid slide of our culture, freedom, and economy in the last decade, how should a liberty-seeking, self-sufficient American react?

PTC Council trash ordinance shuts down a small recycling business

I have been a resident of PTC for eight years. Initially I elected to use Waste Management Services for my trash pick-up, paying additional for them to pick up my recyclables.

Why not cut these school budget items?

I am not in the habit of sending anonymous letters, but I must this time, because what I have to say could cost me my job.

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