Don’t vote for people who sell city streets to developers, ruin PTC

My name is James Melvin Ewing, the cowboy engineer. How are you all doing? I have lived in Peachtree City since 1985. I hope that I have made a positive contribution to this great community that I love. After attending the three major political debates/forums for the 12 candidates for Peachtree City Council races, I thought that I would try my hand at this opinion column writing stuff. Disclaimer: The following opinion is solely that of my own, and is not intended to be that of any other individual or group of individuals.

F’ville’s Oddo: Council must do more to help small businesses

I want to thank the newspaper for allowing the candidates the opportunity to present their platforms.

I’ve lived in Fayette County for 39 years, over 11 of which have been in the city, after we were annexed in 1998. I want Fayetteville and its citizens to be successful.

Growth: What were developers thinking?

I would suggest to Mr. Gilmer [“With growth gone, do you like Fayette now?” Letters, Oct. 7, 2009] that the 12 years that he has spent in Fayette County is too long and perhaps he should pack up and move his “... nearly dead in the water” business to a less hostile environment.

McCloskey family thanks Fayette for honoring son

On behalf of our family, I would like to thank the many friends and neighbors who sent cards, food, flowers and prayers during this time of grief for our son, Shawn.

Help kids of deployed military this Christmas

To the wonderful citizens of Fayette County, I heard an old song on the radio the other day called “What a Difference a Day Makes.” It got me to thinking.

Thompson explains his reasons for not running

After some discussion with city officials, I have decided not to pursue running for the council seat of Post 1 in the upcoming election.

An apology for voting for RINO Sen. Isakson

In 2004, I interviewed the three main Republican candidates for senator: Herman Cain, Mac Collins and Johnny Isakson. Each was asked 10 questions.

America needs a job creation stimulus bill

In 2008, Larry Summers, now chief economic advisor to President Obama, said that any fiscal stimulus bill should be “timely, targeted, and temporary.”

Yearly visitor urges Hwy. 74 cart path tunnel

Every summer I come from Miami Springs, Fla., to Peachtree City for a week to visit my dear friend who lives on Willow Creek Drive. Since she likes to sleep in until about 9 a.m., she has afforded me the opportunity to get up about 7 a.m. and go out on her golf cart to greatly enjoy some time fellowshipping with God on your peaceful pathways. You are so blessed to have been given the unusual foresight to have constructed such a unique plan within your city.

Feds must focus first on creating jobs

The pain in the real economy for individuals will be felt for a longer period than we are talking about. If we take the official unemployment number, add those who have given up looking for work and add those that had to take part-time jobs, you get around 17 percent unemployment. Businesses have no positive signs to begin hiring again.

Imker: Here’s why I’m qualified for council

Folks have asked me why do I think I’m qualified to run for office. Answer: Because I successfully managed my own life and was able to retire at age 52.

With growth gone, do you like Fayette now?

Our perfect Fayette County society is in fiscal trouble. Even the People’s Republic of Peachtree City is having budget trouble.

Fayette’s honoring fallen soldier is remarkable

On Sept. 25, I was one of many that attended the funeral of SFC Shawn McCloskey, in itself a humbling experience: The chance to render final honors to one of America’s finest, a hero, a husband, a father, a fellow soldier.

What’s up with this big hole in PTC?

Since the widening project on Ga. Highway 74 in Peachtree City, there has been a big hole at the intersection of Hwy. 74 and Paschall Road in Peachtree City.

Put a cop on cart paths to McIntosh

Walking on the cart path across from McIntosh High School in the morning or afternoon is flirting with danger.

The head-on traffic is scary enough, but from behind can be terrifying as the kids whiz by in near-miss mode without signaling.

Pullias for Post 1: Some specific, practical answers for PTC citizens

“If you get in there, then just do the right thing.” A gentlemen I met this weekend at a neighborhood block party said this to me and I thought, “I will, I will,” but how do you convince someone you just met that you will do right by this town and its citizens if you have the honor of being elected?

Barker for Post 1: ‘I stand firmly against raising taxes’; no to SPLOST

Qualifying is over, the dust has settled, and there are now five candidates running for the Peachtree City Council Post 1 position. My name is Shelby Barker and I am one of those candidates.

Rowland for mayor: Most pressing PTC issue is controlling the budget

First and foremost, I want to preserve the lifestyle we enjoy in Peachtree City. Peachtree City has been uniquely planned and offers its citizens the finest amenities, first class services and a quality of life that is repeatedly applauded in various publications.

Electing Vanessa Fleisch step in right direction

I am writing to explain why I, a 14-year resident of Peachtree City, will be voting for Vanessa Fleisch for City Council, Post 4, in November.

What’s really wrong with BoE’s budget: Bad financial reporting

My name is David Gardner and I am currently a bus driver for Fayette County, Ga. I have been driving for eight years. I am a retired financial executive from a large corporation, having 30 years of financial experience.

New tax bills going out for street lights

The tax office will be re-mailing approximately 6,000 tax bills later this week to replace tax bills mailed on Sept. 15, 2009. These original tax bills did not include the $49 charge for street lights.

With bigger tax bills, officials must tighten up

We are appalled. We recently received our 2009 property tax bill reflecting a 6 percent increase over last year. It seems the Georgia legislature repealed the HTRG credit and the citizenry are just now finding out about it.

SPLOST is ecologically, economically hurtful

SPLOST is eco-unfriendly: Ecologically and economically. Not one mention of enhancing our environment with SPLOST money. Can you imagine spending millions of dollars improving the Flint River? A wildlife game reserve? A public golf course for the family or other ideas that the public actually introduced?

All the anger, all the arguments — the bottom line issue is simply freedom

With all the talk of healthcare, stimulus, cap and trade, etc., we Americans are missing the big picture. What is at stake is not a technicality over who pays for what in society. The overriding critical issue is FREEDOM!

Healthcare reform bumped by real issue: Who’s in charge

It isn’t about healthcare reform anymore. Not that it ever was. Depending on your perspective it was either about power and control or cost, quality and access.

In struggle between capitalism, socialism, which will Americans choose?

Capitalism is “an economic system in which the means of production and distribution are privately or corporately owned and development is proportionate to the accumulation and reinvestment of profits gained in a free market.”

Rowland: Being mayor is not complicated; just follow the plan

I am the candidate that best represents the picture of change. Some of the changes made have been necessary, but, there have been too many unnecessary and needless changes.

Craig: Balance budget by cutting costs first; stay out of city reserves

My name is David Craig, and I am a candidate for Peachtree City Council Post 1. When my wife and I decided to move to Peachtree City eight years ago, it was based on the quality of life that my family was looking for: quality education, small-town feel, and controlled growth.

Political dissent does not equate to racism

Civil rights attorney Keith Watters recently warned against playing the race card, saying “We should not yell ‘racism’ unless there is direct evidence ... Sane voices need to come on the media and say loud and clear that this is not about race.”

Brown’s critique of Thompson challenged

Several months ago I wrote an article in The Citizen in which I used a business model and some analogies to explain my position on local government and how it should operate.

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