11-year-old Scout cooly notifies 911, alerts neighbors to shed fire

I’m writing to let you know about an explosion and shed fire that occurred Sept. 1, 2009, in Peachtree City and the heroic actions of our 11-year-old son to call 911 and the immediate response by emergency personnel that saved at least one home from being consumed.

President Obama tries to reassert control over healthcare debate

The last thing we need is another speech by the president on healthcare. For months, he’s given speech after speech on his top policy initiative. He talks about “his plan” but his problem is he doesn’t have one.

Healthcare reform not a liberal issue; it’s a moral one

As I read Dr. Howard E. Dial’s long-winded article in The Citizen railing against healthcare for those who for whatever reason do not have adequate health insurance, several thoughts came to mind:

Doctor: Who’s for, against ObamaCare

I have been a physician for 37 years and am in my sixties. I am opposed to abortion, rationed healthcare and loss of my personal freedom. For these reasons, I am strongly opposed to the national healthcare bill, in particular, and the direction in which our country is headed, in general.

Garlock ‘guilt-ridden’ over Vietnam service

Re: Terry Garlock’s column. First, I want to tell you that you are forgiven. You were young, naive, and doing what you thought was patriotic. Your recent column in The Citizen, however, is inexcusable.

Yes, America, Republicans have healthcare plan

Despite the Democrats’ attempt to tell you otherwise, the Republicans do have a healthcare plan (in fact they have several, but I want to share two of them with you). For more information on all healthcare bills currently before the House and Senate, visit www.ifebp.org/Resources/News/TopicsInDepth.

A theological assessment of healthcare: The problem of government

Healthcare debate is at a fever pitch in our nation. Proposed healthcare bills designed to change the way individuals pay for health insurance, town hall meetings to discuss the same, and conflict over “socialized medicine” seem to be on everyone’s mind.

Medicare needs reform

As Americans debate healthcare issues it is my hope that we do just that, debate the issues. The scare tactics and misinformation serve no one but special interest groups that are vested in the status quo or news organizations and commentators that prefer sensationalism to facts.

Love health ‘reform’? Now global warming

So, here we are in the middle of healthcare-palooza. Has anyone considered that there are other things still moving forward? Has anybody considered that cap and trade hasn’t even come up yet? When the non-servants return to Washington, remember the name Ban Ki Moon. You have a ton of respect for Ban Ki Moon, don’t you?

Grumpy PTC cop gives bad image

Every police officer should thank the Peachtree City police officer who was working the road block at the intersection of Holly Grove Road and Robinson Road, Saturday morning, Aug. 22. He did a fantastic job of alienating the police from the public and reinforcing negative stereotypes many people have of police officers.

What is government really any good at?

Although I did not get a chance to read William Murchison’s column about current healthcare debate, I did get a chance to read your response. Yours is so full of inaccurate information and inconsistencies, I find it hard to think even you can believe what you have written.

Democrats’ socialism will cost us our republic

I don’t believe we have ever been closer to losing our republic than now. Government healthcare will mark the death of our nation as envisioned by our Founding Fathers.

Demand real solutions to healthcare issues

I have not written any responses to the healthcare letters because others have written very good responses. However, I do feel it is time.

Beth Pullias announces run for Post 1

My name is Beth Pullias and I have decided to run for Peachtree City Council Post 1, Don Haddix’s current post.

I am excited to take on the challenge, and look forward to a positive experience. By nature, I am not a politician. I have no great ambition to go far in a political career. In fact, mine will begin and end in Peachtree City.

Walsh lays out PTC Council platform

I would like to share my thoughts on what is facing Peachtree City in the coming years as a result of this recession, and to let you know what I see as the approach we need to take.

Haddix details his positions versus other candidates for PTC mayor

The 2009 election cycle is again moving forward. The qualifying period is next week, so we will shortly know all running for all offices.

Let’s have debate over what’s in bill

White House Press Secretary (a.k.a. Pillsbury spokesboy) Robert Gibbs, says that your outrage (this is where you’re just too stupid to even know that you’re being used) is “manufactured anger.”

Murchison wrong on clunkers, healthcare

[Columnist William] Murchison’s commentary criticizing the “Cash for Clunkers” program and “healthcare reform” efforts are erroneous, misleading and mendacious.

Officials forget they are our servants

Open letter to the U.S. Congress and Senate:

What part of the idea that you work for the people of this country, that you must answer to those same people have all of you in both houses forgotten?

Silent majority will be silent no more

Just three months into his first term, Americans had had enough of President Obama’s spending orgy and began to let their voices be heard by organizing tea parties protests.

Healthcare: Read the bill. It’s frightening

In reference to Mr. Ed Outlaw’s letter (The Citizen, Aug. 5, 2009), I have one question to ask him and everyone who chooses to discuss/dispute this abomination:

Insurance companies ‘all about profit . . .’

In response to Laura Lunsford’s letter, I would like to correct her and others on the facts regarding healthcare reform.

Small-business owner: Nobody wants to sell me medical insurance

The purpose of this letter is to address the shortcomings of the various responses to the healthcare debate now going on. It is also an act of penance in order to pay for my own misguided attack on the proposals in Congress designed to improve the healthcare delivery system in America. In short, as a lifelong Republican, I have done a 180 on this issue. Please let me explain.

Debate is good, misinformation bad

I enjoy a good debate, one that is based on fact from both sides. It’s healthy and informative. But what I don’t like is when one side uses half truths and made up statements just to make a point and, in some cases, put fear in the minds of people who may not be completely informed.

HR3200 imposes ‘foreign’ ideology

Thank you for studying HR3200 and reporting on its intentions. It is a frightening and polarizing attempt to impose an ideology traditionally foreign to this country.

Beware of false info in healthcare debate

There has been a lot of false information circulating about the America’s Affordable Health Choices Act of 2009, and the media has not done a great job with sorting truth from fiction. The letter in The Citizen from Laura Lunsford last week was a good example. Ms. Lunsford’s letter is full of incorrect statements, most of which are designed to scare people away from the plan.

Obama keeps promise to remake America

Let’s cut the president some slack on his broken campaign promises. So, he’s not allowing five days public comment before signing bills; there are new taxes on people making under $250,000 a year; lobbyists still rule Washington, D.C.; the planet is not yet healed.

ObamaCare legislative express pits liberals versus the rest of America

As an opponent of the president’s healthcare “reform,” I feel like we have won a small victory. Do you remember back in the spring when the president said he wanted a bill on his desk by August recess? (Why so soon? Think 2010 elections.)

Walking signs should not be prohibited

[Editor’s note: The following was a copy of an email sent to Peachtree City Councilman Don Haddix:]

There are a lot of jobs that are harder than holding a sign.

Look who gets cut and whose taxes are raised

Your July 15 headline said, “Chairman, 4 mayors push new SPLOST.” Three days later, it’s “PTC Council backs new SPLOST.”

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