An apology is demanded — from Rep. Rangel — but Democrats are silent

It’s time for Democrats to start issuing an apology or two of their own.

They’ve spent the past week clamoring for Congressman Joe Wilson’s apology, even though the President has accepted his apology, twice now.

Kiwanis Club confirms: Life is unfair to vendor

When our son was killed some years ago, we found out then that life wasn’t fair, but just in case we might possibly forget, we continue to receive reminders, like today.

Pullias: To preserve PTC buy land for greenspace

Another important platform in my campaign for City Council Post 1 is preservation. Whether we are talking about preserving green space, our planned community, our golf cart paths, or our school system, all are important to the future of our town.

Fleisch: Fill vacant commercial space before building new; stop big boxes

We need a philosophy of controlled growth for the city. We need to fill the vacant commercial space before considering new retail development. I also believe in sticking with the development plan from which Peachtree City has evolved.

Candidate Dyer: PTC voter turnout has been far too low

Curiosity was the original motivator, I believe. My boss and I were discussing voter turnout and, though we began at the federal level, since we are both Peachtree City residents, it shortly turned to our municipal election to occur in about six weeks, on Nov. 3, 2009.

Dyer has ties to developers

Our fine city does not need any more “big box” retail stores. They cost the city more in infrastructure and service costs than they create in income. They force locally owned business to close, leaving empty store fronts behind, increase crime and traffic, lower our quality of life and threaten our village concept as a whole.

Read what Founders created 222 years ago

Lately, there has been a great deal of buzz in the news about the Constitution. How many times do you hear someone say, “It’s my right,” or “That’s unconstitutional”? What does that really mean?

Read what Founders created 222 years ago

Lately, there has been a great deal of buzz in the news about the Constitution. How many times do you hear someone say, “It’s my right,” or “That’s unconstitutional”? What does that really mean?

Bike rider to PTC path walkers: Lose the iPods

Harry Fitch has a good point about walkers having a right, like everyone, to use our cart path system, even if they do windmill their arms. I too use the system. I ride my bike often. I equipped it with a bell as required by law.

‘Self-righteous’ Markham can criticize because of soldiers’ sacrifices

When I read today’s letter to the editor (“Garlock “guilt ridden” over Vietnam service”), I was surprised at the hostility, sarcasm, personal insults, distortions and false beliefs expressed towards Terry Garlock personally, as well as our military personnel in general. There was also an unsigned letter in the Free Speech column that surely must have been written by the same person.

Who is this Markham to spout ignorance?

Who does Mr. Markham think he is? Thousands of veterans, during the freedom-threatening conflicts of my lifetime, Korea and Vietnam, died or lost any hope of a normal life so he could spout off about how wrong we were.

Everything I need to know about politics I learned in the fourth grade

When school started in the fall of 1952, I was a fourth-grader at Balsam Lake Elementary School in rural northwestern Wisconsin. My teacher, Mrs. Olson, encouraged discussion about the upcoming Presidential election.

What would Jesus do? Maybe not what you think

Although I have thought it a waste of time to enter the healthcare conversation, Mr. Darrell McKinney’s letter indicting the Rev. Howard Dial’s op-ed piece forced me off the bench to get into this little game of words. His concluding question — “What would Jesus do?” — spurred me to respond.

Objections to healthcare changes not very rational

I write this article with great trepidation because I know that I can’t influence the willfully stupid, the profoundly ignorant, the white trash that mistrust a president merely because he is black, and Republicans who detest any proposal put forth by a Democrat. I am compelled to write this article because our nation is at a crossroads: we can regain our superior status in the world or become a third-rate power within the next 20 years.

Healthcare a ‘moral issue’? How about abortions?

Darrell McKinney’s letter to the editor [Sept. 10, 2009, “Healthcare reform not a liberal issue; it’s a moral one”] fails to mention that abortion for any reason is part of the currently proposed healthcare plan.

Learnard: ‘Stick to PTC plan’; big boxes a detriment to local businesses

Over the recent couple of years, I have been increasingly concerned that our small-town community spirit is being eclipsed by overdevelopment, retail sprawl, and increased traffic.

Rowland: Candidate wants to maintain PTC quality of life

Our town is one of the finest places in the United States to raise a family and retire. We owe this unique distinction to the residents of this community and the mindset of our city fathers. Some have strayed from the ideals of low density zoning and fiscal responsibility, but overall we have been served well by our council and mayors.

Brown’s history of PTC: ‘You, sir, are no Floy Farr or Joel Cowan’

To quote former President Ronald W. Reagan during the 1980 presidential debates against former President Jimmy Carter, “Well, there you go again.”

Rise up, PTC walkers! Protect our path right

Citizens of Peachtree City, hear me out! Another of our basic freedoms has been threatened and if we do not take action soon, it will join the long and growing list of lost freedoms.

Another take on who’s Peachtree City’s father

Lots of people contributed ideas and resources during the the forming of our country, but any first-grade child will tell you that our country’s first President, George Washington, was the “father of our country.”

What will be Brown’s epitaph?

I take no issue with the basic historical facts underlying Mr. Brown’s Sept. 2 article on the original genius behind the founding of Peachtree City.

Some thoughts about Vietnam War and kids from one who was there

I’d like to reply to Mr. David Markham in his comments to Mr. Terry Garlock about the Vietnam veteran. You see, I also spent a year and a day in the Democratic Republic of South Vietnam. August 1967 to August 1968, to be exact.

Markham: My father was a veteran, but I still wouldn’t have gone

Terry, exactly my point. Teach/learn to think for yourself. That’s why I referred to you as a wind-me-up soldier — you know, wind me up, point the direction you want me to go and, being disciplined and programmed, you’ve got a skilled weapon at your disposal.

Markham will never know what veterans went through, what they share

Mr. Markham: “You were young, naive, and doing what you thought was patriotic. Your recent column in The Citizen, however, is inexcusable.”

Who is this Markham to self-righteously declare failure?

Although those of us who served in Southeast Asia have become relatively accustomed to the craven, pusillanimous attitude of those such as David Markham of Fayetteville (The Citizen, Sept. 2, 2009, letter in response to Terry Garlock’s column), such an attitude is still annoying.

Good thing we don’t have to depend on Markhams to protect us

RE: David Markham’s letter about Terry Garlock’s column.

Hundreds of thousands of young men just like Terry Garlock served their country when they were called to duty, many of whom did not want to go but went anyway, because they met the call to duty, honor, and country.

Here’s a local way to help starving children in Africa

Just a few weeks ago I, with the financial backing of my college, took a seven-week-long service trip to Uganda to help assist in the government initiative of microfinance, among other things.

Haddix: Will be ‘regular citizen mayor,’ will fight for village concept

Most, if not all, know the problems with the state freezing assessed values for homes, as regards property tax, and then cutting off the homestead exemption while keeping the state tax in place to collect the funds that had been used for the exemption, which in reality is a form of double taxation on property.

Pullias: ‘Think positive’ candidate to push for better communication

One of the platforms of my campaign that is touted on my website is to “Think positive when you think Pullias.” In keeping with the positive theme I discuss the greatness of our town, and the need to cooperate as a council and with the local county government in a positive, constructive way.

Tyrone’s Caldwell to keep pressing accountability

Comments to Tyrone Citizens regarding state of affairs in Tyrone’s government.

It is my contention that Tyrone’s government must be accountable for every penny of tax dollars collected. In the past, as records show, this appears to have not been the case. There has been minimal accountability in the past government. When I was elected to office, it was apparent that the Tyrone town government needed to be fast-forwarded into the 21st century.

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