Proposed storm-water fees are not tax-deductible

It’s not enough that we will all have experienced an increase in property taxes. Now our elected officials want to charge all of us an additional monthly fee for storm-water improvements.

Liberals seem like poor losers

It seems to me that liberals are poor losers. Recently, I have heard many prominent spokespersons from that camp proclaim, with dire tones, that our nation is in danger of becoming a pseudo-fascist state. Walter Cronkite, flag-bearer for liberal journalists, warned that the electorate of the U.S. has gotten just plain stupid, as evidenced by its election of George Bush and majorities of Republicans in the Congress. Kurt Vonnegut is basically saying that the world has come to an end and that the only hope any self-respecting liberal has is to form little “gangs” of like-minded people to fight off the impending doom.

Why don’t we listen to what al Qaeda says?

Kevin King and I seem to have come to opposite conclusions regarding our involvement in Iraq, and the editor shrewdly juxtaposed our essays.

Tyrone library survey written to get pre-determined outcome

I’m saddened by the continued use of the town of Tyrone’s survey, re: the library in articles in your newspaper. Even a cursory examination of the instrument revealed it to be fatally flawed, and flawed by design.

Tennant hides his role in tax increase

Dan Tennant is trying to come back after being defeated in a landslide for City Council two years ago, only now he thinks we need or want him for mayor. I think it’s impossible. I also know you can’t open a door on a pressurized aircraft at altitude, but I won’t take a chance with someone pulling on the handle.

Rapson cares about PTC

Peachtree City citizens, I ask you to re-elect Steve Rapson to Post 3. Steve Rapson lives and cares about Peachtree City; our issues are Steve’s issues.

Boothby served Fayette

In normal times, I would never respond to the “Free Speech” section of The Citizen newspaper. However, what began as a novel journalistic format has apparently morphed to a venue for cowardly politicians and cronies spewing venom with no accountability.

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