The Citizen: Recession offers Ga. chance for tax reform

Georgia lawmakers are mulling tax increases and gimmicks to plug a projected budget gap of more than $2 billion, but a new Tax Foundation report cautions against such tactics and urges tax reform that will stabilize revenue.

Terry Garlock: The economy makes my head hurt

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Many years ago I earned an A in my college macro-economics course, thereby proving the hypothesis there is no relation whatever between a report card and mastery of a subject. I still remember how much my head hurt every time I took a seat in that classroom and when I studied hard for exams. An economist I am not.

‘Have Your Say’ — School system not so open with SPLOST ‘public’ records

On Aug. 4, a story in The Citizen indicated there was considerable disagreement between Fayette County Board of Education members Janet Smola and Dr. Bob Todd.

Cal Thomas: A monument to mass murder

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Should anyone remain at the real end of history to chronicle a list of humanity’s worst systems for the benefit of any left to read it, the legacy of communism is sure to be at, or near, the top.

OPINION — Has the fight for PTC’s soul just begun — or ended?

An Opinion column by Cal Beverly, editor and publisher

About a decade ago I made the prediction that the big fight for the very soul of Peachtree City would center on the city’s industrially zoned land.

PTC Guy: Can You Imagine...

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An elected PTC government composed of:

Mayor idontknow

Council Members

Secret Squirell

PTC Guy: Inspiring Thought

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No matter how bad it is, it could be worse.

PTC Guy: Part-Time Jobs or More?

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Are the jobs of Mayor and Council member more than part-time jobs in fact?

Should they be paid more?

This is not a new question. And my concern is that just maybe this issue is in fact keeping PTC from getting many good people from running?

PTC Guy: Stormwater Utility Issue

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There are a number of opinions on the Stormwater Utility.

Some see the necessity of fixing the Stormwater issues. Some do not.

Reality Bytes: Teen Court - Found Guilty of Redundancy, Waste

So, we're looking at ways to save money in City affairs, and I start looking through some of the various things the City does, and I see a new concept being developed. The mayor is championing a teen court concept as an alternative means to adjudicating misdemeanor offenses for adolescents.

CarpeDieminPTC: DAPC

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Having lived in PTC for many, many years, I am torn between my very conservative/libertarian roots and the entire DAPC debate.

sweetpants: Please Clean Up After Your Pets

I don't dump out diapers 2 feet from your yard, please clean up after your pets if they poop 2 feet from yard. I really don't care if it is on the cart path side.

PTC Guy: Dan Tennant - Next Time

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Dan Tennant is all over the place gushing about how fantastic Logsdon will be as mayor.

Yet, Tennant ran against him.

CarpeDieminPTC: District Voting is about Power and Race

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District voting is about the power of the Democratic party to gain some minimum amount of control over Fayette County. True about 13% of Fayette is black but the fact is that about 90% of those blacks will be likely to vote Democrats into office consistently.

CarpeDieminPTC: Mayor Brown Please don't forget District Voting

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I've not forgotten, nor will many Fayette County residents, that you took the position of EVERY elected DEMOCRAT in Fayette County and pushed to have the law changed to give us District Wide Voting.

Davids mom: Libby's Indictment

Both Libby and Clinton lied to the grand jury. A lie is a lie. I look at the reason for the lie. Clinton lied to cover up a marital indiscretion which was injurious to Monica, Hillary, Chelsea and himself.

Cal Beverly: Hating candidates and ignoring the obvious

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On the occasion of my first-ever “blog” I’d like to congratulate every candidate who has put his and her heads on the public chopping block.

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