Stormwater Utility Issue

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There are a number of opinions on the Stormwater Utility.

Some see the necessity of fixing the Stormwater issues. Some do not.

But reality is it must happen. Federal and State Laws require something be done by 2008.

Some do not want the Utility but to have the funds in the General Fund so the amounts spent can be controlled. Meaning divert it to more popular causes.

But here is a little reality for PTC.

There has already been road collapse due to aging systems. More to come.

The older parts of PTC contain pipes that are at the end of their life span. They have or will fail.

Just because you don't see the effects immediately does not mean they are still functioning properly.

There are HOAs and owners drawing the line in the sand. They are done waiting.

I decided it was time to do an update contact with some about the candidates and the Utility issue.

Bottom line is it will not be business as normal. If the Utility is killed then they are ready to go to court.

There has already been HOA conversation on this and they feel they will have no alternative if the Utility is rejected.

And they don't.

Do nothing and their homes will be destroyed.

No. I am not talking where I live but other HOA and homes.

And it is a PTC responsibility. The troubled Stormwater system is all PTC easement, right-of-way and outright property.

There is not going to any "return to civility" without taking care of PTC responsibilities.

So, where does Logsdon stand on this issue?

Food for thought about some assumptions being made about what will happen if Logsdon wins.

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