City locks restrooms from its own citizens

We have a group of over 50 casual tennis players that use the Glenloch tennis courts so we do not conflict with the more serious tennis players who use the tennis center.

Healthcare: Why have Ga. Democrats been silent?

For the past year, Americans have heard quite a bit about post-partisanship and the promise of a new kind of politics. During the 2008 campaign season, the rhetoric soared, as did expectations.

Imker: Never have I supported raises for PTC Council members

I do not and have never supported a pay raise for myself as a city council member. So don’t bunch me in with those that do.

Cellphones cause wrecks — here’s proof

[EDITOR's NOTE: Tyrone Police Chief Brandon Perkins checked incident reports and determined that the wreck mentioned below happened inside the city limits of Fairburn and that NO Tyrone police officers responded to the wreck. The Fairburn case number is 09P05712, according to Chief Perkins. The letter below is corrected in that regard as of Feb. 1.]

Imker: Informal PTC budget hearing set

Mark Saturday, Jan. 30, 2 p.m. at the Peachtree City Hall Council Chamber on your calendar. I want to review the city budget with you, the citizens.

Get citizens on board with tower plan now

For the third time the subject of placing a cell tower near a residential neighborhood has been brought before planning commission or council. First it was T-Mobile requesting possible location of four towers within our park spaces and in a neighborhood, and most recently it was Verizon’s request on behalf of St. Paul’s Lutheran Church to locate a tower on their property adjacent to Ardenlee’s residential development.

Trials for terrorists highlight America’s system of justice

Congressman Westmoreland’s recent editorial claiming that President Obama needs to learn about “the real world,” written in response to Obama’s decision to try terrorists in federal courts, reveals the Congressman’s lack of faith in the institutions of the country that he supposedly represents.

Westmoreland ‘trash talk’ should not have been printed

I have just read Rep. Lynn Westmoreland’s opinion column “President Obama needs to learn about the ‘real world.”

Pedestrian crossing lights mostly a waste

In these trying times, it’s easy to see how wasteful our federal government can be, and what poor stewards they are of our money. Unfortunately it’s not only the federal government that’s out of control, but our local government and leaders are as well.

Solve 1 eco-problem, create bigger mess

Madness, it’s all madness. We are being inundated with all sorts of advertisements regarding another of the global warming hoax problems. All of the products we are developing now to solve the nonexistent global warming problem cause other kinds of problems.

Get ready for constitutional throwdown on healthcare legislation

As Congress works behind closed doors to merge the House and Senate healthcare bills, lawyers and attorneys general across the country are gearing up for a constitutional throw-down. At the center of the healthcare debate are two issues, the individual mandate and the Senate sweetheart deals.

Message of SPLOST defeat: No more taxes

I take exception with some of [reporter John] Munford’s words in the headline article of today’s Citizen. Mr. Munford wrote that citizens “shot down” a special purpose local option sales tax (SPLOST) “that would have helped ease budget concerns.”

Obama sparks crisis of American identity

Of all the odd things Barack Obama has said and done in his short tenure as President, there is one bold statement that so clearly demonstrates his fundamental lack of understanding of America, its people and its history that it begs scrutiny.

Cap and trade and Christmases past

One facet of American culture that so many of us enjoy is the reminiscing of past Christmases and the holiday traditions of former generations. In the wake of the global warming frenzy and the sought after totalitarian regulation that liberals are demanding from Washington to flush out any behavior deemed environmentally unfriendly, I began to envision the questions I will get from my grandchildren decades from now around the Christmas holiday. It will probably go something like this:

America is starving for moral leadership as Greatest Depression looms

Having studied both sides of the political spectrum since our President’s inauguration, I must admit that each possesses insight as well as outright stupidity.

High crimes, treason: Constitution under attack by its sworn protecters

It is said that history repeats itself, and it often does so because good men stand by idly as if bound and gagged or as if spectators to a sport they have no control over.

Gilmer’s solutions ‘common sense’

Having just finished reading Bill Gilmer’s letter (The Citizen, Dec. 16, 2009), I feel a sense of rescue is near. I can hear the bugler calling as the cavalry is approaching to save us.

Why we went to Washington, D.C.

Why some of us went to Washington, D.C., recently, myself and my wife included, is because our very existence as a nation is at stake.

The little grinches who stole lights

This goes out the the person(s) who felt it was within their right to walk up on my lawn and destroy my holiday decorations: Thank you for ruining my family’s wonderful holiday tradition and for causing my children to be in tears because you had to vandalize some of their favorite decorations.

Ga.’s broken ethics law must be fixed

Georgia’s government has a responsibility to function openly, honestly, efficiently, and with integrity. The conduct of public officials is important when entrusted to oversee the public’s affairs.

You want solutions? Herewith, right wing way to solve America’s problems

Bob Myers has figured me out. I am just a clown writing diatribes and should be put in jail.

Actually, Bob, that letter was supposed to be a bit humorous, though our country’s problems are not. What you did not offer is a solution of your own to any of the major crises facing us.

Tired of long-winded former mayor; what’s big deal about 1 traffic light?

The elections in Peachtree City are over, yet The Citizen continues to publish articles submitted by our former mayor, Steve Brown, that are better measured not in column inches but in column feet.

Mayor-elect Haddix: ‘Ready to get job done’

I would like to thank the voters of Peachtree City for the vote of confidence in electing me the next mayor of Peachtree City.

Imker: ‘Will vote for city, not re-election’

Thank you to all who voted. The city won.

The new council has a lot of challenges ahead, but I am confident our village concept will be secure.

‘Shop with a Sheriff’ needs help for kids

The holidays are fast approaching, and we need your help to brighten the faces of some disadvantaged children right here in Fayette County.

Tea Party trips to D.C.: Was it worth my time?

I just wanted to ask the people that read your paper, “What are you doing for your country?”

I went to Washington, D.C., with some other tea party patriots twice this year. I was asked many times, “Was it worth it?“

Obama’s ‘change’ hits brick wall: Secession

I hoped Barack Obama would have used his background and ethnicity to inspire our inner city youth to success. I hoped he would have motivated all our youth to make good life choices that would cultivate inner pride, self-confidence, and a desire to create a successful life through hard work both in school and beyond.

Commissioner Horgan should be removed from office by governor

I have a few comments on the saga of county Commissioner Robert Horgan. I recall a similar case that happened in Griffin back in the late 1990s involving an elected official of Spalding County.

Whoever says reform won’t cost you a dime hasn’t read the House bill

When polling Americans about healthcare, there are ways to get two very different answers to the same question.

If you ask people, “Should everyone be required to have healthcare?” the answer comes back 67 percent yes, 27 percent no.

Dazzles skating rink owner helps Promise Place even in bad times

Today I met a small business owner in Fayetteville, Mr. Couey. Mr. Couey owns Dazzle’s skating rink and he offered to donate some of the proceeds from Saturday and Sunday to Promise Place, a shelter for women [who have experienced] domestic violence. I tagged along with my mom who is on the board.

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