ObamaCare: When did being elderly become a drag on U.S. economy?

If you listen to the Democrats, being old in America is now an inconvenience to the rest of us. We know the majority of Democrats are pro-choice and they don’t mind killing the unborn, but now they are turning their attention to the elderly.

Patriotism and Obama’s birthplace

The United States Constitution requires that its president be a natural-born citizen and yet, unbelievably, there is no mechanism in place that requires all presidential candidates to produce an original or certified copy of their birth certificates. Perhaps that is because, up to now, it has not been an issue.

How about a Google search for ‘truth’

Since the last election, I have been called a racist, a hate monger, a communist, and a right wing extremist because I fail to recognize that the “enlightened one” has arrived at Pennsylvania Avenue. Sorry, but I don’t recognize my country anymore. Must be all of the transparency!

PTC should allow carts on Hwy. 74 sidewalks

There was a letter in the paper today regarding some people being stopped and ticketed by the police for driving a golf cart along the “sidewalk” along Ga. Highway 74. This struck me as absolutely ridiculous. If it was indeed against the law, then the law needs to be changed.

‘I prefer to have gov’t between me and my doctor’

Everywhere I turn these days I am confronted by editorials and op-ed articles concerning healthcare reform in this country. This Wednesday’s paper carried articles by such august professional columnists as Dick Morris and Cal Thomas, both of whom presented their opinions about healthcare reform as if they were fact.

Obama and liberals lying about health cost

As Congress and the President continue to discuss healthcare, it’s become obvious they haven’t read the bill recently released by the House. They keep telling the American people that “if you like your health plan, you can keep it,” but that is false.

Candidate Imker answers questions about issues facing Peachtree City

Congratulations to Peachtree City for being ranked #8 in the nation by a recent CNNMoney poll. This despite attempts by certain council members to change our village concept. The village concept was mentioned in the CNN article.

Beware: In PTC, sidewalks are not for golf carts

As we were returning home by golf cart from The Avenue along Ga. Highway 74 between Paschall Road and Kelly Drive, a Peachtree City patrol car stopped us and issued a ticket for “golf cart violation.”

Obama’s supporters remain ignorant of his plans

It was particularly ironic that Kevin King, in his reply to my letter, stated that he didn’t understand the point of my letter. The WHOLE letter was my concern that President Obama’s supporters don’t understand what he is doing.

Fayette County fortunate to have had Abi-hassan

I was very upset to learn that the current director of Fayette County Animal Control, Miguel Abi-hassan, is leaving Fayette County to pursue a career with the Atlanta Humane Society.

On cap and trade, biggest loser is you

Less than two weeks ago, the 1,500-page American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009 (aka the “Cap-and-Trade Tax Bill”) was rammed through the House of Representatives. Funny thing is, it passed without anyone even reading it. This legislation will drive millions of American jobs overseas, and hurt hard-working Americans at a time when we can least afford it.

Keep politicians away from Tea Party events

Congratulations to the Peachtree City Tea Party Patriots and the rally held the afternoon of the Fourth of July.

I am familiar with the group and its leaders as a passive bystander because my wife is heavily involved. I attended the rally because my wife volunteered me.

Universal care equals universal disappointment

Once again, we are treated to Ms. Learnard’s delusional diatribes on healthcare. In the latest installment, Ms. Learnard says, “Universal healthcare means no co-pays, no family deductibles, no individual deductibles, no limited percentage of coverage after deductible has been met, no ‘catastrophic only’ and no maximum out of pocket. Think about that for a minute.”

Healthcare veteran says systemic reform is critical

I feel compelled to respond to the healthcare reform editorials published in last week’s Citizen.

Kimberly Learned made several excellent points in support of federally funded universal healthcare. Her statement that “Our politicians enjoy taxpayer-funded healthcare” was declared “flat wrong” by another writer, Donald Clack, who pointed out that the federal employees health benefit program is not “free.”

Cuban immigrant disagrees that U.S. healthcare worse than in Cuba

I must vehemently disagree with my temporary ex-neighbor and good friend Kim Learnard, and with Don McAdam’s letter about our healthcare being no better than Cuba — give me a break!

Dog walkers, please clean up after your pets

I am somewhat surprised that so many people in Peachtree City walk their dogs but do not carry a pooper scooper. In fact, I don’t believe I have ever had anyone, that I saw, carrying one when they passed my house.

Learnard flat wrong on fed’s healthcare

Everyone has the right form an opinion and to voice that opinion as they see fit. None have the right to state facts that are false and misleading regardless of the reason.

What do people using universal care say?

How do people who are under universal healthcare feel about it? No need to go to Canada or Great Britain to get thoroughly depressed. We need only to go to Massachusetts to find an answer. As far as universal healthcare programs go, this is a good one.

Under ObamaCare, your life will no longer be under your own control

Ms. Learnard’s column on healthcare is so sadly misinformed, I wish I knew where to start.

Consider her claim that the American people should get healthcare just like Congress as a reason to support “Obama care.”

Our healthcare system no better than Cuba’s

Thank you for publishing “Why federally funded universal healthcare is America’s future” by Kimberly Learnard.

Having done a little research on this issue, I was already familiar with some of the awful truths about our healthcare system.

Commissioner Horgan should stay in his post

In the current issue an article on Commissioner [Robert] Horgan got my attention. Like most, I’ve followed this story. Two thoughts come to mind.

Horgan not ‘the devil’; alcohol worse than pot

Robert Horgan is not the devil because he smokes marijuana. Do you drink? Then your drug is worse than Horgan’s.

All objective research has shown that alcohol is far worse than marijuana. Get on the Internet, do a little research, and you will see.

Leading by example: Horgan should resign now

Commissioner Horgan, for a long period of my adult life, I had the honor of serving as a infantry officer in the U.S. Army. Until retirement, the rest of my adult life was spent as a drug and alcohol rehabilitation counselor for a Fortune 500 company.

Where are the jobs Obama promised by now?

Where are all the jobs? The president recently said that the stimulus package “had done its job.”

Oh, really? We’ll look at the numbers.

In PTC Council races, Plunkett, Dyer, Boone will continue Logsdon way

I hope everyone had a great 4th of July with family and friends. My great neighbor Nancy drove her golf cart on my behalf in the parade with her grandkids throwing out the candy. I would like to thank and say how much I appreciated all those watching the parade who yelled, gave thumbs up and otherwise showed their support for me.

Imker’s responses to earlier political criticisms

I’d like to address some of the comments over the last few weeks/months trying to indicate that I am not a serious candidate. They include:

Healthcare: What Obama’s not saying

Let’s get some healthcare facts on the table (source is the nonpartisan National Healthcare Coalition):

1. In 2008, total healthcare spending in the U.S. was $2.4 trillion.

Persecution of Barry Babb must end

Fayette County, we have a problem. The article, “Foreclosures snag some big names in Fayette,” (The Citizen, June 24, 2009) stated that former candidate for Fayette County sheriff Barry Babb’s home, located at 406 Snead Road, was being foreclosed. Babb was demoted in January from captain to jailer by incoming Sheriff Wayne Hannah, and Babb’s pay was dropped commensurately.

Fayette support of Sgt. Beale is heartening

A friend sent a video of the marvelous tribute that citizens in Fayetteville paid to Staff Sgt. John Beale, and I wish to convey to anyone in that hero’s welcome home my thanks for being the people you are.

Tipping point for tea partier: GM

I’m very concerned about the recent GM bankruptcy and its potential impact on the future of our country. The way the GM bankruptcy was handled sets a dangerous precedent, and threatens the security of all investments.

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