Who’s to blame when public officials fail us?

What is it that bothers us concerning the recent arrest of a county commissioner for illegal drug use while driving? Is it the betrayal of public trust or is it something more fundamental?

7 former Fayette County commissioners urge Horgan to resign

All individuals submitting this letter are former Fayette County commissioners. All of us took the same oath of office as Commissioner [Robert] Horgan. All of us were subject to the county’s ethics ordinance. All of us were subject to the pressure and public scrutiny which comes with the job.

How will Mayor Logsdon vote when Callula Hills comes back?

So, the developers requested a delay for the outrageous industrial to residential zoning change for Callula Hills at the end of the airport runway.

Obama supporter defends his record

Recently Kim Carroll said she was compelled to write in response to a previous letter to the editor. I too find myself compelled – only it is in response to Ms. Carroll’s letter.

‘Engaged’ Obama supporter has a rebuttal

Have you ever read a letter to the editor and afterward wondered, “What was the point of that?” I just had such a moment after reading Bill Webster’s June 16 letter. I believe there is a subtext at play. Mr. Webster’s main points are:

Maxwell: Horgan should resign now

I write this letter to you to address a cloud that hovers over the Fayette County Board of Commissioners. A little over two weeks ago an event occurred that no reasonable voter, including myself, could anticipate or should tolerate.

Horgan has violated pact of trust with voters

Commissioner Horgan, you have built your reputation over a lifetime, and it can never be questioned lightly. I’m addressing you publicly with a profound awareness of the vital importance of your character and reputation.

Imker: Callula Hill rezoning is the most illogical request in memory

The time has come for City Council to vote on the latest rezoning effort at the end of the airport runway to change industrial zoned property into residential.

Obama supporters go blank when asked what he has accomplished

Opinions are like noses: everyone has one.

We know what we like in our foods, cars, and the opposite sex. These opinions are derived from years and years of research, presumably because these things are important to us.

County ignoring big bypass hurdle

Ever since the West Fayetteville Bypass project (WFB) project was officially introduced in an open house meeting the county held last September, it has been a source of heated debate.

Oil price speculators must be restrained

In a free-market system such as we have, prices are determined by supply and demand, but over the last four months we have seen the price of oil/gas go up, not because the supply of oil is getting low and the demand is going higher, but because a handful of stock manipulators are speculating that the demand will go up in the future.

Baseball by the numbers: Where’s the justice?

It was a sunny Saturday afternoon in May when the Tigers held their first practice. The draft looks to be good to us this year, thought the manager. The 10- and 11-year-old boys were excited to be back on the field, back playing the game they loved.

Public servants must practice good citizenship

It was a sunny Saturday afternoon in May when the Tigers held their first practice. The draft looks to be good to us this year, thought the manager. The 10- and 11-year-old boys were excited to be back on the field, back playing the game they loved.

Dignity has left the building . . .

Is it just me? Some things seem so obvious, yet .... Once again I am witness to public officials thinking they are rock stars, behaving with total disregard for the law, expecting the consequences to disappear like smoke, then asking pardon for what they propose to be a mistake.

Horgan disgraced his office, should resign

Mr. Horgan, I was shocked and alarmed to see an article in the paper this morning regarding your possession of marijuana. I grew up in Fayette County and take great pride in calling Fayetteville home, as my parents still do.

Chairman Smith, do the right thing for the public

Fayette County has a zero-tolerance drug policy for anyone that works for the county. Why does this not apply to our esteemed Board of Commissioners? Are they above the law?

Where was liberal outrage over Bush cartoons?

In reply to the letter from Pat Cochran in the Wednesday, May 27, 2009 edition:

Keeping the question as to whether President Obama’s leadership is “outstanding” for another time, I find it amusing and frightening that Ms. Cochran wants editorial cartoons of President Obama stopped because she doesn’t like them.

Obama is ‘the chosen one’? Let’s count why not

I felt compelled to respond to some of the comments I read in a letter included in the May 27 issue complaining about The Citizen’s cartoons bashing Obama.

Recreation programs belong to all PTC citizens

When I saw the title of the article in the paper last weekend, “PTC hikes Kedron pool fees, team fees untouched,” I knew the swim teams would probably once again be thrashed in the Free Speech section of the newspaper. We would probably be portrayed as people who are getting away with murder on what we pay to play.

How they went wrong on bypass

I represent the West Fayetteville Bypass Coalition (WFBC). We are a group of Fayette residents opposed to the West Fayetteville Bypass (WFB). The WFB is an old project. At previous commissioners’ meetings, the general public expressed its displeasure. Every person making opinions known was opposed to the project.

After 30 years of dedication, a teacher leaves

As Fayette County schools come to a close this week, Joyce Larson ends more than 30 years of educating young children across the country and overseas.

Enough of cartoons bashing Obama

I am a homeowner here in Fayetteville and have lived here for many years. I am aware of this county being very Republican, but not everyone votes the way of the Grand Old Party of rich white men. I am a white female in my 60s that voted for Barack Obama and I think his leadership is outstanding.

Walsh: Boone’s votes hurt PTC

Peachtree City is not the city it should be, and a major reason is because our City Council has strayed from our land use plan and supported excessive retail growth, which is why I have decided to run for the Peachtree City Council.

On ZIP changes, P.O. says, ‘Not my job’

I have been trying to get information about the ZIP code changes that are due in the next month. My ZIP code is currently 30296 and it MAY change to 30214, but I have never seen a list of the streets that are being affected.

Our oil dependency? Blame eco-nuts

Re: April 1, 2009, Kimberly Learnard letter to editor about Georgia PSC and GA Power. Subject: Higher electric rates? Blame eco-nuts and ...

Free legal services available for abused women in Fayette

Thank you for printing the letters to the editor on the Ellicott case that included important resource information for victims of family violence.

Sick and tired of bloated tax bills

I am mad; I am mad as hell!

Every year since I bought this property in 2001, my tax assessment has increased, and every year I appeal the assessment. I am sick and tired of this.

There is lots of local help for abused women

I was drawn to the Ellicott case. I sat through two days of testimony and it was almost unbelievable, incomprehensible. There are details too vulgar for the newspapers to print that would make your stomach churn.

Parents did the right thing in Tyrone arrests

In light of information that I received after the article, “Tyrone police solve entering auto cases,” was published, I would like to provide your readers with some clarity on behalf of the Hullett family:

The rest of the story

Although I have great respect for the Tyrone Police Department, they did not solve the crime for the car break-ins in the Pendleton Community as is implied in the article you published on the front page of the newspaper.

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