Cowboy engineer out-pundits editor, may apply to write column

Tue, 11/10/2009 - 3:35pm
By: Letters to the ...

We once did the sour sewer deal, then went for the public streets/traffic light X-Files. We had the Boondoggle – gone, and the Logsforbrains dynamic duo – out. The jig is up. That’s a 50-percent batting average.

Now, Peachtree City good guys, let’s try for the bleachers, let’s slam-dunk it, Kerr-plunk it (the now current Council Post 4 incumbent). I like our chances.

Folks, it’s the cowboy engineer one more time. Last time, I got in the game (with this politico column writing buzz), I was 100 percent with all my picks for the high vote leaders (The Citizen 10/21/09). Good grief, I beat the Editor-in-Chief. I feel that gives me the right to try my hand again as an apprentice political news reporter before trying for my own column at the newspaper (Ha, ha).

Seriously, I ask: “Does an election result have an effect on the way politicians behave? Shall elected politicians continue to be unresponsive?”

Look to the 3-2 votes for the selling of the Peachtree City public streets and the move-out-of-the-way support of the westside traffic light for the answer.

Lame ducks: you blew it in that one single decision, and now you’ve had it (I think). It was a goof-balled, game-changing decision. No more excuses about what the majority wants. Do you get it? Maybe, maybe not. Maybe we need a West Peachtree City bypass?

A skillful poetic writer once said, “A rose by any other name is still a rose.” Using my own fuzzy logic I will therefore say, “Selling public streets and getting a new traffic light for the westside by any other name is a Peachtree City stupid development.”

There was once a famous song relating to some true colors that went not so much like this: “I see your true colors shining through ... now don’t be afraid to let them show ... your true colors, like a rainbow.” Yep, y’all blew it.

My predictions (that I guarantee that the establishment fun-bunch and the DAPC crowd won’t like) are that Haddix will be our next mayor in a low turn-out runoff.

One hope that I have is that Haddix will spend some money and advertise in the media this time. If he does not, then I hope that his opponent will fall for the traditional “kiss of death,” where the establishment gang will buy a full-page ad listing names of all the “fat-cat” developer heavy hitters and has-been politicos in support of Haddix’s opponent. If that happens, Haddix may have to do nothing.

Council Post 1: Who cares? That would be a win-win situation for my money. I’m for Pullias. Pullias is for the neighborhoods, whereas Imker will wreak havoc on developer wrongdoers. Don’t you just love it? Imker had better spend some money and advertise, I think.

Council Post 3: Learnard is the “Mighty Learned One,” and we know Fleisch is golden (with her gold colored signs) in Council Post Four. Rowland, I like you, buddy, because you are the man. Please come back one day.

Closing, I would like to say that I don’t know much about history, don’t know much trigonometry, but I do know that one and one is two, Slam-dunk it, Ker-plunk it, I think she’s through. (The actual names of the guilty where changed to hide the guilty.) No punt, no foul.

James Melvin Ewing

Peachtree City, Ga.

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Robert W. Morgan's picture
Submitted by Robert W. Morgan on Wed, 11/11/2009 - 7:51am.

They are indeed working on something similar. The group of all former mayors that supported Logsdon (or more accurately were opposed to Brown) is being reassembled for Ms. Plunkett. It is sort of clever, because the little brown won't participate, of course and that will symbolically tie him to Haddix - which is another "kiss of death".

This will really be interesting to see how many votes can be bought through advertising vs. how many returning voters will turn out the second time. I doubt Haddix can lose, but it appears Cyndi and her PR firm is prepared to push pretty hard for the next few weeks.

And Learnard and Pullias are obvious choices.

Submitted by StopCallulaHills on Wed, 11/11/2009 - 11:35am.

Morgan, I agree with most this blog except the last sentence. Please tell me, what are L & P's positions on the budget? I haven't heard or read one singly thing about it except to rollover and accept continued tax increases. I have yet to read a single sentence from either about what they'd cut, reduce or how they intend to "Listen to the Voters" like the SPLOST defeat. Pullias especially is disturbing in that she still wants it even though it was soundly defeated. At least Walsh and Imker have given details on the budget. So should we just take a chance and hope these ladies can handle a budget of this importance for the very first time and hope they get it right? Seems on the others issues, the all the candidates are going to return us to the original land use plan. The difference between them is how they'll handle the budget. Your decision making must be based on something else.

Submitted by Bonkers on Wed, 11/11/2009 - 11:57am.

The answer is to cut budgets the same amount that government income is down in Georgia. The only question is how to do it. Since 80% of the school budget is instructors then that one is easy!

Other county and city employees, same thing.

The state will not support the budgets again nor will the federals like they did this year.

No one gets elected though who says such things out front.

With the recession continuing on maybe to a depression----increasing taxes, locally at least, is OUT!

Look for 15% unemployment soon. Maybe more by next summer.
Look also for a stock market burst soon when the big investors pull out with their computer trading. Get out of individual stocks NOW, indexes later.

You have been warned.

Submitted by skyspy on Wed, 11/11/2009 - 10:11am.

The same bozos who gave us logsdon are now supporting plunkett and we are supposed to believe that they have our best interest at heart??

Thanks for the laugh you made my day.

The problem is this time we do know how plunkett will perform. With harold we weren't sure so we took a chance. Fool us once shame on you, fool us twice shame on us.

mudcat's picture
Submitted by mudcat on Wed, 11/11/2009 - 9:12am.

probably be with OPM, but so what? My all-chick council (and Doug - who if he has a sense of humour will wear a dress and heels to their first meeting next year for the swearing in) may still happen.

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