‘Tennant has history of bankruptcy, anger issues’

Jon Shatto wrote a letter defending Dan Tennant’s record of City Council attendance, and his voting on taxes and spending. He also implied I was reported for “terrorizing” a child and I am hiding my relationship with his second ex-wife.

‘Mayor Brown supports unions, elite Democrats’

Dear mayor, You complained about the ethics charges filed against you, saying they were petty and politically motivated. Quit whining, for goodness sakes. You have consistently ignored campaign registration and disclosure laws and any other law dealing with the public’s right to know from the beginning.

Boone seeks common ground

It is election time in Peachtree City again and one can only hope we’ll have a great turnout at the polls to elect some good people to the positions closest to us in the governmental structure. I write this letter in support of one of those good people, Steve Boone, for City Council Post 3.

Eagle Scout learns respect for mayor

I am 18 years old, an Eagle Scout, and a proud youth of Peachtree City. I would like to describe someone who has had a very positive influence on my life and that is Mayor Steve Brown.

Intern gets inside look at candidate

I would like to take this opportunity to share the positive experiences I had while participating in the Mayor’s Internship Program during the summer of 2004. I had the privilege of being able to work under Mayor Steve Brown. I can honestly say that it was one of the most memorable and beneficial endeavors that I have ever pursued.

Vote out Brown, Rapson and Weed

Over the last four years I have grown to distrust Peachtree City government, and in particular, the governance of Brown, Rapson, and Weed.

‘Give us anybody but Steve’

The Peachtree City race for mayor has four involved entrants plus the incumbent, Steve Brown. I will gladly vote for any one of the other four, but NOT Steve Brown.

Brown filled slots with own cronies

I’ve written earlier about the performance (of lack of performance) of the Steve Brown Administration on roads/transportation along the Ga. Highway 74 corridor from south to north. I think that the performance on other roads is similar in other areas of the city. How much money was spent to “patch up” Peachtree Parkway South and dribble tar on the cracks making the road look terrible?

Mayor Brown genuinely cares about residents

With all the campaign signs appearing in yards, and the many articles regarding the upcoming mayoral election, now seems like an appropriate time to bring to light a side of Mayor Brown that many overlook. Steve Brown genuinely cares about the residents of Peachtree City.

Demos leave workers

It’s unbelievable that the mainstream media does not have to answer for continually promoting the fallacy that President Bush has polarized America when the media itself is actually to blame.

kstewart: Crusaders

Tennessee charges more tax on gasoline because they do not have a state income tax. Georgia does have a state income tax, yet the gasoline prices in Georgia are higher than Tennessee by ten cents a gallon.

Cart rules: Where’s the common sense?

To the City Council: I am all for the safety of the citizens on the cart path system, but I think that you guys are going a little too far and are legislating good, old-fashioned common sense out of driving a golf car. That said, below are some concerns that I have about the new standards for golf cars.

Youth sportsmanship: Little League is about more than winning

A recent column about sportsmanship in The Citizen provided a view of the type of problems endemic in youth sports: taking them too seriously.

Help sought to complete North Fayette park project

Dear legislators, our organization has been told by Anita Godby with the Fayette Department of Recreation that there is an issue with the Georgia Department of Transportation involving the entrance to the North Fayette park that is currently under construction.

Vote in anti-annexation candidates

It was nice to see the most important issue in the upcoming election delineated in the first letter to the editor in last week’s Citizen. There are lots of issues that affect a few people here and a few there, but nothing touches us all like annexation.

Oppose New Hope Rd. rezoning plan

In May 1985, I moved my family to Fayetteville. We were drawn to the area for its rural atmosphere, and the fact that it was by Georgia’s standards a blue chip community. My child was educated at Fayette County High School, [which is] from our perspective one of the best school systems in Georgia.

Tyrone’s Mayor Lee, Councilman Smola have much to answer for

Earlier this year, I began attending the [Tyrone] Town Council meetings. I primarily wanted to become better informed and to understand how the council and town manager were overseeing development and planning our town’s future.

Ban council, staff from authorities

So [Peachtree City] Council is on its soap box for good governance, recently showcased by their vote to reduce the terms of authority members (and therefore increase council’s power). Let’s take a look at the “good governance” practices in place at the Tourism Authority.

Pensions: ‘Don’t cut me; I’m not fat’

Don’t cut me, I’m not fat.

Last week I read and heard from a number of national media sources a story about the Pension Benefits Guarantee Corporation possibly refusing or rejecting a bankruptcy court judge’s decision to allow United Airlines to unload their pension plan, claiming in so many words they couldn’t afford to absorb that kind of cost.

Hatcher modest about contribution

The Reverend John Hatcher wrote a column recently featuring the other religion columnists of The Citizen newspaper family (although I am more an “opinion” columnist than a “religious” columnist. Once in a while, I do get religious which is, I suppose, a good thing for a priest to do).

Congress shouldn’t cut Medicaid

The proposed Republican budget would slash a number of vital services to people. I’m particularly concerned about proposed Medicaid cuts.

Why are candidates pushing hard for payback of DAPC loan?

Having attended the Rotary Club presentation of the Peachtree City candidates last Tuesday, I am still left to wonder about one topic that seems to be rife with contradictions and pandering by most mayoral candidates: the outstanding loan by a local bank to the former Peachtree City Development Authority.

Steve Boone is a straight-shooter

I have lived in Peachtree City for 11 years. One of the first people that I met was my next-door neighbor Steve Boone. Our families have known each other all this time.

Exposed wrongs make some angry

“The king’s heart is in the hand of the Lord, as the rivers of water: he turneth it whithersoever he will.“ Prov. 21:1 (KJV).

Tennant critic hides his own bias

Last week’s letter from Paul Schwanitz criticizing Dan Tennant for his record on taxes and spending was laughable. Mr. Schwanitz did not have his facts straight.

Tracy Young: Are Tyrone Voters the Problem?

Earlier this year, I began attending the town council meetings. I primarily wanted to become better informed and to understand how the council and town manager were overseeing development and planning our town's future. One of the main issues that interested me was the granting of half-acre lots to John Wieland Homes for a new subdivision. Other issues that have concerned me are the expedited change of local speed limits and the new library debacle. In each situation, the town council failed to consider the interest of all stakeholders in Tyrone.

Why we should NOT annex West Village

It was about five years ago when a small group of PTC residents, including myself and our current mayor, Steve Brown, contributed to the tabling of the Westside Village, so strongly supported by then-Mayor Bob Lenox.

We should encourage modified carts contests

10,000 golf carts that all look alike, how boring. I’ve always been surprised I haven’t seen more modified golf carts around town. I’ve lived in PTC for 16 years, and I’ve always wanted to see a golf cart modification competition, possibly with sponsored teams.

An unattended weapon at air show and PTC police customer service

My husband and I visited Peachtree City on Sunday, Oct. 9 for the Great Georgia Air Show. We had a wonderful time and we thought the air show was put together well and staffed by some wonderful volunteers. We stopped by exhibits, bought a raffle ticket from the American Cancer Society and snacked on some good food. We drove from Acworth to spend the day in your beautiful and unique city.

Let the candidates’ comma splices be seen

I am really looking forward to following the candidates in the upcoming “3-week political forum.” Great idea.

But why edit for punctuation? Part of my criteria for voting will be a candidate’s ability to write a correct English sentence. My suggestion is print what is submitted, subject to your 400-word limit.

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