Boot Brown to restore PTC’s 50th b’day image

In three years and four months, Peachtree City will celebrate its 50th birthday. Whoever we elect mayor Dec. 6 will be representing our city and projecting our image to the world at large during this year-long celebration.

Mayor: Logsdon has no plan to solve PTC problems

We have a lot to be thankful for in Peachtree City. Our award-winning city has one of lowest crime rates per capita in the United States. We also have some of the best median home resale prices in metro Atlanta.

Logsdon reminds one of fair’s ‘disappearing man’

As a young girl, I waited with the great anticipation for the arrival of the Great Heartland Fair every year. The fair was a fantastic smorgasbord of beautiful bright lights that lit up the cold dark sky along with the incredible sounds of music, animals and the loud clanging of the mechanical rides.

You can reach Brown; not so Logsdon

My grandparents on both sides came from the old country (Europe). If they knew that any of us, their descendants, were not exercising our privilege and responsibility to vote, they would get up out of their graves and whip our butts.

Logsdon a wimp to Lenox

Bob Lenox was a dog that had a lot of fight in him. I read the stuff about Harold [Logsdon] in hiding and waiting for the December election. He has this image as a puny, almost anemic figure.

Brown shows concern for youth, seniors in PTC

It is not my habit to write letters to the editor; however, with the runoff election before us, I thought I should share my experience and perspective of our current Mayor Steve Brown.

Many Fayette residents misunderstand taxes, law

Last week, Free Speech displayed a note from a reader about the school property tax exemption granted to Fayette homeowners above the age of 65. This person alluded to the law’s requirement that an elder homeowner have an annual income of less than $15,000 to qualify for a full exemption, and he found that “such gracious benevolence” toward people trying to survive on $288 a week was “nauseating.”

Veterans poppies:How soon we forget

Perhaps because both of our fathers are veterans of World War II, or because we usually spend our wedding anniversary in Great Britain (where Remembrance Sunday is commemorated for a full week), I was saddened at how little attention is given to Veterans Day (Nov. 11) in our area.

French riots a warning about Islamism intent

The riots in France should be a warning to Europe and the rest of the world that the Islamic radicals, or I should say, Islamic terrorists, are bent on tearing down global democracies.

Conservatives would rather give our leaders benefit of the doubt, not the enemy

I was so thrilled when I saw that the always engaging Timothy J. (don’t forget the “J”) Parker had responded to my letter. Right off, in the first paragraph, he proved my argument that liberals do little more than name-call nowadays by referring to my “utter ignorance.”

Response from ‘Democrat with identity crisis’ misses whole point of argument

I expected a response from one of our many Republicans, and instead, I read a response from a Democrat with an identity crisis. He calls himself a liberal but actually thinks, by all accounts from his response, more like a conservative. Go figure.

Bring on more conservative writers; send liberals to seek solace in AJC

Ack! I violated one of my rules of life and neglected to check who wrote that three-column letter until it was too late.

Help 3rd Squadron aid Iraqi children

The 3rd Squadron, 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment, U.S. Army, stationed south of Baghdad, wish to thank the many individual citizens, civic organizations and churches that have supported the squadron’s “Friendship Team” with gifts of clothing and school supplies for Iraqi children. Much still needs to be done.

Brooks’ Veterans Day program got me (again)

Well, it happened again. For the fifth year in a row I couldn’t make it through Huddleston Elementary’s Veterans Day event with a dry eye. I did OK until the third-graders started singing “American Tears” and all around me I saw veterans, teachers and parents reaching for the Kleenex.

PTC’s future requires ‘competent, open, informed’ officials and voters

In Peachtree City only 35.88 percent of those registered to vote bothered to. Out of 20,810 [registered], only 7,466 cared enough.

Brown: ‘Killed the government-developer cash cow’

My beloved citizens, I need you at the polls. A mere 30 percent of the voters voted in the Nov. 8 election. I implore you and your families to vote in the runoff election on Dec. 6 (early voting at the County Annex in Fayetteville: Nov. 28-Dec. 2, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.).

Logsdon: ‘PTC votes overwhelmingly for change’

I want to take this opportunity to thank the many citizens of our great city who called for a change on Election Day by casting their vote for me. Almost 80 Percent of our voters cast a ballot to bring back respectability to Peachtree City.

Tennant: ‘I endorse ’ Logsdon

I want to take this opportunity to thank the 829 citizens who cast a vote for me for mayor. Although I obviously had hoped for a better showing, I nonetheless am very grateful for the support I received in this election. It is a very humbling feeling to know that these folks chose to vote for me when they had five other choices, and I am sincerely honored by their confidence.

Boone thanks, restates platform

I want to thank the citizens of Peachtree City for allowing me the privilege of serving them on the City Council. I am ready and anxious to get to work for you as your council member. I have been given the opportunity to represent you and have the next four years to uphold your trust in me.

Rapson: ‘Brown not why I lost election’

I need to set the record straight regarding comments reported in the local press following the results of last week’s election. It has been reported that I said that I lost the election “because of Steve Brown.”

Gibbs plans to stay involved in PTC

Over a year ago, I began an intense discussion with the citizens of Peachtree City about our future. Those discussions led me to announce my candidacy for Peachtree City Council Post 4 several months back.

Lukjan thanks voters for support

I would like to say “thank you” from the heart to the citizens of Peachtree City who supported and voted for me.

Christian Lukjan

DirectPAC ‘very big on freedom of speech’

To H. Jones, MSG (ret.): In response to your letter in last week’s Citizen that was headlined “Direct PAC types trample freedom,” we must point out several things that are factually contradictory to the points offered in your letter. I did try to call you to in order to respond personally to your letter, but could not find a H. Jones listed in PTC, so I sent you an e-mail instead.

Brown should withdraw, save $20K

Given that Mayor Brown enjoyed just over 20 percent of the votes cast in the general election, wouldn’t it be a magnanimous gesture on his part to concede to Harold Logsdon, thereby avoiding an estimated $20,000 expense for the runoff election?

Out of respect for ‘Dan, Dar and Phil,’ voters should show up for runoff

Mark your calendars for Tuesday, Dec. 6, 2005. We are fortunate in Peachtree City to have a runoff election between Harold Logsdon and Brown.

PTC ‘fed up with high taxes, overspending’

Thank you, fellow citizens, for voting your pocketbook. You have sent a clear message that we are fed up with overspending and resultant high taxes.

Sign vandals: Is this the kind of government we want in PTC?

I’m writing to see if you could write another article on PTC’s citizens pulling signs off other’s people’s property.

Cancer and life’s little ironies . . .

Life has its little ironies.

I picked up the guitar when I was in college. I learned a few chords, mainly G, C and D, and strummed along with a few John Denver tunes (remember “Annie’s Song”?). But then life got busy, with a growing family and graduate school. I put down the guitar, but vowed to pick it up again when my life circumstances permitted.

How to bring Delta back from brink

No one can deny that at one time Delta Air Lines was the largest company in Atlanta, and had the greatest effect on the Atlanta and Georgia economy.

Delta’s cost-cutting affects others

I have been a line pilot for Delta for over 26 years and formerly served as an Air Force flight safety officer.

Delta’s recent draconian proposal to pilots would delete accident leave and reduce annual sick leave to 20 hours of pay.

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