Race stats story creates division instead of unity

As long-term resident of Fayette County, I have seen tremendous changes not only in the economic landscape of the area, but also witnessed astounding paradigm shifts in the social and demographic landscape of this county. What compelled me to move here, with my wife and three children, was a sense of community, safety and education that I found lacking in other areas across metro Atlanta.

White boys & basketball

When you call up an elderly person, don’t whisper; we can’t hear you. You blocked your number, and it took me about five minutes after you hung up to figure out you said, “Racist pig.”

Stormwater dissenter responds

I took notes at all stormwater utility meetings, except the one for commercial properties. So I will clarify the issues that have confused Mr. Chase.

Factual Response to ‘Pathetic Letter’

I read with amazement Mr. Bryan’s comments concerning the suppression efforts of the Peachtree City Fire Department who were faced with a residential structure fire Dec. 12, 2005. It was amazing to me that his 10 years of “experience” with another metropolitan agency, about which he so proudly boasts, would enable him to make an assessment of the strategies and tactics employed at this fire, although he was never on the scene of the emergency.

Firefighters in harm’s way

This is in response to the Feb. 1 letter from Bill Bryan regarding the “pathetic” PTC FD. As a resident of Fayette County and a full-time Fulton County firefighter, I have just three letters for you: S.O.P.

I’m ready to fight any fires

To all the firefighters out there who take great pleasure in criticizing other fire departments over staffing issues, incompetence, low wages, etc.: please rest assure that there is one person in Fayette County (me) who wants to make a true difference in my community if ever given the chance to become a rookie firefighter.

King funeral displayed bad behavior

I watched the eulogy of Coretta Scott King as long as I could before I had to walk away from the TV. It wasn’t from the sadness I felt from her passing, but the despicable behavior of most of the Democrats as they made a political circus of this great lady’s eulogy.

On Cheney: get past it, media

I always thought a journalist should ask a good question, listen to the answer, then build on that answer to ask the next question.

Don’t cloud political issues with facts

In September of 2005, I wrote a letter to the editor expressing my opinion that no matter how much money and effort we pour into Iraq; whether we left now or 5 years from now, our reward for establishing a democracy there would likely be an Islamic theocracy.

Victory plan in Iraq

President Bush has a clear plan for victory in Iraq that begins with training Iraqi forces so they can defend their country and fight the terrorists. We are making tremendous progress towards this objective.

Another view of R.E. Lee

Mr. Scott Gilbert of the Sons of Confederate Veterans (letter to the editor, 01/24/2006) extolled the virtues of Robert E. Lee. Perhaps an opposing and less laudatory view of this iconic figure is worth contemplating.

The joy of smoking

I received an interesting piece of junk mail today. It’s the “2005 Adult Smoker Survey” sent out by National Smoker Services.

Try some kindness for less fortunate

Through no fault of our own, many of us are out of work, severely underemployed, working as temps, or working multiple jobs. We soon go through all that we have, and do whatever it takes to pay bills and hang on to what we have worked so hard to have. We must survive with no medical benefits, retirement plans, to hope and pray that we do not become ill, the car keeps running, and our home stays intact.

Mayor Logsdon has no clue about PTC teens

Peachtree City is a community in denial. There’s a huge contradiction in the services that the city offers to teenagers. Mayor Logsdon’s comment in the other newspaper about there’s plenty for teenagers to do is ridiculous.

BoE, get a grip; stop illegal Clayton students

I am encouraged by the motivation of the parents of the Fayette County students. When I moved to Georgia and Fayette County in 1998, I’ve seen some major changes (not good ones) in our school system as far as illegal students in our schools.

Racism behind furor?

In response to last week’s letter to the editor, “Fayette dumbing down tests for illegal students,” I am very disheartened to read so many letters about how Fayette County public schools are failing to “secure our borders” and keep illegal students out of our public schools.

School board’s problems worse than thought

After reading all the blogs and letters to the editor, I starting checking into the deficiencies of the present school board. The things I have found out are really worse than I first thought.

PTC to be known as Mecca for molesters?

What are we doing to our city’s reputation by arresting all of these child molesters we are luring into our city?

Seems like we will come to be known as the child molestation capital of Georgia.

Voting by districts is fundamental tax fairness

The first thing you should know about me is I love my community. I decided to run for office and work in public service because I truly care about Fayette County, not for glory or compensation. I believe most elected officials also love and care about the communities they live in.

Chairman Dunn not as described by opponent

Last week I read a letter from a candidate announcing he was going to run against Greg Dunn in the July primary County Commission election. I am writing because the candidate describes Mr. Dunn in a manner which I have never observed.

Commission uninterested in what public has to say

I attended the Board of Commissioners’ meeting on Feb. 9, 2006. A group of Boy Scouts was in attendance. Greg Dunn took the opportunity to pontificate on the various aspects of the political process used by the Board of Commissioners.

Let’s all just mind our own beeswax

My mother used to tell my three siblings and me to mind our own beeswax. She said it when we tattled; she said it when we eavesdropped on a grown-up conversation; she said it after we asked one too many pointless questions.

Attorney Maxwell plans run against Greg Dunn: ‘It’s time for a change’

Cal, thank you for engaging Greg Dunn and taking him to task for the senseless waste of taxpayer dollars in his continuing battle with our sheriff and other local governments. I believe that it is time for a change. It is Greg Dunn’s arrogance that necessitates a time for a change. That is why I am announcing that I will be opposing him this summer as I seek election to the Board of Commissioners, specifically the seat currently occupied by Greg Dunn.

Cartoon rage: Islam has image problem

A Danish newspaper published a series of cartoons depicting Mohammed, the founder of Islam, in less than flattering ways. Among them is an image of the prophet with a turban resembling a bomb. The implication, of course, is that the prophet founded a religion of terror.

Trailers multiply, as do illegal students

It seems the school board is suddenly worried about bad press. There should be bad press considering the lax way they have handled the residency requirements for students in our schools.

Overcrowded schools, illegal students: Where is the accountability?

As my neighborhood continues its struggles with the Fayette County Board of Education, I continually meet other citizens who are shocked to hear of our plight. As voters and taxpayers, it is essential that each and every parent with a child in the Fayette County Public School system know the details. As you read our story, ask yourself two questions: Where is the accountability? Where is the fiscal responsibility?

Fayette dumbing down tests for illegal students

It is very alarming how many students attend our schools who live in other counties. These students do not have the background that our longtime students have. Therefore, they are bringing down our test scores which will cost the taxpayers more when the federal funds are stopped or decreased. These scores are very important to our funding.

‘You will never walk in my shoes ...’

I have read many letters from Mr. Hoffman, over the years, reading his hate-filled verbiage and then tossing the paper in the garbage knowing that his words are meant to provoke, not educate or inform.

Court found privacy, abortion rights in original Bill of Rights

Mr. Hoffman enjoins us to prove to him that a woman has a Constitutional right to an abortion. The simple answer might be “the proof is in the pudding.” However, he rightly points out that the Supreme Court has found itself in error before, citing the Plessy v. Ferguson case which OK’d state laws mandating “separate but equal” facilities and education.

Court already proves abortion lawful

It’s that time of year again. January marks the anniversary of our Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade decision and all of the radical pro-lifers crawl out of the woodwork. No doubt, the vacancy of a position in our Supreme Court is fueling this fire even more.

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