Factual Response to ‘Pathetic Letter’

Tue, 02/21/2006 - 4:47pm
By: Letters to the ...

I read with amazement Mr. Bryan’s comments concerning the suppression efforts of the Peachtree City Fire Department who were faced with a residential structure fire Dec. 12, 2005. It was amazing to me that his 10 years of “experience” with another metropolitan agency, about which he so proudly boasts, would enable him to make an assessment of the strategies and tactics employed at this fire, although he was never on the scene of the emergency.

In an attempt to ease the minds of the citizens of our fine city, I will set the record straight concerning the events that unfolded that day.

We arrived within two minutes and 40 seconds of the call being dispatched to find the home 65 percent involved in heavy fire and all occupants reported clear of the home.

An immediate coordinated fire attack was employed that sent the first-in engine company through the front door with a 2-inch hand line to stop the fire’s progression into areas that had not yet become involved in fire.

The second engine company was sent up the driveway through the attached garage into the kitchen to knock down the extreme fire that had already fully consumed two-thirds of the home, one vehicle in the garage and another in the driveway.

These assignments were completed flawlessly and the fire was brought under control in less than 10 minutes.

Unlike Mr. Bryan, I was at the incident and involved in the firefight. I was the person identified by him as the firefighter “twiddling my thumbs” in the driveway. The picture was actually taken as we momentarily awaited the hose line to be charged.

What is of particular surprise is his contention that the homeowner could have done a better job extinguishing the fire with his garden hose considering the fact that the heat being produced by this fire was sufficient enough to ignite the next-door neighbor’s fence, rear deck and melt the vinyl siding off of the exposed side of his home.

In addressing his advise to your readers about cutting power, I would suggest that they contact their utility provider for advice concerning “pulling meters.”

This was a practice employed by some departments over 20 years ago and was halted due to the inherent dangers of electrocution and explosion. But then again since it has been 22 years since he was a firefighter he may not be aware of this or other significant changes in strategies and tactics that are now practiced.

The DeKalb County Fire Department may not employ me, but I have had the pleasure of training and fighting fires with some of our nation’s best departments, the likes of FDNY, Chicago, and Atlanta. The job preformed that day was outstanding and reflective of the performance of our entire department. It was the level of excellence that our customers, the citizens and visitors of Peachtree City, deserve and have come to expect.

Maybe in the near future your paper will publish Mr. Bryan’s letter that he circulated addressed to you concerning his attempts to notify the FBI, FEMA and other governmental agencies concerning their “cover up” of the Sept. 11 tragedy that he pre-warned them about and their “pathetic response.” Interesting reading ...

Ron Mundy, shift commander
Peachtree City Fire Department
Peachtree City, Ga.

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