Pfeifer, Dunn feud with officials

Commissioner Peter Pfeifer, you’re getting a little shaky. If the disruptive County Commission would stop making every issue an “us vs. them” scenario, the taxpayers would be a lot better off. Constitutional officers have explicit duties under the Georgia Constitution and they are, in fact, accountable to the taxpayers because we vote them in or out.

Rep. Fludd sees, knows all of Fayette

Rep. Virgil Fludd’s powers of clairvoyance are absolutely amazing. He actually claims to know that “The concerns of people who live in Brooks and Woolsey are different than than the people that live in places like north Fayette or Tyrone.”

Force-feeding district voting

Why would we want to model ourselves after neighboring counties like Clayton where district voting has caused little fiefdoms? Countywide voting for commissioners and school board keeps them accountable to all the people.

You might understand, if . . .

To Mr. Tennant, Ph.D., Racial Double Standard: Although you are the authority on the racial double standard in America today, here are some tidbits you left out. If you Google “White Associations” you get 14 million more hits than you do for “African American Association.” If you Google “Association of White” you get 28 million more hits than for “Association of Black.”

Race: New Orleans and FCHS

When the mayor of New Orleans announced to the world at a news conference that he was “building an all chocolate city,” in the background you could hear cheers of “all right, yes, praise the Lord.” He made the mistake of telling the everyone his agenda.

PTC Fire Chief Lohr responds to letter criticizing firefighters’ tactics

I wanted to take a moment to address concerns raised by Mr. Bryan in his letter to the editor Feb. 1, and apparently based on his assessment of a photograph taken during a recent structure fire.

So, is former mayor still controlling Logsdon?

It’s fun to watch Direct PAC’s court jester John Dufresne squirm in the newspaper. It’s like he’s got a bad case of irritable bowel syndrome or something. John made sarcastic remarks in the newspaper all during the election and now it’s catching up with him.

Tax-cutting mayor? Apparently just campaign talk

Our “tax-cutting” mayor is off to a dreadful start. All of the Peachtree City Council agendas are full of fee increases.

Tax commissioner hasn’t followed up on request

I read George Wingo’s latest letter to the newspapers. I know my memory isn’t perfect so I rechecked my notes and the minutes. Then I re-read George’s letter, trying to “connect the dots.”

Lessons in Tyrone: get developer’s promise in writing, hold him to it

I want to share with your readers a valuable lesson that my neighbors and I have learned here in Tyrone.

We live in the old Windsong subdivision off of Castlewood Road. Some time ago, Joel Cowan’s son, Joel Jr., began plans to develop some property located behind our subdivision. Unfortunately for him, this property was landlocked.

County water dept. refuses to reimburse for damage it caused

Fayette County Commissioners, I would like to bring a situation to your attention that I believe needs your immediate attention.

Dunn: County-Sheriff issue not at all silly

Cal, your Jan. 25, 2006 editorial addressing the problems between the Sheriff and Board of Commissioners is disappointing at best. A writer with your considerable skills, and the means to inform the public, could have and should have taken this opportunity to find and tell the truth about this controversy. Instead you chose to trivialize, make assumptions, insult, attribute negative motives and thereby misinform your readers.

Tax commissioner addresses online fees

Ordinarily, I choose not to engage in political bickering in the news media. I find it distasteful and generally unproductie. However, a recent letter to The Citizen by Commissioner Peter Pfeifer deserves clarification and correction.

‘Alarming’ number of illegal students

It is very alarming how many students attend our schools who live in other counties. These students do not have the background that our longtime students have. Therefore, they are bringing down our test scores which will cost the taxpapers more when the federal funds are stopped or decreased. These scores are very important to our funding.

Students in school illegally amounts to ‘grand theft’

It seems the school board is suddenly worried about bad press. There should be bad press considering the lax way they have handled the residency requirements for students in our schools. If someone took $7,000 worth of equipment, they would be arrested. So why don't they care about $7,000 per student per year being stolen from our taxpayers.

Editor off base in PTC opinions

Cal Beverly must have gone to the same journalism school that Steve Brown went to — the one that taught not to let facts get in the way of your opinion of what you perceive the truth to be.

Fire dept. in PTC ‘pathetic’

On the front page of The Citizen (12-16-05, “Blaze damages Sweetgum home”) is a great picture of an incompetent, sheep-like, fire department. In the left foreground is a firefighter twiddling his thumbs and handling an uncharged hose. In the right background are two firefighters in full gear, using breathing apparatus outdoors, bunched up at the nozzle instead of one at the hose and another 10 to 15 feet away to help maneuver the hose, using almost a straight stream of water to fight a car fire ... and being blocked from doing an internal fire attack by PTC FD bureaucracy!

Racial double standard must end

Miss Black America. The United Negro College Fund. Black Entertainment Network. The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. The Congressional Black Caucus.

School board: Why ignore illegal students?

I am a homeowner in the city of Fayetteville and a proud resident of Fayette County. If one does his homework, he would find the Fayette County School System, statistically, to be the best in the state of Georgia.

Treatment of sheriff in ‘Speech’ shameful

I think the way Sheriff Randall Johnson is being treated in Free Speech is shameful. This honorable man has been a hero to our community for almost 30 years. He has brought honesty, integrity and toughness to this community that has kept all of us safe for decades. It is not an exaggeration to say that he is why a lot of us moved here.

‘Black’: Double standard?

Can you believe that the Atlanta paper’s Fayette section headlined last week that “Four black candidates seek seat”?

Fayette County needs officeholders with real vision: Here’s 1 vision

Where there is no vision, the people perish.
As biblical scholars will attest, this is not an original thought. But it has always been true, and it’s true today.

Local tax money better spent locally for Fayette’s ‘big league’ libraries

Fayette County taxpayers, regardless of where they live, need to know that their county taxes paid the Flint River Regional Library System in Griffin $73,000 in 2005 for library support to the county.

PTC Library staff highly qualified

I must correct an error in fact that appeared in the Jan. 20 Peachtree Citizen in John Munford’s article that mentioned the Peachtree City Library staff.

Wiretapping: You may trust Bush, but do you trust presidents yet to come?

We have entered one of the most sublime periods in our nation’s history. President Bush has admitted authorizing the NSA to conduct wiretapping of U.S. citizens with limited Congressional and no judicial oversight.

Spying: Dangerous time to be American

After many “last straws” this year, I have finally found my voice. The Bush administration is again doing what it does best: deflecting public attention from the real issue by trumping up sideline distractions.

Democrats conveniently forget Clinton routinely wiretapped

I have many troubling thoughts concerning the path the Democratic Party has taken and there are some questions that continue to plague me.

Prove abortion is really constitutional

In the current hearings (or “witch hunt”) to confirm Samuel Alito as the next Supreme Court justice, Democratic senators like Chuck Schumer and Dick Durbin have attacked Alito for not believing that the Constitution protects a woman’s right to an abortion.

PTC trash: What’s wrong with this picture?

Regarding your front page article of Jan. 18, let me see if I have this correct: A company will be awarded exclusive rights to my trash. They will be able to operate at a much lower cost by planning a fuel-efficient route through our city. They will be able to get everyone’s trash in each subdivision at one time (efficiency in numbers). They will come once a week. And this will cost us MORE rather than LESS? What’s wrong with this picture?

Many parents unaware of dangers to children from online predators

Congratulations to the Peachtree City Police Department for successfully pursuing online computer sex crimes against our children and a big thank-you for arresting 13 sexual predators in the past 18 months.

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