Stormwater tax: Where is Logsdon’s no-tax pledge?

Let’s see if my opinion about this comes true.
I believe mayor and council will pass this [stormwater utility] measure unanimously. They chose not to listen to the voice of experience, but to listen to Integrated Science who doesn’t have a vested interest in this matter.

Tax on rainfall? Only in PTC

I read with total disbelief the article in The Citizen of Jan. 18, “Stormwater fees sought.” The people of Peachtree City are going to be taxed on the rain that falls on their property? When will they impose a tax on the oxygen people breathe? Thank heavens, I live just outside the city limits.

Constitutional officers have no tax power or responsibility

I wrote earlier that our system of government is supposed to have “checks and balances.” I said that a county commissioner takes an oath to be responsible for, and to control and manage the assets owned by the taxpayers.

Jan. 19 was birthday of a man deservedly honored for great character

On the 19th of this month, a very great man from American history [was] honored on his birthday. That man is Robert Edward Lee of Virginia. Known as “General Lee” to those of us that study and revere those honorable parts and persons from our history, he was, and is still a giant in character and personality.

Restaurants hampered by local red tape

I am writing in response to the F.C. Foodie’s question about why more independent restaurants don’t come to Fayetteville.

Logsdonees out to kill Free Speech

Is Ms. Faye Norris suffering from severe anxiety? She appears to be unconsciously acting out some form of mental distress over what she reads in the newspapers.

What to make of Parker’s ‘whingeing’

Whinge: A verb – to complain fretfully; to whine. Was it just me or did the “Mouth of the South”, aka Timothy J. Parker, appear, again, to be doing but just that and little else (Letters, 1/17/06)?

Thanks for morale boost, coffee on cold day in PTC

Many thanks to the super lady who waved her display of approval for the clean-up of a part of Peachtree Parkway this past Saturday.

Drug funds: Is a ‘Johnson-gate’ near?

Jackie Barr. Vincent Hill. Derwin Brown. Randall Johnson? Or, if not Randall, Bruce Jordan in the future?

I hope we never see Mr. Johnson’s name added to that list. But I have a hard time understanding why he seems to have a problem following the law as I understand it in regards to being open to the county commission regarding his spending.

‘Drug money’ really is taxpayers’ money

I would like to echo the sentiments of other Fayette County citizens in stating the obvious.

The Sheriff’s Department acquired the “drug money” while on the taxpayer’s dime. The “drug money” is, therefore, really taxpayer money and should go back in the general operating fund with the net effect of reducing taxes.

Headline only divides

I felt sadness when I read the headline announcing that Mr. Wilkerson was running for a county commission seat. Did the first two words of the headline really have to be “black” and “Republican”? Have we not progressed any further than this?

Blacks, whites, Republicans, Neandertals: What to make of it all

I noticed from the headlines we have a “Black Republican” running for county commissioner. How very nice. Apparently some people took affront to your calling Mr. Wilkerson “black,” and having never met the man, I’m not sure what all the brouhaha is about.

Define person by character, not race

It’s 2006, and the citizens of Fayette County STILL haven’t progressed past defining themselves beyond race. Fayette citizens want representation, but want to define that representation as either black representation or white representation.

Spicy food, national security and Iraq: Treat disease, not symptom

There’s an infomercial on TV about “miracle cures”; you may have seen it. It’s the one where they rant about how the FDA and big pharmaceuticals are in cahoots and everything we’re eating is killing us, or at least making us sick, unless we buy their book.

Is Brown behind barbs?

Just how many pen names does Steve Brown have? Recently I wrote a letter to your paper shaming the editor for endorsing Steve Brown again for mayor. Now three letters have referenced my letter accusing me of being against freedom of speech. One even compared it to the Soviets entering Budapest. This is really overkill and sounds just like Steve Brown.

Fishcapade fishy; PETA does many good deeds

Let me begin by saying that, yes, I am a member of PETA and am dedicated to animal rights, but I am not always the first one to agree with PETA tactics. Which is why I was disturbed by the letter sent in by Mr. Suchomel.

School board inaction harms PTC Elementary kids

There has been a great deal of coverage regarding the Fayette County Board of Education’s redistricting plan. Most of this has been in regard to the objections of Wilshire Estates residents and their subsequent victory when the board chose not to act.

Why all the illegal students while trailers abound?

When I read the recent letter regarding students attending our schools who do not live in this county I became outraged. The letter writer’s observation probably just scratched the surface of what is going on. How can the schools allow this to happen?

Embracing Military Families says thanks

To the very generous citizens of Peachtree City and Fayette County: The spirit of giving is indeed alive and well in Fayette County. Thanks to our wonderful citizens, who gave so freely from the heart, Embracing Military Families was able to brighten the holidays for nine very deserving families at Ft. Benning.

‘Racist’ headline: Why mention race?

I strenuously object to the blatantly racist headline, “Black Republican to run for county comm.” found on the front page of the Jan. 4, 2006, edition of The Citizen.

Race shouldn’t be issue; character is

My wife and I were appalled at the bold headlines we saw the Wednesday, Jan. 4, 2006, edition of The Citizen entitled, “Black Republican to run for county comm.”

County, sheriff need to call a cease-fire

Friction between a county commission and a sheriff is especially vicious when it involves debate over who controls money and assets.

Commissioner Pfeifer: My duty is to account for all county property

I’ve made pledges when I have run for office. In my first campaign for this office, I made this one: “I will make myself available to listen to what any other elected official in this county has to say. I will respect the fact that they have been elected to their office by citizens of Fayette County. No offense to this newspaper or any other but, I will not conduct conversations with these officials through the newspapers. This is a two-way street.”

Tyrone well-served after storm

Tyrone suffered what I believe to be the worst natural disaster in our history last Monday evening. Had my son not been driving up Ga. Highway 74 immediately after the tornado and called me, I would probably have been unaware of the tremendous damage that was done and the great efforts that took place that night.

Illegal students throng Fayette schools

Recently I became aware of a very grave situation which exists in our school system. I no longer have students at our schools so I have been out of the loop for the last few years. Since school started back, I had to pick up my niece from an after-school activity at Fayette County High School at about 5 p.m.

Islamic assembly was not example of ‘bad timing’

I read your newspaper regularly. It gives me lot of information and news of Fayette County. Being a resident of the beautiful city of Peachtree City, I am very much interested about the happenings in the county.

Letting about Kwanzaa

On December 31, 2005, a copy of your local paper was delivered to my home in Union City. I glanced through the pages to get a quick overview of the topics of the issue. I was amazed to see the article you posted in reference to the African American holiday of Kwanzaa. The picture of the author raised more questions in my mind. On reading this presentation – which had no footnotes or credible references — I was offended that a public journal would publish such a biased and unsubstantiated piece.

About Kwanzaa

Dear Editor,

I am writing this letter in response to The Citizen’s recent decision to print a copy of an excerpt from one of Ann Coulter’s numerous and highly overrated, right-wing rants and ravings. During last week’s publication, Ms. Coulter’s piece on the creation and true meaning of Kwanzaa was reprinted in The Citizen. Throughout the piece, Ms. Coulter makes derogatory remarks about the celebration of Kwanzaa and its founder, Dr. Maulana Karenga. As a member of the Fayette community and a staunch supporter of the principles of Kwanzaa, I would like to offer the following retort.

Lakefront lots at taxpayer expense

I am writing this letter to close out this year by thanking the [Fayetteville] mayor and City Council for stiffing the taxpayers for $1.3 million by purchasing 3.16 acres of land and for the repair of the Pye Lake dam.

Father Time Race great start to 2006

We had a fantastic time with you and all those involved in the First Annual Father Time Road Race in Brooks. Thank you for your efforts and vision in making this happen. The shirts, the awards, and the fire station finish were incredible.

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