Tennessee charges more tax on gasoline because they do not have a state income tax. Georgia does have a state income tax, yet the gasoline prices in Georgia are higher than Tennessee by ten cents a gallon. Are any of you Cheneys or wealthy housewives, with nothing better to do, crusading about something that effects everyone? You can not prove that even one person has died as a result of second-hand smoke. I am sorry for every person, and their family, that was unfortunate enough to get cancer, but cancer is caused by several things and not just the witch-hunted smoker. Statistics have shown that the Emmissions Laws have not helped the air in Georgia, but we still have to pay for the testing. And while the average private citizen has to spend their hard-earned dollars toward the farce, you see industrial vehicles belonging to large companies still bellowing out their clouds of exhaust fumes and others driving around in unsafe vehicles. Will you now crusade for no one to drive on roadways where there are people under the age of eighteen? No, you won't...because it would negatively effect you. I am a father of three small children and I am a smoker. I do not smoke around my children nor do I take them somewhere they would be subjected to it...there are many other places to go and I know that being a parent is about PERSONAL sacrifices. But they are still subjected to the industrial pollution. So don't take the political high ground and use children for your excuse just because you want to eat somewhere that HAD a smoking area. If it were about the children, you would have allowed for a time restriction compromise such as allowing people to smoke in restaurants after 10pm since children shouldn't be out that late anyway. But wait, that would probably effect YOU since you don't care if your children should be in bed..YOU're hungry and too lazy to cook.

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