Mayor Brown genuinely cares about residents

Tue, 11/01/2005 - 6:18pm
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With all the campaign signs appearing in yards, and the many articles regarding the upcoming mayoral election, now seems like an appropriate time to bring to light a side of Mayor Brown that many overlook. Steve Brown genuinely cares about the residents of Peachtree City.

Note that I did not say “voters” of Peachtree City. I knew Mayor Brown before he was elected, and his attitude of caring for the well-being of all around him has remained constant. It is buried deep in his character.

Mayor Brown has gone to extensive lengths to work with our city’s young people. He has supported both the Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts in our city with his presence at events, as well as his encouragement to involve the young people of Peachtree City in matters of civic importance. Mayor Brown is a favorite speaker at Scouting events and genuinely enjoys spending time with the kids. He strives to set a good example for our young people to follow.

But his concerns don’t end there. It was Mayor Brown who began Peachtree City’s Community Action Day program, which pairs local volunteers and corporate sponsors with the elderly and needy families to help with home maintenance and repairs, as well as landscape needs at our public schools which are not funded by the Board of Education, and general civic maintenance of cemeteries which are often forgotten elements of our community.

Having signed on to one of last year’s larger projects, I can personally attest to the gigantic effort that Mayor Brown puts into this program in order to procure help for all who need it.

Another characteristic of Steve Brown is his conviction to do what is right and just for the citizens of Peachtree City. He fearlessly fights for what is right, regardless of the personal attacks and senseless name-calling he has to endure from his opponents.

When opponents resort to those tactics, doesn’t it make you wonder why they work to discredit the person instead of offering a better solution?

Mayor Brown does not take the easy way out. He does not play the “popularity” game. He refuses to meld into the “good old boy” network. He simply does what is fair, just and equitable for all members of our community.

Mayor Brown’s compassion, honesty, and the fearlessness in which he fights for what is right, fair and equitable for our city earns him my vote. I hope you will join me to ensure that Peachtree City has another term of honest government.

Kim Hamm
kim (at)

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H. Hamster's picture
Submitted by H. Hamster on Wed, 11/02/2005 - 4:49pm.

Be careful reading Kim's letter after eating. Warm and fuzzy Brown supporter who had overdosed on some Brown Kool Aid.

Kim, here's offering a better suggestion Dan, Dar, Phil, Harold. OK? Posiotive enough for you?

Submitted by G-bug on Wed, 11/02/2005 - 5:57pm.

Kim Hamm is sincere; Carol Hamster is petty.

birdman's picture
Submitted by birdman on Wed, 11/02/2005 - 4:05pm.

Your letter touting the "caring" side of Brown as a civic minded person doesn't qualify him as a good mayor. It's not his opposition who writes the horrible comments in Free Speech, it's Brown and his supporters. He has consistently accused, attempted to discredit, or flat out insulted everyone who dares to question him. Thes attacks aren't limited to simply the "old guard," but any citizen, surrounding governments, state representatives who dared...DARED not to do as he, King Steve, wishes. This hardly is the "caring" individual that you portray. I, too, donated a lot of my time to sports, Boy Scouts, mentored in the local schools, etc. It doesn't make me a good mayor, only a good citizen. But having dared to question our illustrious mayor, and I, like so many, was insulted, labled, accused, and verbally acosted by none other than the very "caring" mayor and his henchmen. Brown is a good politician. He will tell you anything to get your vote. You may be fooled, but hopefully others won't be.

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