Forget 1-day holidays; county gives 5 for 2

I was disappointed when I attempted to purchase my tags for my vehicle [the week before Christmas] that the Tax Commissioner’s office was closed three days for what is a one-day holiday.

Why must swimmers bear most cutbacks?

In the Dec. 31 Free Speech, a comment was made that the Kedron Aquatic Center should not remain open since it seems to be only for the swim teams.

Obama inauguration costs in line with past

This is in response to a recent letter concerning the cost and impact of the presidential inauguration.

The dissatisfaction with the election results is very transparent with the use of words like “new messiah,” “anointing,” and “he’s too impressed with himself.”

Citizens must participate in county’s decision on defined benefits

We were pleased to hear at the last Fayette County Board of Commissioners meeting that the employee committee formed to study a defined benefit plan needed more time to do so.

Please, PTC, keep plastic recycling

Dear Mayor Logsdon and Peachtree City Council:

Hi, I am Paige Aronhalt and I am writing to let you know I am not happy since you stopped recycling plastic.

The story of a teen, a treasured Jeep, and a wreck

An open letter to the driver of a white minivan: My name is Michael Lauden II, and I have resided in Peachtree City since June 2006, and the first six months here were amazing.

‘Merry Christmas’ is intolerant

As a response to Bishop Epps’ article in The Citizen’s Dec. 27 and 28 issues, I have read and enjoyed your commentaries in The Citizen for some time now. However, after reading your article, “Keep the Mass in Christmas,” I feel compelled to do something I have never done before – send a written response to an article I disagree about.

Dr. Cheves cared for patients’ needs, lives

On the afternoon of Christmas Eve, I was informed through your publication of the passing of Dr. Harry L. Cheves, Jr. While my heart initially ached at this stunning news, I also found myself rejoicing at the thought of a tremendous doctor and courageous man celebrating Christmas with Jesus.

Obama should tone down inauguration

The media predicts that 2 million to 4 million people, drunk on the adoration of the “new messiah,” will descend on Washington, D.C., for the presidential inauguration-anointing of Barack Obama.

County Rec Dept. fee hike will hurt many

I am writing this letter to bring awareness to a serious concern in our county. The Recreation Department of Fayette County wants the commissioners of our county to pass a procedures draft that will have a negative financial effect on current recreational sports programs in this county.

School events cut into family, church

To the Fayette County Board of Education: My name is Paula Littleton and I am a parent of four and a church youth director here in Fayette County. I am writing out of concern for our students, their families and our church families.

Fayette commission shows season’s spirit

With all of the hot topics going before the commissioners such as the defined pension plan and the west bypass, many have missed a great gift given to our community.

Don’t worry about these teen spraypainters: They’re doing good

As citizens, we’ve all been asked to be on alert for kids with spray paint in an effort to help the city fight the rampant onset of graffiti. But, not all teenagers wielding spray cans are malicious.

Goodbye to Trey Hoffman

For the past several years, my life has been so busy to the point where I cannot just sit and read The Citizen from front to cover. Maybe, when I retire, I will have that luxury.

Come to ‘modified’ PTC Santa Run

Let me assure the writer of the Free Speech “disappointment” piece that no one feels worse than those of us directly affected by this year’s one-time cancellation of the PCFD Santa Run — the firefighters of your department!

Ban aliens from economic stimulus

You needn’t read very far before you realize that this is not a letter of fact, but rather of emotion. I realize that I may be accused of racism or, at the very least, bigotry.

GOP not helping by blaming ills on labor

We Republicans are smarting from our massive losses and the rejection of our leadership on the national level. Yet we continue to follow the path to ruin with regard to vilifying American workers, and maintaining a mindless anti-union stance.

PTC Civic Association lists year’s achievements, invites new members

Why should your neighborhood become part of the Peachtree City Civic Association?

PTCCA Top 10 Accomplishments of 2008:

Stranded with dead battery, customer gets ‘service’

In this day and age of bad news coming at us from everywhere, stress levels at an all-time high, and Scrooge just around the corner, I felt that I had to share some news: Good Samaritans do exist!

Look into face of child

With all the talk of the Second Coming, we only have to look into the face of a little child to see the Christ Spirit, which has been with us from the beginning and remains with us forever. Though our religions have branded us as sinners, the child knows he is Love and emanates Love.

Early retirement a bad idea for F’ville

To Fayetteville City Manager Joe Morton: I have looked at your proposed plan to allow early retirement for 13 eligible city employees and have come to the conclusion it would not be good for the taxpayers that would have to be responsible for paying for this plan.

County’s proposed pension plan ignores current economic realities

In a recent letter to a concerned citizen, Mr. Jack Smith, a certified public accountant and chairman of the Fayette County Commission, made this statement: “The pension study committee worked for nine months with information from experts, both paid and unpaid, in thoroughly researching a [defined benefits] plan for Fayette County. This was done in properly advertised open meetings which any one could attend to listen or discuss the issue. Even though few attended the meetings, I have not yet found a pension professional or open-minded citizen who disagrees with implementing the DB plan once they hear all the facts. Unfortunately, there are those alarmists who will believe the worst before they have all the facts.”

Everybody can be great, and anyone can instill hope: FDR’s example

My family had the privilege of visiting Franklin Delano Roosevelt State Park in Warm Springs, Ga., over the Thanksgiving holiday.

Help our soldiers by helping their families

I am a soldier serving in Iraq. I am proud to be here and hope that I represent American values well and do my part towards building a better world.

Ban all cell phone use while driving

In regard to Fayette state Rep. Matt Ramsey’s proposed texting while driving law: While I laud Ramsey for his efforts in protecting Georgia drivers from the wiles of teenage cell phone use, the question begs, why limit this law to drivers under the age of 18?

Mitochondrial disease requires federal help

Many have labeled mitochondrial disease a “rare disease” about which little is known. While there is still more to be learned, we actually know a great deal about mitochondrial disease.

Protect middle schoolers: Keep away from info about Founding Fathers

In response to Mr. Herman’s article in the AJC (11-28-08), I would say, “God forbid that our middle schoolers be corrupted with the idea of respect for a creator.”

Lynn, just send cash to us home-builders

Congressman Westmoreland, it has come to my attention that our highly motivated Congress is on the verge of sending an additional $25 billion to Detroit to assist the automobile industry. This is in addition to the $25 billion our representatives have already decided to give this now floundering industry. I have not read what your position is on this generous offer, but please allow me to offer a bit of insight into this plan.

For safety of cart users, put path on Dividend Dr.

On a little street behind The Avenue, also known as Dividend Drive, there are golf carts and cars that share the road.

Richard Peter D’zio: Charmed by his smile, thousands heard the Gospel

Sunday, Nov. 16, 2008, the world lost a giant among men. His name was Richard Peter D’zio. He was better known as “Richie” or Mr. D.

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