For safety of cart users, put path on Dividend Dr.

Tue, 11/25/2008 - 4:24pm
By: Letters to the ...

On a little street behind The Avenue, also known as Dividend Drive, there are golf carts and cars that share the road.

The reason for this is the city shut down the actual path to The Avenue. Another way had to be found, otherwise, a huge problem will accrue on the roads behind The Avenue.

The worst problem that has shown itself with cars and golf carts sharing the road is that head-ons seem to [almost occur] almost every time someone crosses the railroad. A person sitting behind the wheel, driving behind a 5-mph golf cart while going up a hill, will decide to pass.

Most would say, that isn’t the smartest idea, but some say they are too impatient, so instead of waiting, they pass the golf cart and into the other lane as another car is heading up over the hill and almost collides with the other car.

The head-on factor is not the only problem that is a scare; there are also the semis that hang out on Dividend Drive going 40 to 50 mph while passing golf carts.

The age range on a golf cart is a baby to someone over 80 years old. A bunch of what ifs could be named, but going with the safety factor, having semis that range up to 20,000 pounds and a golf cart weighing up to 600 pounds riding side by side is not exactly safe for a golf cart.

The first thing that can be done is to put up golf cart paths on Dividend Drive. The golf cart path will provide safety for golf carts and provide less of a scare of head-ons, since when people are going up to 50 mph on Dividend Drive, people will not have to worry about a golf cart sitting on the side of the road that they have to dodge.

The only problem with my idea is that the city will have to use taxes towards building the golf cart path.

Another solution is that golf carts should not be allowed on the roads behind The Avenue. The bad thing about no golf carts is that there are less people willing to go to The Avenue, since the people do not want to waste gas.

I believe that the people of Peachtree City should really take a thought of having the golf cart paths set on Dividend Drive. This way, the stores get money, and the people have their safety, because isn’t safety worth the price of a few bucks, or do more believe a few bucks are worth the price of lowered safety?

The people who live in Peachtree city will decide, but also make sure the price is worth the cost. Just remember this essay when there is a golf cart going 5 mph and all that’s left is to go insane by how slow the golf cart is going, or pass the golf cart going over a hill when there might just be another car coming down the same lane.

Kirsten Johnson

Peachtree City, Ga.

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