Sooie! Bypass by any other name ...

A pig by any other name remains the same. The Fayette County commissioners must have hired a public relations firm.

For the last 24 years, our answer to the supposed traffic problems in Fayetteville has been called the West Fayetteville Bypass. However, now that our officials have received so much heat regarding the lack of documented need for the bypass, they have decided to dress it up a little and call it a parkway.

Domestic violence is not private problem

Thank you for your coverage of this story. Our hearts go out to Mrs. Ellicott and to all those surviving domestic violence in our communities. While we are grateful that Mrs. Ellicott is able to testify about her abuse, it is devastating to think about how much she suffered before the perpetrator was held accountable for his actions.

Tyrone invites public to Veterans Park event

The Tyrone Veterans Memorial Park Committee would like to invite the public to the dedication of Tyrone Veterans Memorial Park May 25 at 1 p.m.

Swine flu and other plagues through history

“Swine flu outbreak in 11 states; 1 dead.” The headlines of this week’s AJC placed everyone on alert. Some may even be in a mild state of panic.

Haddix: Updates on PTC issues

It has been awhile since I placed anything in the paper. Seemed like a good time to bring some issues up to date.

Outsourcing landscaping shaved about $940,000 off the budget with no reduction in services. That translates to about .52 mill in property tax.

There’s some scary talk from conservatives

Many years back when I lived in Colorado, I was in a drive-through line at my bank.

Out of my peripheral vision, I noticed the car to my left slowly rolling backwards. I couldn’t imagine why this person would be moving backwards at the bank drive-through. I wondered if they knew they were rolling.

Buy USA: Shop 2nd-hand stores

During this time we are looking for ways to save money. If we are spending consciously, then make our money count. Let’s all buy American.

Celebrate Earth Day by going solar power

In celebration of Earth Day today, I encourage everyone to consider the next step towards making this country energy independent. Solar power is viable here in Fayette County and there is no better time to make the investment for our future.

An alternative to the Obama vision for America: Free markets

I recently had a friend suggest that I take action and let my voice be heard on the Obama budget plan because, “it’s a bold plan that confronts the long-term threats to our prosperity and builds a new foundation for economic growth by investing in energy, health care, and education.”

Are you proud to pay your taxes?

The collapse of America is scheduled to happen today, April 15th. The idiocracy says the sky is falling, tax-wise. There are “TEA” parties protesting taxes, socialism, redistribution of wealth, government bailouts and all things Obama. Fiscally conservative Republicans are all over the stimulus and are voicing opposition to increased taxes and national debt.

How many have had enough?

Never have I seen the American public so disgusted with our Congress. Partisan politics, negative campaigning and seemingly out of control government officials are literally sickening everyone. Americans are not only fed up with the greed, the lies, and the cheating, but they are angry. Please serve as a beacon of light to change a system that so begrudgingly accepts change.

Employee Free Choice Act empowers workers

I find it ironic that Kevin Arnold blames the Democrats in playing title games of laws when we just went through eight years of mis-titled laws by the Republicans that ran this country into the worse crisis since WWII.

If you hit a dog, at least stop to check

To the person who hit a dog on Redwine Road [recently], I have only one question: Would it have killed you to do the right thing and stop to see if you could render assistance?

Uh oh, feds try to legislate fairness

With the report cards that went home this past Friday in Fayette County, there was included a form to be filled out by all public school students to newly identify the race and ethnicity of each student.

Here’s resident thankful for stop signs

I am responding to a specific statement made by Mr. Claude Paquin in his column in the March 25 edition of The Citizen, “Bringing science and fairness to traffic court.”

Voters, let’s remember whom to thank when power bills go up

Your Georgia legislature recently passed SB31, a proposal written at the behest of Georgia Power, supported and promoted by Georgia Power, to allow Georgia Power to recoup costs up front for future construction of two new nuclear reactors at Plant Vogtle.

Democrats, unions seek to ban the secret ballot

Liberal Democrats quite often label their grandiose, freedom-killing legislative initiatives with the most heinous and misleading titles. The Employee Free Choice Act is the latest example of these disingenuous titles designed to gain the support of the dumb masses when, in actuality, the exact opposite will be true.

Hard-working achievers deserve federal help

Bill Webster and others like him seem to think that Rush, Herman Cain, Neal Boortz and Sean Hannity are objective sources of information.

Need a checklist of constitutional violations?

The three biggest threats to our Constitution are (1) those currently in power in our federal government, (2) a mass media that ignores any story that conflicts with its liberal/progressive ideology, and (3) those clueless citizens/voters, like Dana Felger, who blissfully celebrate their comprehensive ignorance by criticizing those of us who possess some awareness.

Property taxes here up 25% in 5 years

I must comment on some glaring inaccuracies by Dar Thompson in his ardent alacrity for higher taxes. Mr. Thompson misspeaks when he states that there have been no tax increases over the past five years.

Obama’s tax hikes are bad for our economy

I was alarmed to read that President Obama plans to remove certain deductions in the tax code for energy companies while leaving the same deduction in place for other manufacturers.

PTC Council candidate Imker: Budget tops all needed changes

I don’t want any questions on how I intend to lead if elected. I simply want to see this city return to some fiscal and development rationality while keeping the recreational and leisure lifestyle offered here the best it can be.

Epps off base in column; we can change leaders

I usually find Father Epps’ columns to be insightful because they cut through the baloney and identify in a common-sense way the core of issues; however, this week’s installment about U.S. citizens owning Wall Street took the cake for simplistic naivete (

Bush has been flying this plane for years

Hijacking of U.S.? In response to the brainwashed Bill Webster’s letter, the Bush administration has been flying the plane for the last eight years. We are here today because of the misguided plane.

How to appeal your tax assessment

We have been paying ridiculous amounts of property taxes here in Fayette County on inflated assessments of our homes for years. Last year I averaged paying $140 a week just for the privilege of living in Peachtree City. It is payback time.

Chief Heaton: Another perspective on tickets

First, let me start by stating that I debated about responding to the letter to the editor sent by Mrs. Copen, titled, “Who are you going to believe: Widow, 80, or cop parked watching a stop sign?” But after reading the article by Claude Paquin referred to by Mrs. Copen, I thought I needed to offer a response and maybe a different perspective.

Airport here before most residents

Jet noise over Fayette County — are you kidding me? Mr. Meyer needs to find something real to complain about.

Mr. Meyer blames everyone but himself for living in Fayette County near the world’s busiest airport. Are we to believe Mr. Meyer had no idea he was moving into a home near the busiest airport in the world?

Complaint about future 6th runway, excessive jet noise is inaccurate

I am writing in response to the letter from Michael Meyer regarding Atlanta Hartsfield Airport and Fayette County. This is the first time I’ve heard any Fayette resident complain of jet noise from the airport, yet Mr. Meyer encounters jet noise that rolls him out of bed “like a California earthquake.”

Leave PTC’s sign rules as they are

I note in a front page article by John Munford, “Peachtree City may relax sign rules for businesses” (The Citizen Weekend, March 14-15, 2009), Mayor Harold Logsdon states it might be worthwhile allowing “very limited changes” in PTC’s sign ordinances for a specific, limited period of time. The proposed changes would include allowing large signs in business windows and outdoor banners.

Capitalism’s getting a bad rap lately

The fact is that business is only run for one purpose, to make a profit as payment for risk taking, and this is accomplished through free exchange of goods or services by one party with another. Both parties believe they come out better or they wouldn’t complete the exchange. Importantly, business would not be started and grown if investors had little or no incentive to do so.

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