If you hit a dog, at least stop to check

Tue, 04/07/2009 - 3:35pm
By: Letters to the ...

To the person who hit a dog on Redwine Road [recently], I have only one question: Would it have killed you to do the right thing and stop to see if you could render assistance?

OK, I have two questions. Were you in so much of a hurry that you couldn’t at least pick this animal up and take it to someone who could have helped it?

I understand that sometimes animals run out in front of motorists, and that even if the motorist is driving the speed limit (were you?) you sometimes can’t avoid hitting the animal.

But did it ever occur to you that this animal had a family who was frantically searching for her? Or that there are now not only two adults who are grieving the loss of their family pet, but that there are heartbroken children involved as well?

I don’t understand the kind of person who hits a dog and keeps on driving, without even checking the pet’s collar to see if the family can be contacted.

I have to assume that you not only have no compassion, but that you are a person without integrity. Regardless of whether you like animals or not, you didn’t even try to do the right thing.

If you have any conscience at all, you will contact this family, tell them how sorry you are, and ask them if you can do anything to make up for what you have done. I invite you to do so through me.

I am the lost pet liaison for Whitewater Creek subdivision. You can contact me through our website or our security gate guard. I look forward to hearing from you (but will not hold my breath).

Donna Heinlen


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