County won’t follow its own land plan

Fayette County Commissioner Eric Maxwell had the courage to take a stance in opposition to the business technology park on the west side of Ga. Highway 74 in Tyrone by saying, “I believe that at this point you can tell the difference going from Fayette County to Fairburn. And in four years, if this thing is passed and the economy turns around, you will not know the difference between Fulton County and Fayette County.”

6th runway will add noise pollution

When we had the severe storm come through Fayette County, I couldn’t tell between the sound of the violent thunder or the roaring jet noise above my house. Only when the airport momentarily quit departures did I catch a break.

To keep PTC the way it’s been, residents must support higher taxes

We are Peachtree City ... aren’t we? I recently watched the movie, “We Are Marshall.” For those who have seen the movie, you know during the most trying time in the school’s history the entire student body came together in front of the school board, in a united front to fight for their school, chanting, “We are MARSHALL.” The chant is still used to this day.

Fleisch: Why a Realtor is running for PTC Council

Since my announcement to run for Peachtree City Council, I have been asked why, as a Realtor, I would want to run for office.

PTC election choice: 2 different futures

Without question, Peachtree City is at a unique time in its history. We stand at build-out, recession (some experts now saying depression), and a City Council that has two different views of what the comprehensive plan and vision say and mean. To this we must add very different visions of what Peachtree City needs for the future.

Spousal abuse story gives valuable info

I am the research and communications coordinator for the Georgia Commission on Family Violence. The recent article, “PTC man faces 15 charges for assault on wife,” was exceptional.

Raising bar for special needs students

March 2-6 was Exceptional Children’s Week and the theme was “Raising the Bar.” In Fayette County, we serve over 1,800 special needs students with a wide range of abilities and disabilities.

Who you gonna believe: Widow, 80, or cop parked watching a stop sign?

I can relate to the article, “Should you pay that traffic ticket or fight it?” written by Claude Paquin in the March 4, 2009 edition of The Citizen.

Obamanoids? You don’t know me

I cannot believe I am even able to write this note as my blood pressure is off the chart, I am feeling faint, lightheaded and apoplectic after reading Mr. Rettmann’s rant. Of course I blame myself for even reading past the first sentence, but I guess that’s what being an American is ... free to do things that are not healthy.

From high school junior helping dad to becoming registered nurse

“Mom, something is wrong with Dad.” Journeys begin with a single step; this one also began with a single sentence.

The heart of a PTC golf cart beats fast

I am a golf cart and confined within my own limitations. But inside me beats the heart of a race car. I long to go fast, go far and win a big race. The race is long and filled with the need for endurance, the need for commitment, the need for a steady spirit – like me!

Join outraged citizens banding together to stop hijacking of U.S.

There is a boiling and bubbling cauldron just below the surface of our land. It is overflowing with resentment and anger towards those who would hijack our nation.

Obama Democrats start class war to socialize U.S., redistribute wealth

After a month and a half of Obama, I can’t stand it anymore. I have to vent before I explode. Our republic is not long for this world for several very clear reasons.

Reader rebuts PTC sewer argument

I looked over the Peachtree City presentation, “Hip Pocket Sewer Install,” with interest. Then I reviewed a couple of websites on septic systems in order to objectively consider both sides of this question.

Citizens should contact DOT to oppose signal

Citizens of Peachtree City and surrounding areas, if you do not want even more massive traffic jams along Ga. Highway 54, please write the GDOT commissioner and ask that the proposed stoplight at Line Creek Drive not be installed.

BoE short-changing parapros with cuts in pay

To the Fayette County Board of Education: I am a concerned Fayette County citizen, husband, father, homeowner, business owner, taxpayer, and active voter who has become compelled to voice some serious concerns.

‘Hero hunter’ is back, poaching deer

You may remember the letter I wrote to you last year regarding the “year-round deer hunter” that lives on Ebenezer Church Road.

Informal traffic study (and county’s lack of a study) undercut bypass

It would truly be a testament to the people and leaders of Fayette County if we could be successful in protecting and preserving what precious little there is left of historic Fayette County.

Our God-given minds need some light

The human mind is a beautiful thing. When God made man out of dirt, He fashioned a brain that worked rather well. Adam was immediately able to comprehend what God told him to do (“Be fruitful and multiply. ...”).

Help needed for rare childhood malady

I am a former PTC resident, current Newnan resident, in your coverage area, and a Fayette County teacher. I am the vice president of an organization called The Prune Belly Syndrome Network ( This is a medical, nonprofit (503c3) organization that exists solely for the purpose of finding a cause for the rare birth condition called “Prune Belly” or, the more official medical name, Eagle-Barrett Syndrome.

No need to fear Obama’s programs

There is, and has been for a long time, a very shrill debate between conservatives and liberals regarding the direction in which our country should move. I think we can all agree that we are in trying times that call for some sort of action on our part to prevent further degradation of the American way of life.

Letter glosses over Democrats’ role

I have just read Mr. David Browning’s diatribe regarding my letter in the Feb 10 Citizen. Since he has chosen to follow the typical Democrat/liberal/progressive/socialist/communist method of debating an issue (a shrill, nonstop attack on any conservative who dares disagree with his infantile view), I’ll try instead to offer a common sense rebuttal, understanding that no Obamamaniac actually cares about truth or reality, only about that shiver running up his/her leg.

Tethering ordinance needed in Fayette

I live in Fayette County with my husband John Conti. My brother and sister-in-law live in Fayetteville and my niece and nephew graduated from FCHS. I am not a breeder, nor am I affiliated with the AKC. I am not a member of PETA.

Lawmakers, voters are feeling betrayed

Lawmakers, I can’t believe it. I’ve lived scrupulously the past six years trying to get through grad school, living in modest one-bedroom apartments, paying my taxes with a saddened heart, knowing part of my tax dollars will pay for bullets in an Iraq war I wished my lawmakers hadn’t decided to start (but hey, these days, what’s another trillion dollars down the hole?).

F’ville makes unwise choice for trash hauler

Fayetteville Mayor and City Council, CLM Sanitation will turn Fayetteville into a cesspool. You are making a big mistake switching to their service. Peachtree City decided against them for the reasons I am about to point out to you.

An inside view of what needs cutting in schools

I am writing this letter and sending it to everyone who may have a true concern or vested interest in helping the Fayette County School System find its way from lack to abundance.

PTC Council candidate Imker blasts spending reserves for past 2 years

Today’s lesson: ”Living within your means.” I really don’t like being too negative but when elected officials overspend, usually in a sad attempt to get reelected, make friends or pay off a favor, I get incensed.

DOT, stop unneeded W. F’ville Bypass

[To the Ga. Department of Transportation:] We are writing to you to address the issue of the proposed West Fayetteville Bypass (WFB) road project. We would like you to oppose any further work on this project for the following reasons:

Imker to run for Haddix’s Post 1

[The Citizen is publishing the following email as a letter to the editor.]

Imker running for Peachtree City Council Post #1.

Fleisch sets race against PTC Post 4’s Plunkett

My name is Vanessa Fleisch and I am announcing my candidacy for the Peachtree City Council Post 4 in the upcoming election.

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