Life with Obama in charge of us

It seems inevitable that we shall soon have our first radically social president. When General Secretary Obama takes office next January, he will surely begin to implement (with Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid’s eager help) his plan to collectivize America.

It’s time to limit Congress to 2 terms

I make no bones about supporting McCain and Palin and have already voted for them. This is what I view as the best course for the country. If the other party wins this election, I fear for the future.

Why we the taxpayers need Nicole File on the Fayette Co. School Board

I am very concerned that we in Fayette County continue to be taxed by our school board by a process that is foreign to me.

Top 10 reasons to write in Nicole File for Post 1

10. Schools would be located near actual students, instead of near land purchased by board Chairperson Terri Smith’s husband and/or his cronies.

Ice rink/sports complex will make PTC a more attractive place to live

My desire for an ice rink in Peachtree City transcends my use of ice skating as one of my own personal activities.

I have been an artistic skater for over 50 years and I’ve always been grateful for the presence of the business community and/or local government to build and maintain skating facilities for the public. It is a sport that can engage the body and mind of youngsters to octogenarians.

Let’s try to see only ‘people color’

At about age 4, when I first realized that skin color was quite important to a number of people, I was asked, “What color are you?”

Paper’s cheerleading story appalling

I am writing to express my disappointment at The Citizen’s online article dated 10/17/2008, “MHS cheerleaders suspended for drinking.” I would direct my comments to the specific author of this piece; however, none of your journalists seem to have taken credit for it, given the byline that reads “The Citizen.”

Vote ‘NO’ on Amendment 1 to protect rural counties’ tax base

The Nov. 4 ballot amendment #1 question reads like this:

“Shall the Constitution of Georgia be amended so as to provide that the General Assembly by general law shall encourage the preservation, conservation, and protection of the state’s forests through the special assessment and taxation of certain forest lands and assistance grants to local government?”

Amendment 2 is a developer welfare measure — Vote ‘NO’

On Nov. 4, Amendment 2 will be on the ballot. Voting for this amendment will allow the money you are taxed for education to be used by developers, etc.

Not just wealth is being spread around

From what I am hearing in Washington, I suppose I owe every parent a huge apology. Silly me! I’ve been teaching your children about the value of working hard, both in the classroom and on the playing field.

Hard questions on SPLOST are ignored

I attended this informational meeting [recently]. Although no one actually came straight out and said that Fayette County voters should vote for the SPLOST on November’s ballot, even a casual observer could tell that the entire meeting and all comments from every person on the panel was a cheerleading FOR the SPLOST.

Anti-SPLOST tax impact calculations are wildly off the mark or exaggerated

Recently it was stated by one of the anti-SPLOST columnists that the E-SPLOST would require a contribution of nearly $700 per household per year over the next five years to meet the maximum collection of $115 million. Fortunately for the residents of Fayette County, that claim is wildly untrue.

‘Anti-seniors’ charge is ‘grossly distorted interpretation’ of Smola’s position

Why does Steve Brown have a column in your newspaper?

I am sitting in front of the Janet Smola email, Mr. Brown referenced in his Oct. 8 column. He has maliciously distorted the content.

BoE spins 3 versions of SPLOST start

Living in Fayette County for more than 10 years, I see that we are in the same position of more pay and no say.

Your Fayette County School Board wants you to believe that more money thrown at the school system will translate into a higher quality of education.

Send a message to school board: Write in Nicole File

I have been a resident of Fayette County for a very long time, but I admit I have never really paid that much attention to local politics. Shame on me! As a good citizen, I pay my taxes and vote regularly, but I am guilty of voting along party lines, which is always Republican.

‘It’s not just an ice rink’: PTC bond will pay for community sports complex

On the Nov. 4 ballot there stands a $9.9 million general obligation recreational facility bond request. The stock market is struggling, the economy is slowing, and the citizens of Peachtree City are voting on a pricey ice rink! What are we thinking?

Cardiac arrest at age 45

PTC paramedics perform ‘miracle on Bellenden Drive’

The morning of Sept. 22, 2008 started out with gorgeous Georgia weather, a great day to do a workout outside with my two good friends, Mark Metzger and Mark Robertson

PTC rec bond vote: Here's what you should know

On the front page of The Citizen dated Wednesday, Oct. 1, 2008, the paper chose to run a letter by a Peachtree City citizen that brought about many inaccurate statements. The letter stated that one person (Dar Thompson) benefited from the proposed project. The writer went on to say that the proposed “recreational facilities bond” would cost the average Peachtree City homeowner $100 annually. Neither is true.

SPLOST opponents ignore kids’ needs

I have read with great interest the letters to the editor about the E-SPLOST vote. We moved to Fayette County nine years ago and chose the county for exactly one reason — the schools.

SPLOST not about need

What with early voting, it’s about time for a review of SPLOST. Putting an E in front of it does not change a thing.

ENCORE! Fayette seeks volunteers

Last winter, I received a call from Peachtree City resident Tom Hamall (past president of the Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce) regarding an organization he was organizing for Fayette County. Tom called the new organization Enriching and Nurturing the Community by Offering Resources and Experience! Fayette (ENCORE! FAYETTE). My initial reaction was, “How did he get my phone number?”

The truth about the recreational facilities bond

As a resident of Peachtree City, I experience the enthusiastic and progressive atmosphere all of us have created. Along with my wife and two young boys, we truly enjoy all of the amenities that PTC offers this community. With this new opportunity to bring ice sports to our city, it is important we all take the time to educate ourselves on the facts before we vote Nov 4.

Let’s honor our teachers

Fayette County schools have great teachers. They deserve all the credit for their hard work with our children (my husband and I have four in Fayette County Schools).

Magistrate race confusion

Over the past few weeks, I have learned of a great deal of confusion over the current magistrate judge election races here in Fayette County. This confusion is mainly due to the unusual configuration of our magistrate court system. Unlike other counties, Fayette County has four part-time magistrates who are all elected. These four judges correspond to four “posts” and are each voted upon by the entire county. Of these positions, two are unopposed this year and only posts 3 and 4 are contested.

Thompson makes run for magistrate

I am officially announcing my candidacy for Fayette County magistrate judge. I have had the pleasure of serving our community as a prosecutor and as a municipal court judge for Peachtree City.

What’s behind credit crunch

They want you to be scared of economic freedom so they can take it away from you.

That is the thought that is going through my head when I think about what the Democrats are doing in response to the credit crisis. Instead of analyzing the real reasons for the crisis, they instead blame it on “greed,” lack of regulation, and a general abuse of economic freedom.

Sen. Ronnie Chance is a paid lobbyist

As a resident of Fayette County, I would like our citizens to look a little deeper into the background of the professional politician Ronnie Chance. Citizens don’t know his real career.

West Bypass is unneeded

To the Fayette County Commission: Having followed the discussions on the West Fayette Bypass and having read the recent letter submitted to The Citizen by Ms. Ginga Smithfield, I feel compelled to urge you to reassess the feasibility of this plan.

Pondering life in PTC

I like to walk the paths in PTC and ponder about life. Recently I saw a retired librarian and, a couple of days later, five elderly men picking up trash along the paths. They called themselves the Trash Mafia.

Bailout shows there’s no honor among elected thieves

There is big, big trouble, and we are told by the people in Washington that the whole thing’s going to collapse if we don’t do something.

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